Chicago State Cougars Logo

Chicago State Cougars Logo
Chicago State Cougars Logo PNG

Chicago State Cougars – consists of a team in volleyball, athletics, tennis, soccer, golf, cross-country, basketball, and baseball. They play for Chicago State University at the NCAA Division I competitions, despite the university’s precarious financial situation. Since July 1, 2013, they have been part of the Western Athletic Conference. Before that, they participated in the NAIA and NCAA Division II, speaking at the Mid-Continent Conference.

Meaning and History

Chicago State Cougars Logo History
Evolution of the Chicago State Cougars Logo

The sports teams’ logo reflects their official colors (white, green) and the nickname (Cougars). The 1963 version resembles a seal, in the center of which is the head of a growling cougar. The drawing looks incomplete – it looks more like a sketchy sketch than a full-fledged image of an animal. The graphic symbol contains only shadows and contours in the spirit of minimalism. Nearby are the inscriptions “Chicago State University” and “Cougars,” lined up in a circle and separated by a five-pointed star.

1963 – 2008

Chicago State Cougars Logo 1963-2008

2009 – today

Chicago State Cougars Logo 2009-Present

The first emblem lasted quite a long time – until 2008. It was replaced by a new logo: the green head of a puma surrounded by wide black lines. The style is different from what it was before. Now the picture is more primitive, without detailed detail. Artists focused on sharp white fangs, flattened ears, and an expressive look. The name of the educational institution and sports department was removed.

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