CSU Buccaneers Logo

CSU Buccaneers Logo
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From Charleston Southern University, sixteen teams called CSU Buccaneers compete in the NCAA Division I. They all participate in the Big South Conference, except for the players who are part of the Football Championship Subdivision. The mascot of the players is the Bucky pirate. A bold and formidable character reflects a victorious mood and a passionate sporting spirit.

Meaning and History

CSU Buccaneers Logo History
Evolution of the CSU Buccaneers Logo

The first Charleston Southern Buccaneers emblem is in a black and white palette. It depicts a corsair – the main symbol of the sports department. The warlike navigator stands at full height, legs wide apart, and hands folded on his chest. His occupation is indicated by the attributes traditional for the pirates: a saber with a slightly curved blade, a cocked hat, and a black bandage covering his eyes. Artists tried to draw all the details to achieve maximum realism.

1964 – 2003

CSU Buccaneers Logo 1964-2003

2004 – today

CSU Buccaneers Logo 2004-Present

In 2004, the sea-robber was replaced by a new logo – this time more abstract. The pirate theme is reminiscent of crossed boarding sabers used when attacking enemy ships in close combat. At the top are the letters “CSU,” an abbreviation derived from the name Charleston Southern University. They are written in angular type and are very closely spaced: “C” partially overlaps “S” and “S” overlays on “U.” This version of the logo has been improved several times. The changes concerned mainly the color palette.