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The Cooper Tires logo is confident and professional. The symbols convey the idea of movement and high-speed driving. The emblem indicates the company’s products and presents the manufacturer as experienced and goal-oriented.

Cooper Tires: Brand overview

Founder:John F. Schaefer, Claude E. Hart
Findlay, Ohio, U.S.

Cooper Tires – a non-existent since 2021 American manufacturer of 10,000 types of tires, owning ten plants in the USA, China, Great Britain, Mexico, and Sri Lanka and founded in 1914 by stepbrothers Schaefer and Hart. Annual turnover is around $3 billion. In 2021, it was acquired by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

Meaning and History

Cooper Tires Logo History

Despite being founded at the beginning of the 20th century, the first logo appeared closer to the 1950s. The discrepancy is related to the company’s dual birth. In 1914, the founders named the enterprise M&M Manufacturing Company and dealt with tire repair kits. The emergence of the world-famous Cooper Tires occurred in 1946 when they determined the exact direction of activity and changed the name. The company is distinguished by its consistency and, until its acquisition in 2021, introduced only two logos.

What is Cooper Tires?

A tire manufacturer for passenger and commercial vehicles, supplying markets in 60 countries. Approximately 10,000 workers are employed at its facilities. It ranks 11th globally in its industry. The headquarters is located in Findlay.

1940s – 2003

Cooper Tires Logo 1940s

The first emblem has the shape of a blue oval with red and white edging, inside which are a knight’s helmet and the inscription Cooper Tires.

Tire production began with the owners of M&M Manufacturing Company purchasing another enterprise: Giant Tire & Rubber Company. Together with them, the co-owner became I.J. Cooper, who owned The Cooper Corporation. A series of mergers of these companies with others led to the creation of Master Tire & Rubber Company. Cooper was a brilliant director, and in his honor, the company was renamed in 1946. That’s how the name appeared in the logo.

The oval shape of the emblem indicates tires and wheels. The figure demonstrates harmony and successful business flow. The combination of red and white trim is a symbol of love for their work in tandem with constant improvement and the use of new developments.

Blue is a shade of technology, compliance with instructions, standards, and the correct sequence of processes. That’s why the tires are of high quality and reliable. The knight’s helmet confirms this thought. The image evokes thoughts of honor, honesty, and the struggle for truth.

Its choice for the emblem is associated with “Cooper’s credo.” The director, in whose honor the company was named, was very principled. He had three rules of doing business: proper, honest business, fair profit, and quality products. Adherence to beliefs made the tire manufacturer an example of a worthy entrepreneur. Cooper’s chivalrous character and nobility are reflected in the logo.

2003 – today

Cooper Tires Logo

In 2003, the company signed a sponsorship agreement with Formula 1 and released a new class of Ultra High-Performance tires. They marked the next stage in their development with a new logo.

The previous oval shape has taken on the appearance of a spiral. The image represents both tires and movement. The company’s name is placed next to it. The dark blue capital letters are written in two levels, tilted to the right. The tilt complements the feeling of driving. It tells about development and plans for the future.

Font and Colors

The dark blue creates a sense of reliability and strength, inspiring trust in customers. It demonstrates the professionalism of the company.

The logo font is Predataur Condensed Italic. The smooth, streamlined letters convey the ease of movement with the brand’s tires, optimal design, and tread.

Cooper Tires color codes

Royal BlueHex color:#001c5f
RGB:0 28 95
CMYK:100 71 0 63
Pantone:PMS 2756 C