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The Continental Airlines logo is a sign and a symbol of air adventures and travel. Lightness, freedom, beauty, and openness of the world – this is what this emblem represents.

The light blue color of the Continental Airlines lettering is reminiscent of the sky and the world of air travel. The square on the right side of the logo reflects stability, reliability, and trust, which are one of the brand’s main values. The voluminous globe located inside the square symbolizes international flights and inexhaustible opportunities for travelers anywhere in the world. The white-blue color of the ball complements the overall color scheme of the logo, embodying harmony and peace.

The Continental Airlines emblem reflects professionalism, stability, and safety in air travel but also calls for adventure and expedition, allowing travelers to discover new horizons and experience the world.

Continental Airlines: Brand overview

Founded: May 1934 – March 3, 2012
Founder: United Continental Holdings
Texas, United States

Meaning and History

Continental Airlines Logo History

1934 – 1937

Varney Speed Lines Logo 1934

1937 – 1960

Continental Airlines Logo 1937

1960 – 1967

Continental Airlines Logo 1960

1967 – 1991

Continental Airlines Logo 1967

1991 – 2012

Continental Airlines Logo

Continental Airlines color codes

Lapis Lazuli Hex color: #0060a9
RGB: 0 96 169
CMYK: 100 43 0 34
Pantone: PMS 7694 C