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Look into our world; there are many interesting things here, called the Crunchyroll logo. The emblem promises pleasure, entertainment, and a good mood. The sign establishes visual contact with the user and seems to be watching his reaction.

Crunchyroll: Brand overview

Founded:May 14, 2006
Founder:Kun Gao, James Lin, Brandon Ooi, Vu Nguyen
San Francisco, California, U.S.
Crunchyroll is an American distributor of anime, music, Japanese TV series, manga, and other entertainment content in East Asia. The service has been streaming since 2006. It initially operated as a hosting service that allowed pirated copies of videos to be downloaded. After a small scandal, the site began to protect the copyrights of the owners of media products. The company then obtained a license to create anime-based games and launched several of its television shows. Thanks to this global expansion, it has become a real paradise for anime people.

Meaning and History

Crunchyroll Logo History

As Crunchyroll developed, it changed hands. In 2013, the distributor became a subsidiary of Otter Media, and five years later, it was at the full disposal of AT&T Corporation. In late 2020, AT&T agreed to sell the streaming service to Sony. But constant structural changes did not stop him from growing and finding like-minded people.

It is now a global ecosystem that follows the news from the world of Japanese animation, collects manga, and provides access to exclusive games. She has united millions of anime fans around her. And it’s not just the thematic content – the atmosphere that the project managers managed to create played a huge role. Even the service’s name speaks for itself: the phrase “crunchy roll” is associated with Japan’s culture because it denotes a type of sushi. Accordingly, the logo is its graphic visualization.

What is Crunchyroll?

It is a division of Funimation Global Group dedicated to distributing anime, dramas, manga, games, music, and other content produced by East Asian companies.

2006 – 2012

Crunchyroll Logo 2006-2012

When the Crunchyroll brand first appeared, it used an abstract emblem with an orange circle in a black shell. There was a thin white layer between the two parts. The drawing resembled a Japanese dish – sushi rolls. The inner-circle represented the filling, the intermediate white ring represented the rice, and the dark outer line represented the nori leaf.

The word “Crunchyroll” on the right was in lowercase letters. The jagged font made the title appear to have been handwritten using a marker or black ink.

2012 – today

Crunchyroll Logo 2012-present

In 2012, the designers did a little “work on mistakes,” correcting the picture’s shape. So the geometric shapes became clearer, they acquired sharp corners. The image now consists of two inverted orange crescents. In the main logo, the text is gray and at the bottom. But there is another option, where the orange inscription “Crunchyroll” is located in the old fashioned way on the right.

The streaming service’s current emblem is similar to sushi, including the main character from the Canadian animated series Yam Roll. It can be assumed that this is the dish called Yam Roll. Then the orange circle inside denotes sweet potatoes, and the white layer symbolizes rice.

However, some believe that Crunchyroll’s branding looks like a large eye with a pupil. And there is some truth in this because he resembles Shoujo-Manga Eye. If both versions are true, then the logo combines two Japanese pop clichés: sushi rolls and an anime-style eye. It also matches the Okinawa Prefecture flag when turned over.

Crunchyroll: Interesting Facts

Crunchyroll has become a key player in bringing anime to fans worldwide since it started in 2006.

  1. Starting Point: Initially, Crunchyroll featured a mix of user-uploaded content, including unauthorized anime videos, sparking copyright debates but setting the stage for its growth.
  2. Going Legit: Around 2008, Crunchyroll began securing legal agreements with content creators to stream anime, supporting the industry and moving towards legitimate operations.
  3. Exponential Growth: It quickly became a hub for millions of anime fans, offering a vast library of titles, from classic shows to new episodes aired in Japan.
  4. Simulcasts Feature: Crunchyroll offers simulcasts, letting international viewers watch new anime episodes shortly after Japan’s broadcast, reducing piracy and wait times.
  5. Beyond Anime: It has expanded to include manga, Japanese TV dramas, and original content, becoming a comprehensive source for Japanese pop culture.
  6. Worldwide Availability: Crunchyroll is available in over 200 countries, and it has significantly contributed to anime’s global popularity, reaching fans everywhere.
  7. Community Engagement: Through its website and events like Crunchyroll Expo, it builds a strong community, offering screenings, panels, and meetings with creators.
  8. Flexible Viewing Options: Crunchyroll makes anime accessible to various audiences through both ad-supported free viewing and ad-free premium subscriptions.
  9. Sony Acquisition: In December 2020, Sony acquired Crunchyroll to strengthen its presence in the anime streaming market and enhance offerings for fans.
  10. Supporting Creators: By partnering with Japanese studios and funding new projects, Crunchyroll helps ensure that the creators behind popular anime benefit from their global reach.

