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ClickUp: Brand overview

Founder:Zeb Evans, Alex Yurkowski
San Diego, California, United States
In 2017, ClickUp, the brainchild of Zeb Evans and Alex Jurkowski, was born in San Diego. It was originally created as an internal operations tool designed to consolidate various tasks into a single platform. However, after realizing its potential, the duo introduced ClickUp 1.0 to the general public in 2018, marketing it as an all-in-one platform for improving operational efficiency.

Due to its innovative approach, ClickUp didn’t immediately attract attention. Relying on organic methods to spread the word, they saw impressive growth in user numbers. In 2020, Craft Ventures invested $2 million in ClickUp. The investment paid off: the company grew from 50 people to 700 in just one year.

The company’s success didn’t stop there. In 2021, the company received another significant boost in the form of a $400 million Series C investment, putting its valuation at $4 billion. This round was initiated by Andreessen Horowitz. Using these funds, ClickUp expanded its suite of services to include features such as chat, email, goal tracking, and deep analytics.

By 2022, ClickUp’s influence was undeniable, with over 800,000 teams using it and individual users numbering in the millions. The hallmark of the platform remained its adaptability, allowing users to customize it to their needs, thereby replacing the need for multiple disparate tools. Founder Zeb Evans, in his role as CEO, remains driven by the principle of maximizing time efficiency.

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Hot MagentaHex color:#ff22c9
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Pantone:PMS 806 C
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RGB:255 183 20
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Pantone:PMS 7549 C
Neon VioletHex color:#843dfe
RGB:132 61 254
CMYK:48 76 0 0
Pantone:PMS Violet C
Deep Sky BlueHex color:#4fbef9
RGB:79 190 249
CMYK:68 24 0 2
Pantone:PMS 306 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
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