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A wide viewing circle – this is how you can interpret the visual identity of this resource. To highlight this idea, the developers proposed the Cmovies logo for the film portal in the form of a large yellow circle. It symbolizes the lens of a projector or camera, with the name of a cinephile website in the center.

Cmovies: Brand overview

Cmovies is a web resource with a large collection of movies, series, and TV shows. We are talking about thousands of films, from the era of silent films to the present time. An intuitive interface and classification of films by genre and year of release greatly simplify finding the right picture for an evening viewing. A separate page has been created for each series or film, where annotation, information about the actors, and interesting facts are available. Watching movies is available to all users free of charge without registration.

Meaning and History

CMovies Symbol

Even though Cmovies is a relatively young project, it has a huge collection of films, series, and cartoons. These are both bestsellers and paintings in categories B and C. One of the advantages of the resource is its ease of use. The user only needs to enter the movie’s name in a special field, and the system selects the relevant titles. Each file contains many permissions. Therefore, the movie can be watched both on a large screen TV and mobile device.

If we talk about the brand’s visual recognition, then thanks to a progressive advertising campaign, it is at a high level. The target audience was presented with one version of the logo, which characterizes Cmovies as a confident and vibrant platform. Speaking globally, the logo consists of two elements: the emblem, which is displayed in absolutely all sections of the site, and icons for mobile versions.

What is Cmovies?

This is one of the largest sites in the global network dedicated to cinema. Any user can easily run their favorite movie in high quality. Movie collections are updated daily, so the new series of cult series is the first to appear on Cmovies.

The logo is made in the form of an orange circle, inside which is the verbal name of the brand. It is located in the very center. The first letter, “C,” is inside a small white square with rounded corners. The letter itself is orange, and therefore it seems that it is an integral part of the background. The central part of the inscription is occupied by the word “Movies,” made in white letters on a dark orange background, not counting the last letter “S.” For this zone, the background is a rectangle. The additional inscription “HD” is somewhat smaller than the main name, but it, like the first character, is inside a white square. In most cases, the logo is on a black background, creating a significant contrast, and making the project site even more “juicy” and attractive.

If we talk about the icon for mobile devices, it uses a slightly different color palette, namely green and white. In it, the triangle associated with the “play” button is inside a round green frame. The icon highlights the outlines that separate one element from another.

Various colors and shades indicate the huge range of films in the Cmovies collection.

Font and Colors

CMovies Emblem

For the verbal name, a classic bold sans-serif font was used. Each part of the brand name was made independently from the others, but the style remained identical.

The orange gradient on the main Cmovies logo adds a natural feel and looks very confident. Bright colors immediately attract the target audience’s attention and motivate them to go to the official website and watch their favorite movie. Moreover, the use of various gradients in the emblem and icon directly indicates the wide variety of films and series available to the resource’s clients.

Cmovies color codes

Tangerine YellowHex color:#ffce00
RGB:255 206 0
CMYK:0 19 100 0
Pantone:PMS 116 C
Orange PeelHex color:#ffa100
RGB:255 161 0
CMYK:0 37 100 0
Pantone:PMS 137 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C