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The color palette in which the Coppin State Eagles logo adorns the athletes’ uniforms symbolizes intellect and sophistication, creativity, and intelligence. These traits, along with sharpness, agility, and nobility, are reflected in the mascot – the proud eagle, inspiring the team to victory.

Coppin State Eagles: Brand overview

Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.
The Coppin State Eagles comprise fourteen sports teams representing Coppin State University. For many years, they have participated in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference and competed in NCAA Division I. The official school colors are blue and gold. According to the university’s Visual Standards Guide, the first symbolizes creativity and refinement, and the second symbolizes intelligence and intellect. The eagle was chosen as the mascot for its courage, strength, and clear vision of the goal.

Meaning and History

Coppin State Eagles Logo History

The Coppin State Eagles, like other sports faculties, adhere to traditions: its emblem depicts the mascot that should inspire the teams to new achievements. The golden eagle has widely spread its wings, stretched its head, and put forward its clawed feet. It is ready to attack and has already spotted its “prey.” Artists tried to detail the feathers, though the drawing looked schematic. The fingers and beak are also clearly visible – attention was focused on them to emphasize the danger of the predatory bird.

Coppin State Eagles Emblem

One wing of the eagle is threaded through the capital letter “S.” Because of this, it seems unnaturally positioned, separate from the body. The impression is reinforced by the distortion of spatial proportions.

What is Coppin State Eagles?

The Coppin State Eagles are a sports department representing Coppin State University in the intercollegiate program. It is located in Baltimore, Maryland, and consists of 14 student teams participating in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. Athletes compete in the NCAA at the Division I level. Among them, the baseball and basketball teams are the most successful.

1988 – 2003

Coppin State Eagles Logo 1988-2003

2004 – 2016

Coppin State Eagles Logo 2004-2016

2017 – today

Coppin State Eagles Logo 2017-Present

The “S” is part of the inscription “CSU.” It is an abbreviation of the full name of the educational institution. Until 2004, another abbreviation was used – “CSE,” formed from the phrase “Coppin State Eagles.” Large blue letters are placed in the background. The figure of the eagle partially covers them, but they are still visible thanks to the bold font with rectangular serifs.

Coppin State Eagles: Interesting Facts

The Coppin State University Eagles are a sports team from Baltimore, Maryland. They play in the top college sports division and are part of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. They’re known for being tough competitors and have done some pretty amazing things in sports.

  1. Big Basketball Win: In 1997, the men’s basketball team won a huge game against a team that was supposed to beat them easily. It’s one of the biggest surprises in college basketball.
  2. Track Stars: Coppin State is good at track and field. They’ve had athletes compete worldwide, even in the Olympics.
  3. Lots of Sports: They don’t just do basketball and track. They have baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis, and bowling teams so that many students can play sports.
  4. Helping Out: The Eagles help in their city, Baltimore. They do community service, showing they care about more than just sports.
  5. Smart Athletes: The school ensures that athletes do well in their classes, not just their sports. They want them to be good students, too.
  6. Women’s Basketball: The women’s basketball team has won many games and gone to big tournaments. They’re really strong competitors.
  7. Great Places to Play: Coppin State has some of the best sports facilities, making it a great place to train and compete.
  8. Famous Graduates: Some of their former students have gone on to play sports professionally, especially basketball.
  9. Healthy and Happy: The school ensures the athletes’ health and happiness by supporting their physical and mental well-being.
  10. Eagle Mascot: The school’s mascot is an eagle, symbolizing the school’s spirit and bringing everyone together at games and events.

Coppin State University is all about being great in sports, doing well in school, and helping out in the community. It’s a place where athletes can grow and succeed.

Font and Colors

Coppin State Eagles color codes

Prussian BlueHex color:#003056
RGB:0 48 86
CMYK:100 44 0 66
Pantone:PMS 540 C
Tangerine YellowHex color:#ffc915
RGB:255 201 21
CMYK:0 21 92 0
Pantone:PMS 7549 C