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Comau: Brand overview

Comau, an Italian company specializing in industrial automation, began its journey in 1973 as a subsidiary of renowned automaker Fiat. Based in Turin, Italy, Comau’s name reflects its core mission: ‘Consorzio Macchine Utensili,’ which translates to ‘Consorzio Machine Tool Consortium.’

Comau’s early years were marked by a focused effort to produce automation and robotic systems. The main focus of these innovations was the Fiat automobile plants, where Comau’s developments played a decisive role in optimizing production processes.

In the 80s and 90s, Comau embarked on a path of global expansion, expanding beyond Italy to serve automakers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. During this period, the company also diversified its portfolio, exploring opportunities in non-automotive industries.

Comau’s influence on the robotization of automotive manufacturing became increasingly evident over the years. By the turn of the millennium, more than 200,000 Comau robots and automated systems had been installed around the world, demonstrating the company’s impact on the industry.

The 2000s saw new innovations in Comau’s offerings. The company began to master technologies such as exoskeletons designed to provide ergonomic assistance to workers and augmented reality used to improve maintenance procedures and training programs.

Comau was spun off from Fiat in 2012 but retained a connection to the automotive world as part of Stellantis, which emerged from the Fiat-Chrysler merger with PSA. Today, with more than 40 manufacturing plants worldwide, Comau is a leader in industrial automation.

Comau’s current line of business spans many industries, supplying robotics, equipment, and state-of-the-art technologies designed to optimize intelligent manufacturing processes. With nearly fifty years of experience, Comau’s role in driving automotive innovation remains significant, and its contribution to expanding automation applications across industries continues to shape the landscape of modern manufacturing.

Comau’s story is one of growth, diversification, and relentless innovation. From its inception as a subsidiary specializing in automotive automation to its current status as a global leader in industrial automation, Comau’s legacy is a testament to the transformative power of technology and visionary leadership.

Meaning and History

Comau Logo History

1973 – today

Comau Logo

The text on the Comau logo stands for “COnsorzio MAcchine Utensili.” The font used is identical to Sportscenter Regular and has a sans-serif, smooth, bold, and rounded typeface. At the top is a cobalt blue circle with wavy lines that seem to follow the smooth curves of the letters below. Blue and white vertical stripes form a mesmerizing pattern, but only on the right side.

The cool blue circle at the top resembles a mini ocean with waves. The letters are calm – no sharp angles, just smooth and rounded. It’s like they’re friends with the circle of waves at the top. The blue and white stripes are like getting lost in a maze but in a very fun way. That’s what makes this logo so distinctive.