Cigna Rebrands and Implements New Visual Identity

Cigna Logo

In early 2023, the popular U.S. health insurance company underwent a name change and approved a new logo design that would be applied to all its subsidiaries. Starting in February, the company now operates as Cigna Group, emphasizing that its structure includes not just one but multiple firms distributed across many countries worldwide.

The main focus of the new identity is on expanding the portfolio and servicing many clients. Lou Aversano, head of branding and marketing, stated that the organization now concentrates on developing its architecture, providing high-quality services, and connecting the present with the future.

Cigna Healthcare will handle the management. Its name is the foundation of the modernized emblem. The corresponding inscription is placed at the bottom right and rendered in a lowercase sans-serif font. It is aligned to the right side and compactly covers the space under the “n” and “a.” Among other features of the updated logo:

  • The predominance of lowercase letters;
  • The relocation of the tree image onto the “i”;
  • The transition to a cobalt color;
  • Ornamental arrangement of leaves.

Cigna Logo Evolution

The tree, which used to resemble a person with raised arms, is now absent. It has been replaced by the letter “i,” which harmoniously fits into the surrounding green foliage, sorted by size: larger leaves are closer to the dot, smaller ones farther away.

The uppercase inscription has prominent serifs – massive but not sharp. The glyphs in the word “cigna” have become wider, smoother, and more rounded. The parent company has clarified that it will gradually update the visual identity of all its divisions.