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Luck is encrypted in the symbols of the emblem. On this happy stream, the team flies to victories. Cloud 9 logo lifts the veil of luck: it is associated with the speed of reaction and developed mental abilities of the players.

Cloud 9: Brand overview

Founder:Jack Etienne, Paullie Etienne
Santa Monica, California, U.S.

Cloud 9 is a private eSports organization. It is engaged in it professionally and is based in Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, California. The company appeared in the spring of 2013 after Orbit Gaming League of Legends, which had previously signed a contract with Quantic, was disbanded at the end of 2012. Five members of the old team formed the new structure. The initiators were Jack Etienne and his daughter Paullie Etienne. He previously represented Team SoloMid.

In November 2012, after Lone Star Clash ended, the Orbit Gaming team signed a deal with Quantic Gaming, the group that sponsored StarCraft II players. It was not only an eSports organization but also a media company. This structure was created in 2010 by Simon Boudreault from Quebec. His father left him a large inheritance, which he decided to invest in eSports. For several years, Boudreault financially supported the group and paid the participants’ salaries and coaches.

But then the owner ended the sponsorship and disbanded the players in the League of Legends discipline. The former team members merged and founded their own eSports organization called Team NomNom, later renamed Cloud 9. After some time, the new squad again signed a contract with Simon Boudreault, who withdrew funding again. It was then that Jack Etienne bought the company, paying $15,000 for it, and stepped in as manager.

Meaning and History

Cloud 9 Logo History

Jack Etienne chose a logo for the cyber community for a long time, but he got it accidentally. First, the owner ordered the logo for Cloud 9 from a specialized design studio. The developer made a suitable version, which was fully paid for. But at the same time, another person (an acquaintance of Etienne) said that he had come up with a personalized sign for his team and that he would definitely like it. And so it happened: the amateur version turned out to be better and more accurate than the professional one. Boudreault chose it for the main logo and has never changed it since.

The logo shows an ornament formed by three nines. The digits are connected in the center by the ends of the legs, so it looks like a fragment of an ancient Greek pattern. Although each “9” is rounded, the line does not close in a complete ring, leaving a small segment free. One nine goes horizontally to the left, the other to the right, and the third is positioned vertically between them. The graphic image is made with flowing lines and colored in rich blue with a slight gradient.

What is Cloud 9?

Cloud 9 is a professional eSports organization that appeared in May 2013. It consists of former Orbit Gaming League of Legends players who signed a sponsorship contract with Quantic. The new roster includes five members of the old team. Jack Etienne formed it.

At the bottom is the name of the eSports team. The inscription is typed in geometric flat letters with right angles. The font is bold, uppercase, fairly wide, and grotesque. The emphasis is on the “U” and the “D,” which together resemble the outline of a “9.” If you mentally remove the space between these letters, you can immediately notice the similarity. The blue nine stands at the end of the text as well.

Font and Colors

Cloud 9 Emblem

The typeface used for the word part of the Cloud 9 logo is called Devil Breeze Bold. It represents the category of smooth geometric grotesques. The letters are flat and wide, consisting of a harmonious combination of straight lines and smooth roundings, reminiscent of the Avant-Garde font.

The corporate palette includes two primary colors and one background color. It is blue in several shades (the number and numeric ornament are painted with it) and black (the inscription is made with it). All elements are on a white background.

Cloud 9 Symbol

Cloud 9 color codes

Celestial BlueHex color:#009ce5
RGB:0 156 229
CMYK:100 32 0 10
Pantone:PMS 299 C
Green BlueHex color:#017fd5
RGB:1 127 213
CMYK:100 40 0 16
Pantone:PMS 3005 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C