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The Cleveland Guardians logo is racially distanced from the intolerant name “Indians,” which the baseball team previously went by. The new visual identity came after a forced rebranding necessitated by the abandonment of Native American imagery. The emblem looks modern while still being easily recognizable, featuring attributes directly associated with baseball and the locality where the team is based.

Cleveland Guardians: Brand overview

Cleveland, USA

The Cleveland Guardians is the new name of the professional baseball team from Cleveland, which has existed since 1894. They play in the Central Division of the American League and are a member of Major League Baseball. The rebranding, planned in 2020, was executed on July 23, 2021. The official decision to transition to the updated name and relevant logo was made on that date. The process was finalized on November 19 of the same year when the team updated their name on their website and social media, re-released their gear and other products, and adorned them with the new branding. In 2022, the baseball players had their first season as the Guardians.

Meaning and History

Cleveland Guardians Logo History

After another rebranding (they’ve had about six before), the baseball team switched to a new name and a new logo. Despite the numerous changes, one constant has always dominated their visual identity: the iconic red “C,” which now appears as a secondary emblem on their baseball caps. However, the glyph’s shape has been preserved, embodied in the “G”—the first letter of the new name, “Guardians.”

The choice was made in honor of the city where the team is located, as it ties into its unique identity: the massive statues along the Hope Memorial Bridge called the “Guardians of Traffic.” These eight 43-foot tall giants each hold a different land vehicle: a cart, stagecoach, van, concrete mixer, truck, dump truck, and a passenger car. These colossal figures symbolize safeguarding the road and traffic, essentially acting as the city’s guardians. This allegory was carried over to the team, associating the players with mighty giants and their home city, given that the bridge adorned with these statues is not far from the team’s home stadium.

By the way, atop these statues are winged laurel wreaths and helmets, the design of which is reflected in the team’s revamped logo. The sculptures were created by Henry Hering, based on sketches by Frank Walker from the architectural firm Walker & Weeks. The wings on the helmets are a direct reference to ancient history, symbolizing the Greek god Hermes (or Roman Mercury)—the god of travel and trade, who wore this attribute on his head to fly freely through the air at incredible speeds.

What is Cleveland Guardians?

The Cleveland Guardians is a professional baseball team from Cleveland, officially established in 2021. The team emerged as a rebrand of the Cleveland Indians, which had existed since 1894. The team composition and leadership remained the same; only the name was changed, complying with legislative requirements for tolerant treatment of people from other racial backgrounds.

2022 – today

Cleveland Guardians Logo

Cleveland Guardians logo draws inspiration from the iconic Guardians of Traffic figures, complete with their winged headgear, which stands along Cleveland’s Hope Memorial Bridge. This connection is evident in the sport’s emblem, featuring a white baseball with two distinct red stitches, each resembling a flying bird. The ball is encircled by a dark blue stripe and clamped between two large ‘G’s. The design incorporates a three-dimensional, geometric style reminiscent of the Art Deco influences seen in the Guardians of Traffic statues.

The ‘G’ glyphs are set in a three-dimensional design to give them a sense of volume. These glyphs expand at one point, enhancing their 3D appearance. The unique nature of the ‘G’s adds another layer to the design—they resemble the grip of a fastball pitch, indicating a direct connection to the sport of baseball. Further enriching the design, the ‘G’ inherits a notch from Block C, which was present in the Cleveland Indians logo, thus maintaining continuity while moving in a fresh direction.

Behind the glyphs are straight wings, smooth and level, made up of four tiers and multiple improvised feathers. These wings serve a dual purpose: honor the winged headgear of the Guardians of Traffic and symbolize soaring aspirations and triumphs in sports. The logo is drawn with a single bold line of consistent thickness, transitioning seamlessly from the baseball to the letters and onto the wings. This unbroken line signifies the cohesive identity of the Cleveland Guardians, highlighting the team’s continuity and unified spirit.

The multiple elements of the logo coalesce to depict not just the team’s athletic endeavors but the cultural richness of the city they represent. From Art Deco influences to baseball-specific elements, from historical nods to modern interpretations, the Cleveland Guardians logo encapsulates many meanings. It pays homage to the city’s heritage and the sport’s dynamic spirit, creating a complex yet accessible symbol for fans and city dwellers alike.

Font and Colors

The official inscriptions on the uniforms and other paraphernalia of the baseball team are done in a custom font named “Bridge Print.” Based on statues, the typeface is monumental block letters with smooth edges and geometrically rough protrusions. The primary colors of the Cleveland athletes remain the same as before: navy blue, red, and white.