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Colorado Buffaloes Logo
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The University of Colorado Boulder in 2002 entered the top 20 of America’s Best Sports College. He owns seventeen Colorado Buffaloes teams, also known as Buffs. The nickname Buffaloes was approved in 1934 when school leaders held a competition for the best name for the sports department. The person who offered the winning option received the promised prize of $5. The university is participating in the NCAA Division I/FBS and is a member of the Pac-12 Conference.

Meaning and History

Colorado Buffaloes Logo History
Evolution of the Colorado Buffaloes Logo

The brand name of the teams reflects their mascot and nickname. Back in 1980, artists depicted the silhouette of a running bison on the logo. This image turned out to be so successful that the next redesign decided to leave it, changing only the color palette. So until now, he has come in its original form. But if the first version was brown, now the bison is blue, with a pale golden outline. A light line drawn along the edge made the drawing complete, and a white drop-shaped horn added contrast.

1980 – 1984

Colorado Buffaloes Logo 1980-1984

1985 – 2005

Colorado Buffaloes Logo 1985-2005

2006 – today

Colorado Buffaloes Logo 2006-Present

Another element of the logo that has rarely changed is a monogram made up of the first letters of the name Colorado Buffaloes. The lower part of “C” and the left side of “U” intersect in the center. This combination looks like a complex geometric figure. Serifs break symmetries at the edges of the “U” and the curved ends of the “C.” Otherwise, both letters are similar: they are devoid of smooth bends and have a large number of angles. In 2006, the font became italicized. This added dynamics to the image because the monogram is located directly on the side of the bison.

Colorado Buffaloes Emblem

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