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The Cobham Aviation Services Australia logo vividly represents the company’s longstanding role in Australian aviation, connecting remote areas with the continent’s major cities. The emblem highlights critical services, including freight transport, charter flights, and emergency response operations. The design embodies resilience and adaptability, essential for navigating Australia’s vast and varied terrains, from bustling coastal cities to rugged rural areas.

Cobham Aviation Services Australia: Brand overview

Cobham Aviation Services Australia, now known as National Jet Express, settled in the vibrant city of Perth, Western Australia, and made its first flight in the aviation industry in 1988. Initially specializing in charter services for the resource sector, the company has expanded to provide many aviation services to the local community.

In 2006, National Jet Express strengthened its commitment to integrated service by acquiring National Jet Systems, a well-known regional airline headquartered in Adelaide. This strategic acquisition broadened the scope of National Jet Express’ operations, expanding its fleet and enhancing its ability to provide customers across Australia and beyond a wide range of services.

2019, a significant metamorphosis occurred as Cobham Aviation Services Australia was transformed into National Jet Express and became part of the Cobham Group’s Regional Services division.

Meaning and History

Cobham Aviation Services Australia Logo History

What is Cobham Aviation Services Australia?

The Australian airline, now known as National Jet Express, offers various aviation services. Based in Perth, Western Australia, the company provides regular passenger transport, charter flights, and aviation solutions for the mining industry and government agencies. The fleet includes modern aircraft like the BAe 146 and Bombardier Dash 8, ensuring high safety and reliability. The brand serves routes across Australia, including remote and hard-to-reach areas. Besides passenger and cargo transport, the company offers aviation training, maintenance, and fleet management. It collaborates with various industrial sectors and government organizations that support Australia’s infrastructure and economy.

Before 2009

Cobham Aviation Services Australia Logo before 2009

As it was known until 2009, Cobham Aviation Services Australia used prominent geometric elements in its initial logo, effectively conveying high speed and dynamism. The design included expanded and narrowed lines, creating a visual effect of receding perspectives, symbolizing forward momentum and continuous movement.

The logo’s edges and sharp, straight turns emphasize the company’s punctuality, organization, stability, and reliability. These design elements were deliberately chosen to reflect Cobham Aviation Services Australia’s commitment to precision in all operations and affirm its reputation as a dependable carrier.

The company focuses on flight safety, a paramount priority in the aviation industry. Safety and passenger trust are central aspects of its branding strategy.

The logo includes short and long lines that symbolically represent the chartered and regular flights operated by the company across the continent. This reflects the company’s broad range of services and highlights its flexibility in providing various air transport options.

Finally, the blue shades in the logo establish a vivid connection with the sky, emphasizing the company’s aviation specialization and strong link with flying. This color enhances the brand’s association with the high standards, freshness, and reliability expected in air travel.

2009 – today

Cobham Aviation Services Australia Logo

The Australian airline’s logo features the word “Cobham” prominently. This word is used on the fuselage and in all marketing materials, making it key to promoting the service. The flight connection is shown through the sky-blue color and the shape of the letters. The rounded glyphs resemble airplane parts, with the letter “H” resembling two wings connected by a bar. The font is uppercase and italic, adding energy to the emblem.

The sky-blue color evokes freedom and openness, connecting with the sky and flight. The aerodynamic shape of the letters highlights the airline’s focus on aviation, showcasing modernity and progress. The italic letters add a sense of movement, making the logo memorable.

The rounded glyphs, mimicking the smooth lines of an airplane, suggest efficiency and modernity. The unique “H” shape, resembling wings, reinforces the flight theme and the airline’s core business.

The uppercase font projects strength and reliability, which is essential for an airline. The italicized letters symbolize speed and progress. This combination ensures the logo stands out and captures attention.