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Before becoming part of OLT Express Germany, the Contact Air logo was an intriguing multicolored design encapsulating the brand’s essence and vision.

Dark Blue Wordmark:

  • Font and Color: The company name is presented in a standard bold font with a dark blue color. Dark blue is often associated with trust, responsibility, and professionalism, aptly characterizing the brand’s commitment to quality service in the aviation industry.
  • Positioning: The prominent wordmark reflects the brand’s identity and assures recognition.

Circular Design with Multicolored Stripes:

  • Composition: The circle, composed of stripes of varying widths, consists of three light blue, three green, and five white stripes.
  • Representation of Planet: This design creatively illustrates a planet, signifying the company’s global air transportation network.
  • Light Blue Stripes: These may symbolize the sky and the limitless horizons the company seeks to explore.
  • Green Stripes: The green stripes could represent ecological consciousness or the connectivity between different landscapes and destinations.
  • White Stripes: The white stripes enhance the aesthetic balance of the design and could symbolize purity, safety, and transparency in the company’s operations.

Symbolism and Associations:

  • Global Reach: The planet’s depiction is immediately associated with international connections, illustrating the company’s broad range of services and destinations.
  • Harmony and Integration: The seamless integration of different colors and shapes in the design reflects the company’s ability to harmonize diverse services and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Dynamic and Progressive: The bold choice of colors and the simple yet effective design show the company’s dynamic approach and progressive thinking.

Aesthetic Appeal and Functionality:

  • Memorable and Distinctive: The logo’s distinct color scheme and geometric forms make it easily recognizable and memorable.
  • Versatility: Its clear lines and uncluttered design allow for versatile usage across various platforms and mediums, maintaining consistency in brand imaging.
  • Cohesiveness: The cohesive design elements tie together different aspects of the company’s identity, from service quality to global presence.

Historical Context:

  • Legacy: Even after integrating into OLT Express Germany, the logo continues to symbolize Contact Air’s history and role in shaping aviation services.

Emotional Connection:

  • Invitation to Explore: The logo invites viewers to explore the world with Contact Air, creating a visual journey that aligns with the physical journeys the company facilitates.

Strategic Communication:

  • Visual Storytelling: Through its imagery and color choice, the logo tells a visual story of the brand’s mission, values, and offerings.

The Contact Air logo is a multifaceted visual symbol that serves as a strategic communication tool, reflecting the company’s identity and values. Its design elements work harmoniously to create a cohesive image that communicates the brand’s commitment to quality service, global reach, and innovative thinking in the aviation industry. Effectively using color, shape, and composition has crafted a logo with aesthetic appeal and profound meaning. It is a testament to the company’s legacy and vision for connecting the world.

Contact Air: Brand overview

Founded: 1974 – 2012
Founder: W.A. Hayward
Filderstadt, Germany

Contact Air, a regional airline rooted in Stuttgart, Germany, was founded in 1974. It initially served the southern regions of Germany with a humble fleet of turboprop aircraft.

As the 1980s unfolded, the airline expanded its reach, incorporating larger jet aircraft into its fleet and extending its flight network to encompass more destinations across Europe. In 1999, Contact Air joined the esteemed ranks of the Star Alliance, standing shoulder to shoulder with established members like Lufthansa and Thai Airways.

A strategic shift occurred 2002 when Contact Air ventured into the low-cost flight market, operating as Contact Air Flug under a separate certification. The principal Contact Air fleet comprised Fokker 70 and Fokker 100 jet aircraft, ideally suited for regional flight operations.

At the pinnacle of its operations, Contact Air boasted services to over 20 destinations and transported approximately 2 million passengers annually. The airline employed around 500 people, spanning flight operations and administrative roles.

However, the escalating losses eventually led to the airline declaring bankruptcy, culminating in the cessation of its operations in December 2012 after 38 years of service. As Contact Air ceased to exist, some of its assets and routes were absorbed by Lufthansa.

Meaning and History

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