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Founded in 1980, the team from the University of Colorado Boulder boasts a powerful and convincing mascot that matches its name. The original contrasting design and striking monogram make the Colorado Buffaloes logo dynamic and demonstrate strength and perseverance.

Colorado Buffaloes: Brand overview

Boulder, Colorado, U.S.
In 2002, the University of Colorado Boulder entered the top twenty of America’s best sports colleges. It owns seventeen teams known as the Colorado Buffaloes, also referred to as the Buffs. The nickname Buffaloes was approved in 1934 when the school’s management held a contest for the best name for the sports department. The person who proposed the winning option received the promised prize of $5. The university participates in NCAA Division I/FBS and is a member of the Pac-12 conference.

Meaning and History

Colorado Buffaloes Logo History

The team’s name reflects its mascot and nickname. Back in 1980, artists depicted a silhouette of a running bison on the logo. This image was so successful that it was retained in subsequent redesigns, with only the color palette changed. Thus, it has remained in its original form to this day. While the first version was brown, the bison is now blue with a pale gold outline. A light line drawn along the edge made the drawing complete, and a white horn in the shape of a droplet added contrast.

What is Colorado Buffaloes?

The Colorado Buffaloes are a sports department consisting of 17 teams representing the University of Colorado Boulder. They participate in the Pac-12 conference, compete in the NCAA (FBS), are members of the Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Ski Association (skiers), and belong to the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation.

1980 – 1984

Colorado Buffaloes Logo 1980-1984

1985 – 2005

Colorado Buffaloes Logo 1985-2005

2006 – today

Colorado Buffaloes Logo 2006-Present

Another element of the logo that has rarely changed is the monogram composed of the first letters of Colorado Buffaloes. The lower part of the letter “C” and the left part of the letter “U” intersect in the center. This combination looks like a complex geometric figure. Serifs disrupt the symmetry at the edges of the “U” and the curved ends of the “C.” Otherwise, both letters are similar: they lack smooth curves and have many angles. In 2006, the font became italicized. This added dynamism to the image, as the monogram is positioned directly on the side of the bison.

Colorado Buffaloes Emblem

Colorado Buffaloes: Interesting Facts

The Colorado Buffaloes are a team from the University of Colorado Boulder. They play in the top college sports league and are known for their black and gold colors.

  1. They Won Big in Football: In 1990, the football team won the national championship, which was a huge deal.
  2. Ralphie the Buffalo: They have a real buffalo named Ralphie who runs on the field during games. It’s a fun tradition that everyone loves.
  3. Olympic Stars: The university has had many Olympians, especially skiing and running. This shows that they’re good at sports.
  4. Ski Team Wins a Lot: Their ski team has won many championships. They’re one of the best in college skiing.
  5. New Rivals: In 2011, they joined a new sports league, which brought them new teams to compete against.
  6. Folsom Field: Their football stadium is one of the oldest. It’s high up, which makes it hard for other teams to play there because of the thin air.
  7. Famous Athletes: Some of their past students have become big names in sports like football and basketball.
  8. Green Efforts: The sports department works hard to be environmentally friendly, which is important.
  9. Women’s Basketball: The women’s basketball team has successfully made it to big tournaments.
  10. Helping the Community: The team does much to help in their city, like volunteering.

The Colorado Buffaloes are known not just for being good at sports but also for their cool traditions, helping the environment, and making a difference in their community.

Font and Colors

Colorado Buffaloes color codes

SandHex color:#cfb87c
RGB:207 184 124
CMYK:0 11 40 19
Pantone:PMS 7508 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C
Quick SilverHex color:#a2a4a3
RGB:63 194 204
CMYK:60 0 23 0
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 6 C