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Colgate Raiders – includes several dozen university and club teams that belong to Colgate University. They play in the NCAA Division I and participate in two conferences: ECAC Hockey and Patriot League. They represent 18 sports, including volleyball, softball, field hockey, soccer, golf, tennis, athletics, cross-country, etc.

From 1932 to 2001, the sports department was called the Red Raiders in honor of the football team’s burgundy uniform. But after adopting the Native American mascot, the word “Red” became associated with the Indians. Due to public outcry, university management had to reduce the nickname to Raiders.

Colgate Raiders Emblem

Meaning and History

Colgate Raiders Logo History
Evolution of the Colgate Raiders Logo

The letter “C” is made in all emblems in an original way – the first in the word “Colgate.” In 1940-1967 it had the shape of an unfinished octagon without one vertical brink on the right side. “O,” “L,” “G,” “A,” “T,” “E” were lined up in a straight line that started inside “C.” A little later, in the 1970s. Department managers approved a new sports mascot – a hand holding a torch. This was reflected in the logo: until 1976, a burning torch was depicted next to “C.”

1940 – 1967

Colgate Raiders Logo 1940-1967

1968 – 1976

Colgate Raiders Logo 1968-1976

1977 – 2001

Colgate Raiders Logo 1977-2001

2002 – today

Colgate Raiders Logo 2002-Present

In 1997, another redesign took place. Artists changed the concept by placing the letter in the original ring and complementing it with many inscriptions. Across “C” is the second half of the word “Colgate” and “gate.” The font imitates handwritten. Above the inside of the ring is the old team nickname “Red Raiders,” and below – “Athletics.” In 2002, the logo was simplified: the designers removed the round frame, leaving only the letter “C” with the diagonal inscription” ‘gate.” At the same time, they added a three-dimensionality pattern with several contours (black, gray, white) and light broken lines.

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