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The emblem is a spectacular demonstration of the main characteristics of the team. The unpredictability of the talisman, its irresistibility in defeating the enemy, and its selfless desire for protection are symbolically reflected in the Jacksonville Jaguars logo.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Brand overview

Founded: November 30, 1993
Founder: Shahid Khan
Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.
Website: jaguars.com

Jacksonville Jaguars are a professional football franchise based in Jacksonville, Florida. The Jaguars compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member club of the American Football Conference (AFC) South division.

The official date of origin of this club was 1995 when it joined the NFL as an expansion team. But unofficial report mentions 1989. Prospective ownership group “Touchdown Jacksonville!” was organized that year. This group initially included Governor Jeb Bush, Tom Petway, and Wayne Weaver.

The organization took $60 million from the local budget for the stadium construction and applied for getting the NFL franchise right away. They had to wait for a couple of years – until 1991 when the NFL announced plans to add two expansion teams. Several big cities were eligible for them, and Jacksonville was among them. But its chances were negligibly small due to the outdated stadium and small population.

The list of applicants narrowed down to five by the summer of 1992. Many years of pause let the organization reconstruct the local stadium, where the Jacksonville Jaguars team appeared in 1995. American businessman Wayne Weaver became its sole owner, and he led it until November 29, 2011.

Then the businessman announced that he would sell the team, and Pakistani-born businessman Shahid Khan agreed to purchase the club. The sale was finalized in 2012, and he has owned the club since then. In 2015, Forbes estimated the team value at $1.48 billion. However, the team was purchased by Shahid Khan for $770 million to keep the team in Jacksonville, Florida.

Nickname Jacksonville Jaguars was chosen two years before the club’s appearance in Jacksonville and four years before the debut game. There was a contest held among the American football fans. Out of three options – Jaguars, Sharks, Stingrays – they chose the first one, as a jaguar lived in the local zoo. This jaguar was a town’s pride because he was the oldest one in North America.

Meaning and History

Jacksonville Jaguars Logo History

The Jacksonville Jaguars logo features none other than a jaguar. This is an expected decision because even the team’s official colors match his color. True, there were also surprises: the players never used their first emblem due to the automaker’s claims. The Ford Motor Company has accused the Jacksonville club of copyright infringement. Its owners thought that a jumping predator’s image was suspiciously similar to the logo of its Jaguar brand. To avoid litigation, the team was forced to redesign the logo.

Team’s official colors – black, gold, white, and teal. They match with the natural colors of the jaguar that was chosen to be the main symbol. As a result, the Jacksonville Jaguars logo hadn’t changed for years; it had only transformed at milestone stages of the franchise development.

What are Jacksonville Jaguars?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of the few National Football League teams that have never had a chance to play the Super Bowl. It has existed since 1993, is involved in AFC South, and has several divisional championship victories behind its back. Her home stadium was originally TIAA Bank Field.

1993 – 1994 (unused)

Jacksonville Jaguars Logo 1993-1994

This design of the Jacksonville Jaguars logo wasn’t used, even though it was initially recommended. It turned out that the proposed Jaguars’ logo bore too much resemblance to the automaker’s logo. Though no lawsuit was brought to trial, lawyers from the team and the automaker negotiated an ultimately amicable agreement. Therefore, they changed the logo. An authentic design features a leaping full-body jaguar. Animal’s body is distinctively stretched, his teeth are bared, and his claws are protracted. All of that speaks for the active attack. The color scheme of this logo is yellow and black.

1995 – 2012

Jacksonville Jaguars Logo 1995-2012

Ford Motor Company, then-parent of the automaker jaguar, didn’t bring this case to court because Jacksonville Jaguars designed the new logo – snarling jaguar head. The animal’s ears are close to his head, his nose is crinkled, and his white teeth are bared.

This formidable image is complemented with a teal tongue, which was Wayne Weaver’s wife’s touch. Wayne Weaver also claimed that the teal tongue came from “feeding Panthers to our Jaguars” – an obvious jab at their expansion brethren. Unusual color makes the Jacksonville Jaguars’ logo catchy. Other hues are common for a natural pattern of a wild animal.

2013 – today

Jacksonville Jaguars Logo 2013-present

In 1995, due to a conflict that arose, the Jacksonville Jaguars chose a new emblem – perhaps slightly less dynamic than the previous one, but just as “dangerous.” The snarling jaguar head became the basis of the team image. At first, the drawing seemed inaccurate: the artists violated the proportions, making the animal look unrealistic. In 2013, the brand name was slightly transformed, and for the better. This had little impact on the style but allowed the designers to correct past mistakes and give the jaguar a modern look.

Another design of the logo was created after the new franchise owner, Shahid Khan, initiated the design change. They made the jaguar fierce to the utmost for the logo to be original, outstanding, and eye-catching. Moreover, the image had to be as realistic as it could be. So that’s embodied in the redesigned Jacksonville Jaguars logo.

They made the animal’s head modern and amplified the powerful characteristics of the cat. By design, the jaguar’s mouth is open: the predator is roaring. His ears don’t resemble a triangle anymore. They are naturally pulled back as if a wild cat is listening to the surroundings before attacking.

Jaguar’s eyes are made much more realistic, his spots are adapted to the animal’s real spottiness, and his lower jaw is dropped more. Designers removed the sharp lines from the Jacksonville Jaguars logo; the colors are the same except for teal: the tongue and eyes and nose are now teal.

Font and Colors

Jacksonville Jaguars emblem

The content of the Jacksonville Jaguars logo has not changed since 1995. The main symbol of the football club is the head of a jaguar, which seems very angry. He presses his ears and bares sharp teeth with long fangs. In the latest version, the artists paid attention to details, imitated the real color, and tried to convey facial expressions realistically. Also, they used gradient and drop shadows to create a 3D effect. The redesign was commissioned by Shahid Khan, the new owner of the franchise. He initiated this decision and then personally approved the new emblem.

The developers did not write the name of the football club on the logo. They decided that one jaguar would be enough to understand who this mark belongs to. This allowed them to pay attention to the graphic image and its color scheme.

Jacksonville Jaguars symbol

The upper half of the head is colored two shades of orange, while the lower half is completely white, except for black spots. Black also highlights details and contours. An interesting solution is to use teal color for the tongue, nose, and eyes. It seems that the jaguar ate its main enemy – the panther. The original idea belongs to wife Wayne Weaver.

Jacksonville Jaguars color codes

Teal Hex color: #006778
RGB: 0 101 118
CMYK: 100 0 20 30
Pantone: PMS 3155 C
Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 70 50 50 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C
Gold Hex color: #9f792c
RGB: 159 121 44
CMYK: 34 48 100 13
Pantone: PMS 126 C

What is the logo for the Jacksonville Jaguars?

The snarling jaguar head is the most fitting logo for a Jacksonville football club. The predator is depicted in white and golden color, only the spots and outlines are black, and the eyes, nose, and tongue are turquoise. The artists detailed the drawing, adding shadows for volume.

Why does the Jacksonville Jaguars logo have a blue tongue?

According to J. Wayne Weaver, the leader of the first group of Jacksonville Jaguars, his wife proposed making the language turquoise. Allegedly, this is a hint that the jaguar ate the panther of the rival team – the Carolina Panthers.