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Since 1978, the “Tigers” have defended the honor and sports glory of the colleges in Colorado Springs, having a formidable mascot as their emblem. The Colorado College Tigers logo symbolizes danger, strength, aggression, and constant readiness for defense.

Colorado College Tigers: Brand overview

Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.
The sports department of Colorado College Tigers is part of Colorado College. The women’s soccer and men’s hockey teams compete in NCAA Division I, while all others participate in Division III and are part of the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference. The nickname Tigers was adopted in a student referendum in 1994, beating the second most popular option (Cutthroat Trout) by 45 votes.

Meaning and History

Colorado College Tigers Logo History

The emblem from 1978-2019 is presented as a quadrangular shield with a round base. On it is depicted the head of a tiger, with its mouth open and sharp fangs exposed. The pattern is done in chaotic black and yellow lines. The style is far from realism: the animal is not detailed and looks disproportionate. The top part of the shield is separated by an uneven white line, crossing it horizontally.

Colorado College Tigers Emblem

In February 2020, the sports department of Colorado College Tigers introduced a refreshed logo. The leaders admitted that the previous tiger shield version was unsuccessful: it was difficult to reduce or embroider things. Therefore, in 2019, they entrusted the veteran company Joe Bosack & Co. to conduct a major redesign. Experts surveyed faculty, students, and team members to reach a consensus.

What is Colorado College Tigers?

The Colorado College Tigers are a sports department of Colorado College in Colorado Springs, consisting of 16 student teams. They compete in two NCAA divisions – III and I. The hockey players are part of the National Collegiate Hockey Conference, and the women’s soccer team competes in the Mountain West conference. The rest of the teams are part of the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference.

1978 – 2019

Colorado College Tigers Logo 1978-2019

2020 – today

Colorado College Tigers Logo 2020-Present

They retained their old shape but added two pointed mountains at the top of the shield, inspired by the emblem of the educational institution. They also worked on the tiger, giving it a more realistic appearance. Artists managed to convey the danger, strength, and aggression of the wild predator. And through the combination of white, orange, and black colors, they made the drawing volumetric.

Colorado College Tigers: Interesting Facts

The Colorado College Tigers play sports at Colorado College, mixing it up by playing men’s ice hockey in Division I and most other sports in Division III. This makes them pretty special in college sports.

  1. Ice Hockey Stars: The men’s ice hockey team plays in one of the toughest leagues, which shows that they’re good at what they do.
  2. Special Split: They’re one of the few schools that play hockey at a high level, while other sports compete in Division III. This is unique about them.
  3. Winning History in Hockey: The hockey team has had some big moments, like winning the Frozen Four multiple times and a national championship.
  4. Lots of Sports: Apart from hockey, they have teams for soccer, basketball, lacrosse, swimming, and volleyball, focusing on being good at sports and in school.
  5. Green Efforts: They care a lot about the environment, trying to make sports as eco-friendly as possible.
  6. Helping Out: The athletes do much volunteer work in Colorado Springs, showing they’re about more than just sports.
  7. Cool Arena: They have a modern arena for hockey that’s nice for players and fans.
  8. Smart Athletes: Their unique class schedule simultaneously helps athletes do well in school and sports.
  9. Team Mascot: Their mascot, Prowler the Tiger, gets everyone excited to cheer for the team.
  10. Well-Known Team: Their success in hockey and other sports has made them known in the area and across the country.

The Colorado College Tigers stand out because they play high-level hockey and still rock at Division III sports while focusing on their studies and helping the community.

Font and Colors

Colorado College Tigers color codes

OrangeHex color:#ffb71b
RGB:255 183 27
CMYK:0 28 89 0
Pantone:PMS 137 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C