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The successful “Dallas” football club is represented by star-spangled symbolism, which is a tribute to the state’s past. The “Dallas Cowboys” logo features a symbol that earned Texas its nickname – “The Lone Star State,” reflecting belonging to a unified national community.

Dallas Cowboys: Brand overview

Founded:January 28, 1960
Founder:Jerry Jones
Arlington, Texas, U.S.

The Dallas Cowboys are a professional football team based in Arlington, Texas. The team entered the National Football League in 1960, competing in the Eastern Division of the National Football Conference. The team was founded by a group of investors who jointly owned shares: John Murchison (45%) and Clint Murchison Jr. (45%) as significant shareholders, William Hawn (5%), Bedford Wynne, and Toddy Lee (5%) as minor shareholders.

Before the establishment of the “Dallas Cowboys” franchise, there were no NFL teams south of Washington. Lamar Hunt, an American businessman known for his efforts to develop sports in the country, tried to bring a National Football League club to Dallas but was denied. In 1959, he created a new football league called the American Football League and founded the “Dallas Texans.” The presence of an AFL club in Dallas was the main reason NFL officials quickly approved Clint Murchison’s proposal for a franchise in Dallas. The owner of the Washington Redskins, George Preston Marshall, openly opposed this decision, as he aimed to keep the Redskins the southernmost member of the NFL.

Clint Murchison required the approval of all team owners to join the League. Marshall’s resistance forced Murchison to devise a sinister plan to help his competitor reconsider and agree to Dallas receiving an NFL franchise. Coincidentally, around this time, Marshall fell out with Barney Breeskin, the leader of the “Redskins” band and the owner of the rights to the team’s official fight song, “Hail to the Redskins.” Knowing about Clint Murchison’s problems, Barney Breeskin secretly sold him the rights to Washington’s fight song, meaning Marshall could not perform it during games. The new franchise blackmailed Marshall and agreed to return the rights to the song if Marshall voted for the Dallas club. Thus, the “Dallas Cowboys” were born.

January 28, 1960 – the official birth date of the “Dallas Cowboys.” Initially, the team was called the “Dallas Steers,” but Tex Schramm, the franchise’s general manager, rejected this name, explaining that steers mean castrated male cattle. Then the club was named “Dallas Rangers,” but shortly before the start of the first season, Tex Schramm announced that the club would be called “Dallas Cowboys” to avoid confusion with the baseball team “Dallas Rangers.” In 1984, due to the collapse of oil prices, Murchison was forced to sell the team to an investment group led by Bum Bright. During the crisis of 1989, the franchise was transferred to the FSLIC insurance company, and later, it was acquired by Jerry Jones for 140 million dollars.

Meaning and History

Dallas Cowboys Logo History

The “Dallas Cowboys” team once updated its first logo, which was created in 1960. However, the transformations did not bring significant changes – the artists approached the task conservatively and retained the original drawing, adding just two outlines. This happened in 1964, after which the club owners considered the redesign complete and no longer returned to the issue of modernizing the style. From the very beginning, the club used only two logos. Both emblems feature a blue five-pointed star, which pays tribute to Texas’s past, nicknamed “The Lone Star State.” It symbolizes Texas’s struggle for independence from Mexico and national unity.

What is Dallas Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys are a football club from Dallas – Fort Worth – Arlington, part of the NFC East since 1970. It was formed in the early 1960s and then joined the National Football League. Currently, it is the only NFL team to have won 20 seasons in a row. It’s also the most expensive sports team in the world. At least, in 2015, it was valued at 4 billion dollars.

1960 – 1963

Dallas Cowboys Logo 1960-1963

For three years, “Dallas Cowboys” players wore helmets with the image of a five-pointed star. It resembled the white five-pointed star on the official state flag, which represented all of Texas and symbolized the unity of God, state, and country. The only difference was the color: the dark blue star of the “Dallas Cowboys” was created to contrast with the original palette.

1964 – today

Dallas Cowboys Logo 1964-Present

In 1964, equipment manager Jack Eskridge ensured that the logo had a white outline with a dark blue contour. All because players had recently started wearing blue helmets, and the team management urgently needed to distinguish their graphic sign, which merged with the monochromatic background. Now, the distinctive symbol of the “Dallas Cowboys” is not just a star but a star with an unusual double framing. The scale and overall proportions of the figure haven’t changed. The Dallas Cowboys logo is becoming increasingly iconic and recognizable.

