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The user, his data, and sites using the company’s software are in the same inaccessibility from intruders as clouds in the sky. The Cloudflare logo invites you to rely on professionals.

Cloudflare: Brand overview

Founded:September 27, 2010
Founder:Lee Holloway, Matthew Prince, Michelle Zatlyn
San Francisco, California, U.S.
Cloudflare is a U.S.-based IT company that protects against DDoS attacks. It also ensures optimal delivery and distribution of content to Internet end-users (CDN) and supports secure access to sites. Its services operate on a reverse proxy principle. Its founders are Lee Holloway, Matthew Prince, and Michelle Zatlyn. The year of its launch is 2009. The location of its headquarters is in San Francisco. In addition, it has additional offices in several major cities: London, Singapore, Champaign, Austin, Boston, and Washington.

Meaning and History

Cloudflare Logo History

The Cloudflare service comes from the three programmers working together on Project Honey Pot. In 2009, Lee Holloway, Matthew Prince, and Michelle Zatlyn worked on an open-source program that would prevent illegal activities on the web and monitor Internet fraud. The latest utility was presented in 2010 at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference. The project was funded by venture capital.

The service gained notoriety in 2011 when it interacted with the website of the so-called “black hat” hacker group, LulzSec. In 2019, the American IT company applied to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange and went public. Over the years, it has mitigated some of the biggest DDoS attacks, with packet transmission rates ranging from 300 to 500 gigabits per second. These have ranged from anonymous customers to world-famous media outlets. But the recent cyber attack was three times faster than any previously recorded. It occurred in the summer of 2021 and was also foiled.

Cloudflare also provides a DNS service, which (as of 2020) has already been used by over 100,000 customers. The specialized service is well-recognized due to its identity, including two versions of the same logo. It speaks directly to the scope of the service and reflects its basic concept: a global network for secure, confidential, fast, and reliable access to the Internet.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is an Internet company that protects Web resources from DDoS attacks, aggregates and delivers content to users, and provides secure site access. It was created by a team of three programmers: Lee Holloway, Matthew Prince, and Michelle Zatlyn. The service was launched in 2009. The location of headquarters is the city of San Francisco.

2009 – 2016

Cloudflare Logo 2009

The company chose a thematic logo with a cloud and a rising sun. The celestial sun hides behind it, emitting three long and narrow rays. At the same time, the color makes it look like a storm cloud, which the specialists have to remove so that the bright sun appears in the sky again. The cloud consists of four arches of different sizes connected.

Beneath the semi-circular orange frames are sickle-shaped white highlights that resemble an upside-down month. Next comes the orange space again, flowing into a rich brown gradient. On the right side of the largest arc is a sun with three long and eight short rays. It has a glowing dot in the center, transitioning to an ultra-white color.

Next to the cloud is the name of the global network. It is in uppercase letters – flat, vertical, and smooth. Even though they are all capital letters, the “C” and “F” are made larger than the others because they represent the beginning of the words “Cloud” and “Flare,” of which the name of the service is made up. The “L” and “A” are connected, and the other characters are separate.

2016 – today

Cloudflare Logo

To modernize the logo, the designers used the technique of two-dimensionality, for which they made it flat because before, the play of light and shadow gave the cloud volume. They also removed the eight upper rays of the sun in the form of narrow triangles and added a lower one, shifting the luminary to the right third of the image. As a result, each ray points to a different part of the world: north, east, south, and west.

This version has also made a clear distinction between color zones: the right side of the cloud is painted yellow, while the left side is painted orange. But the shades used are not bright but pastel colors. The lettering is now in the same upper-case font. The letters are large and bold, with a wide space between characters.

Font and Colors

Cloudflare Emblem

Cloudflare’s visual identity has evolved from complex to simple as minimalism has entered the trend. But the adjustments are not related to a fashion trend in logo design but a practical factor. The simplified logo is easier to display on different digital media. After being reworked, it disappeared glare, gradient, and shadows.

Cloudflare Symbol

Both the first and second logos use the grotesque. In the earlier version, it is rounded and flowing, while it is smooth and angular in the later version. Another difference between the letters of both versions is the width of the feet: now they are much thicker than before. But the signature palette has remained unchanged and is a combination of several shades of orange. The lettering is done in black.

Cloudflare color codes

Pastel OrangeHex color:#fbaf3f
RGB:251 175 63
CMYK:0 30 75 2
Pantone:PMS 1375 C
Cadmium OrangeHex color:#f58220
RGB:246 130 32
CMYK:0 47 87 4
Pantone:PMS 151 C
OnyxHex color:#414242
RGB:65 66 66/td>
CMYK:2 0 0 74
Pantone:PMS 446 C