Colorado College Tigers Logo

Colorado College Tigers Logo
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The Colorado College Tigers Sports Department is part of Colorado College. Women’s football and men’s hockey teams compete in the NCAA Division I, all the rest take part in Division III and are part of the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference. The Tigers nickname was adopted at a student referendum in 1994. It outperformed the second most popular version (Cutthroat Trout) by 45 votes.

Meaning and History

Colorado College Tigers Logo History
Evolution of the Colorado College Tigers Logo

Emblem 1978-2019 It is presented in the form of a quadrangular shield with a round base. It depicts the head of a tiger, which opened its mouth and showed sharp fangs. The pattern is made with chaotic black and yellow lines. The style is far from realism: the animal is not detailed and looks disproportionate. The upper part of the shield is separated by a jagged white line crossing it horizontally.

Colorado College Tigers Emblem

In February 2020, the Colorado College Tigers Sports Department introduced an updated logo. The executives admitted that the previous version with the tiger shield was unsuccessful: it was difficult to reduce or embroider it in things. So in 2019, they entrusted the pensioner company Joe Bosack & Co. conduct a large-scale redesign. Specialists interviewed teachers, students, and team members to come to a consensus.

1978 – 2019

Colorado College Tigers Logo 1978-2019

2020 – today

Colorado College Tigers Logo 2020-Present

They retained their old form but added two pointed mountains to the top of the shield, which was inspired by the institution’s emblem. They also worked on the tiger, giving it a more realistic look. Artists managed to convey the danger, strength, and aggression of the wild predator. And they were able to make the picture three-dimensional due to the combination of white, orange, and black.

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