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The emblem featuring the face of a fierce cougar in the official colors of the University of Chicago adorns the uniforms of the University of Chicago athletes. The symbol, constituting the Chicago State Cougars emblem, reflects the fierce struggle for victory, inherent cunning, and caution of the beast.

Chicago State Cougars: Brand overview

Chicago, Illinois. U.S.
The Chicago State Cougars comprise teams in volleyball, track and field, tennis, soccer, golf, cross-country, basketball, and baseball. They represent Chicago State University in NCAA Division I competitions despite the university’s unstable financial position. Since July 1, 2013, they have been part of the Western Athletic Conference. Before that, they participated in NAIA and NCAA Division II, competing in the Mid-Continent Conference.

Meaning and History

Chicago State Cougars Logo History

The sports team’s logo reflects its official colors (white and green) and nickname (Cougars). The 1963 version resembles a seal, in the center of which is the head of a roaring cougar. The drawing looks unfinished – it’s more like a sketch than a full-fledged image of an animal. The graphic symbol contains only shadows and contours in the spirit of minimalism. Next to it are inscriptions “Chicago State University” and “Cougars,” arranged in a circle and separated by a five-pointed star.

What is Chicago State Cougars?

The Chicago State Cougars are the athletic department of Chicago State University in Illinois, consisting of 15 teams. Students compete in the NCAA, where they are part of Division I. Until 2022, they were members of the Western Athletic Conference but now compete as independent athletes.

1963 – 2008

Chicago State Cougars Logo 1963-2008

2009 – today

Chicago State Cougars Logo 2009-Present

The first emblem lasted quite a while – until 2008. A new logo followed it: a green head of a cougar surrounded by wide black lines. The style is different from what it was before. Now, the image has become more primitive, without detailed elaboration. Artists emphasized sharp white fangs, flattened ears, and an expressive gaze. The names of the educational institution and the sports department were removed.

Chicago State Cougars: Interesting Facts

The Chicago State University (CSU) Cougars are the sports teams for Chicago State University. They play in the big leagues of college sports, NCAA Division I, and are part of the Western Athletic Conference. This means they play lots of different sports at a high level.

  1. Big League Play: The Cougars are in NCAA Division I, the top level for college sports in the U.S. It shows they’re really serious about being good at sports and doing well in school.
  2. Playing in the WAC: Being in the Western Athletic Conference means the Cougars compete against other colleges in sports like basketball, soccer, and tennis, which helps them get noticed more.
  3. Basketball Success: Their men’s basketball team is very well-known. They’ve played in big tournaments and even sent some players to play professionally worldwide.
  4. Women’s Teams Doing Great: The women’s teams at CSU, like basketball and tennis, are strong and competitive, showing the school’s support for women in sports.
  5. Helping Out in Chicago: The Cougars often work with people in Chicago, doing community service, which shows they care about more than just sports.
  6. School and Sports Balance: At Chicago State, they make sure athletes do well in their classes, not just their sports. Lots of athletes are also great students.
  7. Growing as People: The sports programs focus on ensuring the athletes are ready for life after college, not just winning games.
  8. Investing in Facilities: The school has really good places for sports, like the Emil and Patricia Jones Convocation Center for basketball, which improves playing and watching games.
  9. Welcoming Everyone: The athletics at Chicago State celebrate all kinds of people, making the team diverse and teaching everyone to respect and understand each other.
  10. Proud Mascot: Their Cougar mascot is a big part of school spirit, representing pride and strength at sports events and bringing everyone together.

All these points show how Chicago State’s Cougars are not just about winning games but also about doing well in school, helping out in their city, and ensuring everyone feels welcome.

Font and Colors

Chicago State Cougars color codes

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