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The Criminal Minds logo keeps the viewer on edge, pointing to a battle of minds, the construction of logical chains, and the connection of facts and conclusions. The emblem emphasizes the sharpness of the plot and points to dangerous situations.

Criminal Minds: Brand overview

Founded:September 22, 2005 – present
Founder:Jeff Davis
United States

Criminal Minds is an American series about police investigations conceived by Jeff Davis. It was originally broadcast on CBS. It includes 15 seasons, the popularity of which led to the creation of a video game and a South Korean version. The cast and directors changed during the filming. The sixteenth season, as a continuation, will be launched in 2022 on Paramount+.

Meaning and History

Criminal Minds Logo History

There are currently two logos – for the original version and the continuation. The idea of danger, crime, and evil is embodied in the symbols through the use of color. It is precisely the same color palette that unites both versions of the emblem. The symbols are built on the contrast of evil and good, crime and punishment. The positive heroes win thanks to their courage and intellect.

What is Criminal Minds?

An American media franchise of more than 250 episodes about the disclosure of crimes by a special FBI group. The core cast included Matthew Gray Gubler, Joe Mantegna, Paget Brewster, Thomas Gibson, and Shemar Moore.

2005 – 2020

Criminal Minds Logo 2005

The original series aired from 2005 to 2020. Its logo consists of a black rectangle, inside which the name and separate clarifying details about the series are inscribed in red and white font.

The title is divided into two levels—Red Criminal at the top and White Minds at the bottom. The division separates the criminals from the police. The red color indicates blood and the “sick” personality of the villain. The pure white color suggests support for the law, clear thinking, and logic.

The emphasis is made on the word ‘mind,’ as the plot revolves around criminalists who create psychological profiles of criminals by studying the evidence. The solving of crimes directly depends on the mental efforts of the heroes.

The idea is reinforced by the addition in small red font: Behavioral Analysis Unit (the name of the federal department). Analysis and analytics are the most fascinating moments of the film. The chain of deductions based on found traces and information leads to the understanding of who is guilty.

The word Quantico is also added in white font. This is the city where the FBI training center and base are located. The inscription lets viewers understand that the series will be about the most dangerous crimes that will be investigated across America.

2022 – today

Criminal Minds Logo

Filming resumed in 2022 due to the immense popularity of the film – it was the most-watched series on the channel for all 15 seasons. The logo for the new part has changed.

The title is executed in red font on a black background and is semi-transparent in red. Red Criminal has a similar meaning to the previous version—transparent letters of Mind as if dissolving red blood and fog. The work of the analytical department is not visible from the outside, but when done correctly, it helps to clear the city of criminals.

Colorlessness reflected the intangibility of thought. However, the black background indicated that agents need to think like criminals to unravel their schemes.

Below, in small white letters, follows the word “evolution” to show a new stage of the series, the theme of development and renewal of the show.

Font and Colors

Red, white, and black are classic color combinations for the theme of detectives and crimes.

  • Black – evil, bad thoughts, criminals.
  • Red – blood, disease, perversion, shocking events.
  • White – defenders, mind, logic, cleansing from evil.

The inscription is straight and strict with uppercase letters, typical of many fonts. Straight lines show that criminals cannot hide, again hinting at logic. The uppercase is an indicator of the global issues that are investigated at the highest level.

Criminal Minds color codes

KobeHex color:#912718
RGB:145 39 24
CMYK:0 73 83 43
Pantone:PMS 7599 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C