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The Cobham Aviation Services Australia logo seamlessly blends the aesthetics of aviation with a simple yet dynamic message. The logo reflects the company’s commitment to providing unrivaled service with high energy efficiency. It plays an important role in shaping customer perceptions, evoking a sense of trust and dynamism, which is a vital element in the aviation industry.

Cobham Aviation Services Australia: Brand overview

Cobham Aviation Services Australia, now known as National Jet Express, settled in the vibrant city of Perth, Western Australia, and made its first flight in the aviation industry in 1988. Initially specializing in charter services for the resource sector, the company has grown and expanded to provide a multitude of aviation services to the local community.

In 2006, National Jet Express strengthened its commitment to integrated service by acquiring National Jet Systems, a well-known regional airline headquartered in Adelaide. This strategic acquisition broadened the scope of National Jet Express’ operations, expanding its fleet and enhancing its ability to provide a wide range of services to customers across Australia and beyond.

In 2019, a significant metamorphosis took place as Cobham Aviation Services Australia was transformed into National Jet Express and became part of the Cobham Group’s Regional Services division.

Meaning and History

Cobham Aviation Services Australia Logo History

What is Cobham Aviation Services Australia?

Cobham Aviation Services Australia, based in Perth, Western Australia, and now operating as National Jet Express, has long been a prominent figure in the Australian aviation sector. The company was founded in 1989 and, over the years, has built a reputation as a reliable charter airline and comprehensive aviation service provider. Originally operating under the name National Jet Systems, the company was later renamed Cobham Aviation Services Australia and, more recently, National Jet Express. The company’s operations cover a variety of services, including cargo, charters, and specialized aviation solutions.

Before 2009

Cobham Aviation Services Australia Logo before 2009

2009 – today

Cobham Aviation Services Australia Logo

The logo of the Australian airline features only one word from its long name – “Cobham.” This word adorns the fuselage and all advertising paraphernalia, playing an important role in marketing the service. The connection with flight is conveyed by two details: the sky-blue color and the shape of the letters. Rounded glyphs resemble the aerodynamic elements of an airplane. For example, the letter “H” looks like two wings connected by a horizontal bar. The inscription is made in uppercase font. Italic letters fill the static emblem with powerful energy.

The choice of sky-blue color is likely to evoke a feeling of freedom and openness, which is associated with the sky and flight. The aerodynamic shape of the letters emphasizes the company’s industry and shows innovation and vision. The use of italic letters in the logo gives it dynamism, enhancing visual appeal and making the logo memorable.