Creative development lines of the CBRE brand from Landor & Fitch


Renowned brand transformation agency Landor & Fitch has recently unveiled a new identity for CBRE.

The global leader in services and commercial real estate investment, CBRE, announced a new brand positioning, including a new vision – “Realizing Potential in All Dimensions.” The entire visual format is changing, and the global corporate website is also being transformed for better communication with the client.

The company emphasizes that the evolution has begun; now, the brand includes more services and functions that make its work more expressive and significant. Such a large brand has high-quality service and various integrated tasks that meet the full range of requirements of investors and tenants throughout the entire life cycle of real estate.
Bob Sulentic, President, and CEO said that strengthening and expanding the business in four areas will promote the CBRE brand and take it to a new level of market performance.

CBRE New Logo

The company itself is very large-scale. It employs about 100 thousand employees. Its headquarters are located in more than 100 countries, not to mention the individual representative offices of the brand, which provide various services, for example, investment management and control of real estate sales. The four business vectors of a brand include asset types, lines of business, customers, and geographic regions.

Strategic partnerships, integrated solutions, analytics are all supporting building blocks of the business domain. Therefore, it was very important for the brand to rebrand, adhering to the tradition of conservatism, formalism, and at the same time innovation and creativity.

Previously, a logo was proposed, which was a font inscription made in green tones. The font was chosen calmly, without bright accents, with rounded lines, and rather soft. He inspires confidence and a feeling of confidence that this company will help in solving important strategic issues.

CBRE Emblem

Another question related to the design update in general. Indeed, for any niche, it is important to provide a new look that matches the brand’s values ​​and mission resonates with the target audience, be on the same wavelength, and correctly convey the brand’s main message.

As a result, a new round in the company’s development was initiated by the Landor & Fitch agency, which is famous for its extraordinary projects and versatile design solutions.

Lines were taken as the basis for the new visual identity. Lines act as a symbol of seriousness, authority, a successful start and successful completion, and a smooth project flow. The smoothness of thought, the tone in communication, unambiguity without tricky nuances, and straightforwardness in relationships are the main messages of the new CBRE identity.

By analogy with the red thread, we can say that, in this case, a green tint line “ran” as a graphic leitmotif across all visual products. This choice of color contributes to the association with prosperity, prospects, success.