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The logo of Corendon Airlines reflects its vibrant origins and evolution from a tour operator into a significant player in the European and Mediterranean tourist markets. The emblem embodies the spirit of the sunny vacation destinations primarily served by the airline, symbolizing the warmth and hospitality of its services. This logo visually affirms the airline’s commitment to offering affordable, leisure-oriented flights that enable travelers to explore new cultures and relax in popular vacation spots.

Corendon Airlines: Brand overview

Since its inception, Corendon Airlines has been creating memorable travel experiences for passengers. Headquartered in Antalya, Turkey, the company is an integral part of the Corendon Tourism Group and flies primarily from Antalya Airport.

In 2004, Atilay Uslu and Yıldırai Karaer, realizing the huge potential of Turkey’s thriving tourism sector, decided to make air travel more affordable and reliable for vacationers. As a result, Corendon Airlines was born, offering cost-effective travel options to popular vacation destinations in Turkey and beyond.

Since its first flights in 2005, Corendon Airlines has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity among travelers.

Building on its achievements, Corendon Airlines has rapidly expanded its flight network by adding new routes to sought-after travel destinations in Turkey and worldwide.

Meaning and History

Corendon Airlines Logo History

What is Corendon Airlines?

Corendon Airlines, the backbone of the Corendon Tourism Group, began its journey in Antalya, Turkey, in 2004. The airline quickly made a name for itself, carrying around 6 million passengers annually, focusing mainly on leisure travel. At first, the airline only operated flights from Antalya Airport, but over time, it expanded its horizons by increasing its fleet of aircraft and routes. The company offered comfort, reliability, and Turkish hospitality, differentiating itself from other travel airlines.

2005 – 2017

Corendon Airlines Logo 2005

The logo of Corendon Airlines, introduced in 2005 and used until 2017, is a vivid symbol of its roots and mission. A prominent feature of this logo is the crescent moon, which symbolizes Turkey and Islam, reflecting the cultural and religious characteristics of the founding country. This crescent elegantly serves as the first letter ‘C’ in the company’s name, reflecting the airline’s deep connection to its national heritage.

The logo incorporates an image of a circle representing the Earth, hinting at the letter ‘O,’ the second letter in Corendon. This detail symbolizes the company’s global ambitions and intent to ’embrace’ the planet by offering journeys to various parts of the world. Using a circle in the design emphasizes the company’s worldwide focus and openness.

The name “Corendon” is displayed next to the symbols in a style reminiscent of calligraphic penmanship, adding elegance and sophistication to the overall appearance of the logo. This font evokes the fine art of writing, further strengthening the brand’s visual perception as well thought-out and culturally enriched.

The logo’s rich burgundy color evokes images of sunsets over the Mediterranean Sea, adding elements of warmth and romance and anticipating exciting journeys. This color effectively makes the logo stand out against competitors and is memorable, enhancing the emotional impact on potential passengers.

2017 – today

Corendon Airlines Logo

The designers created an all-red logo for Corendon Airlines, a color that symbolizes sunny Turkey, the company’s home country. On the left side is a five-pointed curved star with no sharp corners. Above the star, there is an asymmetrical circle. The brand name is written on the right side: large, bold “corendon” on the first line and smaller, thin “AIRLINES” under it. Lowercase letters are used for the first part, and uppercase letters are used for the second. In both cases, the font is italicized, representing speed.

The choice of the red color palette speaks to the airline’s sunny origins and symbolizes passion and energy – qualities the company wants to showcase. The curved star and uneven circle symbolize flexibility and uniqueness, traits the aviation industry values. The italic font in both parts of the name suggests that the airline is focused on fast and efficient service.