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Clarkson Golden Knights Logo

Clarkson Golden Knights Logo
Clarkson Golden Knights Logo PNG

Clarkson Golden Knights – University teams in swimming, football, lacrosse, hockey, cross-country, basketball, and cross-country skiing. Clarkson University, founded in 1896, fund them. The university itself belongs to the NCAA Division III, but hockey players compete in Division I and are part of ECAC. The remaining athletes participate in the Liberty League conference, except for skiers who have joined the USCSA and MacConnell Division ECSC.

Meaning and History

Clarkson Golden Knights Logo History
Evolution of the Clarkson Golden Knights Logo

The actual emblem depicts a knight – the mascot of the educational institution, which comes out during hockey matches. Clarkson Golden Knights Department is named after this medieval character. The original nickname was first used in October 1950, and a month later, it was officially approved. It is even reflected on the logo: the word “Clarkson” is located in the center, on a large elongated quadrangle, and “Golden Knights” is located a little lower, on a ribbon with curved edges.

Clarkson Golden Knights Emblem

The general background is a large yellow shield with a concave top and a pointed base. It fits into the knightly theme and balances the figure in terms of proportionality. The feather on the helmet, which rises above the shield, is painted in the same golden hue, and numerous contours and shadows are made. Additional white and black lines give the emblem volume. The main color of the armor is gray-green.