Cheerful logo for a serious brand: Ralph Lauren update for a capsule collection

Logo Ralph Lauren

In early November 2022, a capsule collection of virtual and real clothes called Ralph Lauren Fortnite was released. She received a new Polo logo, which became, in fact, a self-parody. However, the manufacturing company, on the contrary, took it extremely seriously, responsibly working out every detail. Because with this marketing step, the brand wants to attract the attention of the zoomer generation, which spends a lot of time in virtual worlds.

The updated symbolism is fully designed for people who want to avoid going to boutiques and shops and prefer to spend money on video games. Therefore, according to the creators, the modernized logo will help them contact young people so that they buy fashionable things from them. The brand offered two types of clothing with the same emblem: for game characters in the digital environment and users in the real world. For this, the American house Ralph Lauren Corp. plunged into the metaverse of one of the most popular online games – Fortnite.

Ralph Lauren Logo

Even though the Polo series and its manufacturer are incredibly serious, the redesigned logo turned out to be fun and, in some ways, even self-parody. The designers have replaced the traditional horse with an unconventional piñata llama. They took it from a video game that they dedicated to a collection of clothes. That is, gamers can dress virtual characters in new accessories and then buy the same ones in a real store.

The fashion line with the updated logo marks the first time in Ralph Lauren’s 55-year history that the company has moved away from snobbery and plunged into an atmosphere of joy. The fact is that a jockey on a llama, brandishing a game hammer on a long handle, really looks fun. Sales started on November 2, and the head of the company is already thanking the youth for active purchases because the modern logo increased its online sales, raising revenue by almost 30%.