Crunchyroll’s story reflects the growing worldwide demand for anime, showcasing its pivotal role in spreading Japanese culture and supporting the anime industry.

Font and Colors

Crunchyroll Emblem

The Crunchyroll wordmark is based on the Maven Bold font by American typographer Joe Price. It combines the characteristic features of several typefaces. The absence of serifs, smooth curves, and unusual lettering make the lettering legible in any context.

Crunchyroll Symbol

The color scheme of the logo is monotonous. The pumpkin shade of orange is mainly used, which matches the color of the rolls’ filling. The word can be dark gray if it is at the bottom of orange when it is moved to the right.


What is the Crunchyroll logo?

The logo is simple yet eye-catching. It features an icon with a bright orange and white color scheme. The icon is a stylized letter “C” that looks like a crescent moon with a small section missing in the upper-right part.

The white outline around the “C” adds contrast, making the logo stand out more. The orange gives it a warm and inviting feel, reflecting the brand’s focus on anime and entertainment.

The logo is fun and memorable. Its unique shape and bright colors make it easily recognizable and strongly tied to the brand’s identity.

What is the Crunchyroll mascot?

The company’s mascot is Crunchyroll-Hime, known as Hime. Hime is a lively and energetic character who represents the brand. She appears in promotional materials, events, and social media to connect with the audience.

Hime embodies the fun and excitement of anime culture. Her bright and playful design appeals to anime fans. As the official mascot, she helps build a strong bond between the brand and its community.

The brand is a member of The Association of Japanese Animations (AJA), which shows its commitment to the anime industry. Hime plays a big role in this effort by being a cheerful and relatable figure for fans.

What is the Crunchyroll symbol?

The symbol features two orange crescents: one wide and one narrow. The wide crescent is in the middle, and the narrow crescent forms an open frame around it. This combination creates a unique and recognizable emblem for the brand.

The crescents give the symbol a modern and dynamic look. The bright orange color adds to its vibrant and energetic feel, reflecting the lively nature of anime culture. The simple design makes it easy to identify and remember.

This symbol is a key part of the brand’s visual identity, setting it apart in the streaming services market. The clean and bold design matches the brand’s goal of providing an engaging experience for anime fans.

Does Crunchyroll have a watermark?

Yes, has a watermark. It is usually found in the corner of the video. This watermark is a small, semi-transparent logo that marks the content as official and helps prevent unauthorized use.

The watermark shows viewers they are watching content directly from Crunchyroll and helps maintain the brand’s visibility across different platforms. It is designed to be unobtrusive and not distract from the viewing experience.

Is the Crunchyroll logo an eye?

The logo might look like an anime character’s eye, but it is designed to resemble a sushi roll. The inner crescent is the filling, the outer layer is nori (seaweed), and the space between them is rice.

This design reflects the brand’s connection to Japanese culture and anime. It combines anime and traditional Japanese cuisine elements, making it visually appealing and meaningful. This unique design helps make the logo memorable and easy to recognize.

Who made the Crunchyroll logo?

The designer of the logo has not been disclosed, so the creative mind behind this symbol remains a mystery. The logo looks like a sushi roll, with the inner crescent representing the filling, the outer layer representing nori (seaweed), and the space between them symbolizing rice.

This design reflects the brand’s connection to Japanese culture and anime. Combining elements of traditional Japanese cuisine with the visual style of anime, the logo captures the essence of what the brand stands for. Its simplicity and distinctiveness make it easy to recognize and remember, strengthening the brand’s identity.

Even though we do not know who designed the logo, its impact is clear. It bridges Japanese culture and the global anime community, making it a fitting emblem for the brand.