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The easy-to-manage service shows the Criptext logo. The emblem conveys the reliability and security of the email client. Each message the user sends is encrypted and cannot be read without the recipient’s special key.

Criptext: Brand overview

Founder:Mayer Mizrachi
New York, U.S.
Criptext is a Panamanian IT company and the unique open-source email they developed. Their creators are five software engineers led by Mayer Mizrachi. They teamed up to work on a computer program for the Panama government. At first, it was a plugin adapted to Gmail to encrypt information for privacy purposes. Then it became a separate email service. Its launch time was 2014. The parent company is Innovative Ventures—the location of its headquarters in New York.

Meaning and History

Criptext Logo History

It all started with an app, presented at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York and then commissioned by a Panamanian government agency. However, something went wrong, and the authorities blocked the startup, rejected it officially, and put the head of the company in jail. At the same time, the government began covertly collecting information about the country’s inhabitants and beyond through this development.

In order to stop the illegal “political” activities, Mayer Mizrachi led the further process of adapting Criptext right from prison. Therefore, over time, the extension plugin for Gmail was transformed into an independent email service with the function of information protection because users’ privacy was violated. The head of the company continuously coordinated the work from a Colombian prison, where he was imprisoned on trumped-up political charges.

What is Criptext?

Criptext is an email service with total security and encryption of emails. It is also the name of the IT company that first offered this program. The time of its appearance is 2014. The developers are five software engineers from Panama and Ecuador, led by Mayer Mizrachi. The headquarters location is the city of New York.

First, a group of Panamanian developers introduced a utility for the iPhone that allowed quick downloads of short videos with no sound and disappearing texts. The app was called HASH and was aimed primarily at teenagers. However, Mizrachi wanted its platform to have broader functionality and reach out to members of the business community. The team intended to involve lawyers, politicians, and other professionals who need to send letters without a trace.

Criptext Symbol

The company implemented all of this in its eponymous product. The service allows tracing the discovery of sent emails (who, where, and when), end-to-end encryption, and setting a self-destruction timer for emails and their withdrawal even if they have already gone to the addressee. All this time, the young project uses the same identity: it has never changed since its launch.

The Criptext logo is a harmonious combination of text and graphics, which visually interact with each other. Although the icon occupies only one-fifth of the space, it fulfills a very important function: it reflects the concept of the email service. That’s why it shows a blue dialog bubble with a miniature white padlock. It represents high user protection and hints at the presence of internal message encryption.

The text to the left of the icon conveys the name of the service and is colored black. The word is in lower-case font, except for the first letter. The characters are bold, rounded at the ends, and resemble the typewriter typeface of ancient typewriters – old-fashioned as if borrowed from the late 19th century.

Font and Colors

Criptext Emblem

For the wordmark in the Criptext logo, the designers chose the Blair typeface. It’s a calm, deep antiqua with crisp tracing, rounded shapes, and elongated serifs. The color palette is sparse and consists of blue, white and black, and anthracite.

Criptext color codes

Squid InkHex color:#383945
RGB:56 57 69
CMYK:19 17 0 73
Pantone:PMS 432 C
Picton BlueHex color:#01a8ff
RGB:1 168 255
CMYK:100 34 0 0
Pantone:PMS 299 C