Dallas Cowboys: Interesting Facts

The Dallas Cowboys are a famous football team that’s been around since 1960. They’ve done many cool things and have fans all over the country.

  1. “America’s Team”: In the 1970s, people started calling the Cowboys “America’s Team” because they had fans everywhere. This nickname came from a video discussing their number of fans.
  2. Super Bowl Wins: They’ve been to the Super Bowl eight times and won five games. That’s a lot of wins, which ties them with two other teams for the second-most times getting there.
  3. Famous Cheerleaders: The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders started in 1972 and are super famous. They’re known for dancing, helping the community, and appearing on TV and tours.
  4. Playing on Thanksgiving: Since 1966, the Cowboys have played football on Thanksgiving Day almost yearly. It’s become a big part of the holiday for lots of people.
  5. Cool Stadium: They play at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, which has high-tech stuff. It opened in 2009 and had the biggest video screen and indoor area without any columns.
  6. Ring of Honor: Instead of retiring jersey numbers, the Cowboys have a Ring of Honor for the best players, coaches, and officials in their history. It started in 1975.
  7. Lots of Fans: They set a record for the most people at a regular-season game when over 105,000 fans came to the first game at AT&T Stadium in 2009.
  8. Worth a Lot: The Cowboys are one of the most valuable sports teams in the world. They’re often listed as the top NFL team in terms of value.
  9. Innovative: The first NFL team to use computers to pick and evaluate players in the 1960s. This was a new idea from Coach Tom Landry.
  10. Famous People: The Cowboys have had some legendary coaches and players, like Tom Landry, who coached for 29 years, and players like Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith (who has run for more yards than anyone in the NFL), and Michael Irvin.
  11. Big Rivalries: They have big rivalries with the Washington Football Team, the Philadelphia Eagles, the New York Giants, and the San Francisco 49ers. Games against these teams are always exciting.

The Dallas Cowboys are more than just a football team. They’re a big part of American culture, known for doing new things and being good at football, which makes them interesting to lots of people.

Font and Colors

Dallas Cowboys emblem

When choosing the main motif for the logo, the developers invested deep meaning in it. The blue five-pointed star, so diligently depicted by the artists, reflects Texas’s historical heritage – the so-called Lone Star State. Most likely, it is copied from the Texas flag, where it denotes the unity of the United States, the state, and God. In the current version, the star represents all of Texas and is positioned as a symbol of the national community.

Dallas Cowboys symbol

On the Dallas Cowboys logo, there is nothing but the main element – no other graphics or inscriptions. The creators decided to focus on the five-pointed star, borrowed from the state flag. But if it was white in the original, here they made it dark blue to play on contrast. Until 1964, the white color was not used at all. After the redesign, it was added as an additional feature in the form of a wide line running along the inner contour.

Dallas Cowboys color codes

BlueHex color:#002244
RGB:0 34 68
CMYK:100 80 40 60
Pantone:PMS 282 C
Metallic SilverHex color:#869397
RGB:134 147 151
CMYK:55 38 38 0
Pantone:PMS 8240 C Metallic
Royal BlueHex color:#00338d
RGB:0 51 141
CMYK:100 85 15 5
Pantone:PMS 661 C


Where are the “Dallas Cowboys” from?

The football club “Cowboys” is based in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington and has never moved anywhere. The city of Dallas received the NFL franchise in 1960.

Who designed the “Dallas Cowboys” logo?

The 1964 logo was designed by Jack Eskridge, an American basketball player and equipment manager of the “Dallas Cowboys” team. He didn’t create the design from scratch but simply added a two-tone frame to the already existing star.

Why is the “Cowboys” emblem a star?

The star in the football club’s logo symbolizes the phrase “The Lone Star State,” which refers to the state of Texas.

What does the “Dallas Cowboys” logo represent?

The “Dallas Cowboys” have a very simple logo without any inscriptions. It features a dark blue five-pointed star surrounded by two differently colored lines: white and blue.