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The logo of Clarkson Golden Knights, the sports department of Clarkson University in Potsdam, effectively emphasizes the characteristics of the teams, supporting the chosen name. The knightly theme symbolizes the nobility, determination, perseverance, and persistence of each faculty member.

Clarkson Golden Knights: Brand overview

Potsdam, New York, U.S.
Clarkson Golden Knights are university teams in swimming, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, cross-country skiing, basketball, and skiing. They are funded by Clarkson University, founded in 1896. The university itself is part of NCAA Division III, but the hockey teams compete in Division I and are part of ECAC. The other athletes participate in the Liberty League conference, except for skiers, who have joined USCSA and the MacConnell Division ECSC.

Meaning and History

Clarkson Golden Knights Logo History

The emblem itself depicts a knight – the mascot of the educational institution, who takes the stage during hockey matches. The Clarkson Golden Knights department is named after this medieval character. The original nickname was first used in October 1950, and a month later, it was officially approved. This is even reflected in the logo: the word “Clarkson” is located in the center, on a large elongated rectangle, and “Golden Knights” just below, on a ribbon with curled edges.

Clarkson Golden Knights Emblem

The overall background is a large yellow shield with a concave top and pointed base. It fits into the knightly theme and balances the figure in terms of proportionality. The plume on the helmet, rising above the shield, is painted in the same golden shade, as are the numerous contours and shadows. Additional white and black lines give the emblem volume. The main color of the armor is gray-green.

What is Clarkson Golden Knights?

Clarkson Golden Knights is the name of 20 teams representing the sports department of Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York. They primarily compete in NCAA Division III, but the hockey teams play at Division I level as members of ECAC Hockey. Student-athletes are also part of the Liberty League.

Clarkson Golden Knights: Interesting Facts

The Clarkson University Golden Knights are a sports team from Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York. They’re good at ice hockey and play in big college leagues.

  1. Great at Ice Hockey: Clarkson is famous for its teams. The men’s and women’s teams play in a top league, and the women’s team has won many national titles.
  2. Playing in Division III: Besides ice hockey, Clarkson has teams for soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and baseball that play in Division III. They’ve won many championships in these sports.
  3. Eco-friendly Sports Places: Clarkson cares a lot about the environment, so their sports buildings are green and eco-friendly. This shows they care about the planet.
  4. Smart Athletes: Clarkson is a tech university, so many athletes study hard subjects like engineering. They’re good at both school and sports.
  5. Helping the Community: The Golden Knights greatly help people in Potsdam. They volunteer to make the town a better place, which makes everyone like them more.
  6. Players from All Over: Ice hockey teams include players from many countries. This makes the team interesting and allows players to learn from each other.
  7. Big Rivalries: Clarkson has some big rivalries in ice hockey, especially with nearby schools. These games are super exciting, and everyone looks forward to them.
  8. Olympians: Some former Clarkson players have been in the Olympics for ice hockey. They’ve won medals and made the university proud.
  9. Support for Student Athletes: Clarkson helps athletes do well in school with extra tutoring and advice, making it easier to balance sports and studies.
  10. Mascot and Pride: The Golden Knight mascot is a big deal at Clarkson. It brings everyone together to cheer on their teams and promotes the school’s values of bravery and honor.

The Clarkson Golden Knights are known for their excellence in sports, dedication to their studies, and community service. They’re a big part of what makes Clarkson University a special place.

Font and Colors

Clarkson Golden Knights color codes

Sacramento State GreenHex color:#035947
RGB:3 89 71
CMYK:97 0 20 65
Pantone:PMS 3298 C
School Bus YellowHex color:#ffda01
RGB:227 212 173
CMYK:0 4 20 7
Pantone:PMS 109 C