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The mascot in the form of a blue jay’s head, the letter C, and the Creighton Bluejays logo symbolize the sports department’s commitment to North American roots. The militancy, wilfulness, and inherent collectivism of this species have become a demonstration of the team’s main traits.

Creighton Bluejays: Brand overview

Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.
The private Jesuit Creighton University participates in intercollegiate competitions at the NCAA Division I level. It fields fourteen teams in eight sports for participation in the Big East conference competitions. They form the Creighton Bluejays department, which got its name in honor of the small songbird native to the North American continent. It also became the unchanging mascot of the players and still confidently leads them to victory.

Meaning and History

Creighton Bluejays Logo History

The image of the blue jay is present on almost every emblem of the sports department. Since 1990 and in the following years, it was an anthropomorphic character. Artists depicted the bird with hands instead of wings and with expressive emotional facial expressions. And they “dressed” it in blue shorts and a white T-shirt with the letter “C” on the chest.

From 1999-2012, the teams used the inscription “Jays” as a logo. The word rises diagonally, symbolizing growth and success. The two central letters are connected to each other; the outer “J” and “s” stand separately. The font resembles handwriting with characteristic lines of uneven thickness and smooth curves.

What is Creighton Bluejays?

The Creighton Bluejays are a sports division consisting of 14 teams formed by students of Creighton University. It is based in Omaha, Nebraska, and represents the region in the Big East Conference, competing at the Division I level in the NCAA.

1990 – 1998

Creighton Bluejays Logo 1990-1998

1999 – 2012

Creighton Bluejays Logo 1999-2012

2013 – today

Creighton Bluejays Logo 2013-Present

In 2013, developers modernized the design, replacing the long inscription “Jays” with the concise letter “C” (abbreviation for “Creighton”). But the emblem is far from minimalism, as there is another element – the head of a blue jay, peeking out of the letter “C.” The bird looks menacing and combative. It is also quite bright because artists used several colors to create a 3D effect. The letter is also unusually framed: it has sharp serifs and two blue contours.

Creighton Bluejays: Interesting Facts

The Creighton Bluejays are a sports team from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. They play at the top college sports level and are part of the Big East Conference. They’re good at many sports and care about sports and schoolwork.

  1. Joined Big Teams: In 2013, Creighton joined the Big East Conference and started playing against some of the best college teams.
  2. Basketball Stars: The men’s basketball team has been in many tournaments. They’re known for scoring a lot, and some players even played professionally.
  3. Cool Arena: They play basketball in a big, exciting place called the CHI Health Center Omaha. It’s a great spot for games and helps them win a lot at home.
  4. Women’s Basketball: The women’s team is also great, making it to big tournaments. They’ve done a lot to make Creighton proud.
  5. Soccer Success: Both the men’s and women’s soccer teams are strong, and the men’s team has been close to winning the national championship a few times. They play at Morrison Stadium, which is a top place for soccer.
  6. Baseball Team: Creighton’s baseball team is known for being good at pitching and defense. They play in the same stadium where the College World Series happens, which is pretty special.
  7. Volleyball Wins: The women’s volleyball team is one of the best in their conference and has attended the national tournament many times. They’re part of why Creighton’s sports are so respected.
  8. Smart Athletes: Creighton athletes do well in class, too. The school makes sure they’re good students and good athletes.
  9. Mascot Billy: Billy Bluejay is the mascot who brings fun and spirit to games. Everyone at Creighton loves Billy.
  10. Helping the Community: The Bluejays also spend time helping out in Omaha. It’s part of their mission to be good neighbors and leaders.

So, Creighton’s Bluejays are not just about winning games; they’re about doing well in school and helping others, making them a special part of college sports.

Font and Colors

Creighton Bluejays color codes

Dark SapphireHex color:#00235d
RGB:0 35 93
CMYK:100 62 0 64
Pantone:PMS 27577 C
Lapis lazuliHex color:#005ca9
RGB:0 92 169
CMYK:100 46 0 34
Pantone:PMS 2945 C
Argentinian BlueHex color:#6cadde
RGB:0 92 169
CMYK:100 45 0 34
Pantone:PMS 298 C
Trolley GrayHex color:#7e8083
RGB:63 194 204126 128 131
CMYK:4 2 0 49
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 9 C
Neon SilverHex color:#c8c8c8
RGB:200 200 200
CMYK:0 0 0 22
Pantone:PMS 420 C