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The Cubana de Aviacion logo is a great sign of what the airline represents. It makes you think of Cuba and its atmosphere as if to say, “Hey, we know how to fly airplanes.” It’s like a mini-story about the airline, making you trust it and feel part of its journey. It’s not just a pretty picture or fancy letters; the emblem says that these guys are true professionals in flying to and from Cuba.

Cubana de Aviación: Brand overview

For nearly a century, Cubana de Aviación has been a symbolic pillar of Cuban aviation and an integral part of the country’s heritage. Born in 1929 as a subsidiary of Pan American World Airways, this iconic airline was later privately owned by Cuban investors until 1959 when it became wholly owned by the Cuban government.

Aimed at providing air transportation in Cuba and the Caribbean, Cubana de Aviación has made significant strides since its inception. Starting with a modest fleet of propeller-driven aircraft, the company grew into a major force in the region’s transportation industry.

The following decades marked a transformational period for Cubana, with the introduction of turboprops and jets to its fleet, revolutionizing air transportation.

Cubana de Aviación became the lifeblood of Cuba’s aviation industry. Since its founding in 1929, the airline, overcoming numerous obstacles, has become a prominent player in the world aviation scene.

Meaning and History

Cubana de Aviación Logo History

What is Cubana de Aviasion?

Cubana de Aviacion, founded in October 1929, is Cuba’s largest airline and carrier. It originally operated as a subsidiary of Pan American World Airways before becoming a private firm owned by Cuban investors. In May 1959, it was taken over by the Cuban government. Over the years, the airline has firmly established itself in the world of aviation, providing seamless travel to many destinations.

1929 – today

Cubana de Aviacion Logo

The emblem of Cuba’s national airline shows part of the tail plumage of an airplane, consisting of one red triangle and three blue parallelograms. To the right of it is the word “CUBANA,” for which the designers used a unique bold font. All letters are slanted and have a rectangular shape. The letter “N” stands out in particular, resembling an inverted “U” or “A” without the horizontal stroke. Below, the phrase “Puerta de Cuba al Mundo” is typed in elegant italics with thin serifs. The text is colored blue, symbolizing the sky.

The design elements indicate different aspects of the airline’s identity. The red triangle symbolizes strength and urgency, while the blue parallelograms symbolize stability and reliability. The unique, bold font of the word “CUBANA” provides brand recognition and emphasizes the uniqueness of the airline. The slanted letters and pronounced design of the letter “N” can signify forward-thinking and innovation. The phrase “Puerta de Cuba al Mundo” translates to “Cuba’s Gateway to the World,” indicating the airline’s commitment to serving as a bridge between Cuba and other global destinations. The blue color of the text not only echoes the color of the sky but also creates a sense of calm and reliability.