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The emblem is an impressive demonstration of the team’s main characteristics. The mascot’s unpredictability, its irresistibility in defeating the enemy, and its selfless drive to protect are symbolically reflected in the Jacksonville Jaguars’ emblem.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Brand overview

Founded:November 30, 1993
Founder:Shahid Khan
Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a professional football team based in Jacksonville, Florida. The Jaguars compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a club in the Southern Division of the American Football Conference (AFC).

The official founding date of the club is considered to be 1995, when it joined the NFL as an expansion team. However, unofficial reports mention 1989. That year, a group of prospective owners called “Touchdown Jacksonville!” was organized. Initially, this group included Governor Jeb Bush, Tom Petway, and Wayne Weaver.

The organization took $60 million from the local budget for stadium construction and immediately applied for an NFL franchise. They had to wait several years – until 1991 when the NFL announced plans to add two expansion teams. Several major cities contended for them, and Jacksonville was among them. However, its chances were slim due to the outdated stadium and small population.

By the summer of 1992, the list of contenders had narrowed to five. The multi-year hiatus allowed the organization to reconstruct the local stadium, where the Jacksonville Jaguars appeared in 1995. American businessman Wayne Weaver became its sole owner and managed it until November 29, 2011.

Then, the businessman announced the sale of the team, and Pakistani-origin businessman Shahid Khan agreed to purchase the club. The deal was completed in 2012, and since then, he has been the owner of the club. In 2015, Forbes valued the team at $1.48 billion. However, Shahid Khan bought the team for $770 million to keep it in Jacksonville, Florida.

The nickname Jacksonville Jaguars was chosen two years before the club appeared in Jacksonville and four years before its debut game. A contest was held among American football fans. Out of three options – Jaguars, Sharks, Stingrays – the first was chosen, as there was a jaguar living in the local zoo. This jaguar was the pride of the city, as it was the oldest in North America.

Meaning and History

Jacksonville Jaguars Logo History

The Jacksonville Jaguars logo features none other than a jaguar. This is quite an expected decision, as even the team’s official colors match its fur. However, there were surprises: the players never used their first emblem due to claims from an automaker. Ford Motor Company accused the “Jacksonville” club of copyright infringement. The club’s owners found the image of the jumping predator suspiciously similar to the Jaguar brand logo. To avoid legal disputes, the team was forced to change the design of the logo.

The team’s official colors are black, gold, white, and teal. They match the natural colors of the jaguar, which was chosen as the main symbol. As a result, the Jacksonville Jaguars logo did not change for many years, transforming only at significant stages of the franchise’s development.

What are Jacksonville Jaguars?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of the few National Football League teams that have never had the chance to play in the Super Bowl. It has existed since 1993, participates in the AFC South, and has several division championship victories behind it. Its original home stadium was the TIAA Bank Field.

1993 – 1994 (unused)

Jacksonville Jaguars Logo 1993-1994

This Jacksonville Jaguars logo design was not used, although initially recommended. It turned out that the proposed “Jaguars” logo was too similar to an automaker’s logo. Although the case did not go to court, the team’s lawyers and the automaker reached an amicable agreement. Therefore, the logo was changed. In the authentic design, a jaguar is depicted leaping at full height. The animal’s body is noticeably elongated, teeth bared, and claws extended. All this speaks of an active attack. The logo’s color palette is yellow-black.

1995 – 2012

Jacksonville Jaguars Logo 1995-2012

Ford Motor Company, then the parent of the automaker Jaguar, did not take the case to court because the Jacksonville Jaguars developed a new logo – a snarling jaguar head. The animal’s ears are close to the head, the nose is wrinkled, and the white teeth are bared.

This formidable image is complemented by a teal tongue, which was a touch from Wayne Weaver’s wife. Wayne Weaver also claimed that the teal tongue appeared because the “Panthers fed our Jaguars” – a clear jab at their expansion brethren. The unusual color makes the Jacksonville Jaguars logo memorable. Other shades are typical for the natural pattern of a wild animal.

2013 – today

Jacksonville Jaguars Logo 2013-present

In 1995, due to the arising conflict, the Jacksonville Jaguars chose a new emblem – perhaps slightly less dynamic than the previous one, but just as “dangerous.” The snarling jaguar head became the team’s image base. Initially, the drawing seemed inaccurate: the artists violated proportions, making the animal look unrealistic. In 2013, the brand’s name slightly transformed for the better. This hardly affected the style but allowed designers to correct past mistakes and give the jaguar a modern look.

Another logo design was created after the franchise’s new owner, Shahid Khan, initiated a design change. They made the jaguar ferocious, so the logo would be original, standout, and attention-grabbing. Additionally, the image was to be as realistic as possible. This was embodied in the updated Jacksonville Jaguars logo.

They made the animal’s head modern and enhanced the cat’s powerful characteristics. Intentionally, the jaguar’s mouth is open; the predator is growling. Its ears no longer resemble a triangle. They are naturally pulled back as if the wild cat is listening to the surrounding environment before attacking.

The jaguar’s eyes are made much more realistic, spots are adapted to the real animal’s speckles, and the lower jaw is dropped more strongly. Designers removed the sharp lines from the Jacksonville Jaguars logo; the colors remained the same, except for teal: the tongue, eyes, and nose are now teal.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Interesting Facts

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a football team from Jacksonville, Florida, that’s had an interesting ride since they started in 1995.

  1. Starting Out: The Jaguars joined the NFL in 1995, the same year as the Carolina Panthers. This made the NFL bigger and brought professional football to Jacksonville, which wanted its team.
  2. Quick Success: Most new teams took a while to do well, but the Jaguars differed. By their second year in 1996, they made it to the AFC Championship game, showing they were a strong team early on.
  3. Playoffs: The Jaguars have been to the playoffs several times, including making it to the AFC Championship games in 1996 and 2017. These moments have been big for the team and its fans.
  4. Cool Stadium: They play at TIAA Bank Field, which has swimming pools and cabanas. It’s a fun place to watch a game, especially with Florida’s warm weather.
  5. Fun Mascot: Their mascot, Jaxson de Ville, is known for his wild stunts and energy at games. He’s a big part of making games fun for fans.
  6. Games Abroad: The Jaguars have played many games in London, which has helped make them more known worldwide. They were the first team to commit to playing there every year for a while.
  7. New Ownership: In 2011, Shahid Khan bought the Jaguars. He’s the first person from an ethnic minority to own an NFL team alone. He’s worked hard to make the team more popular here and abroad.
  8. Helping Out: The team does a lot of good stuff in Jacksonville, like helping young people, military families, and health programs through the Jaguars Foundation.
  9. Great Players: Some Jaguars players, like Fred Taylor and Jimmy Smith, have been important to the team, setting records and being fan favorites.
  10. Team Look: Their colors are teal, black, and gold, which match Jacksonville’s lively vibe. They updated their Jaguar logo in 2013 to keep things fresh.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have had many memorable and cool moments at their stadium. They work hard to be a big part of their community, and they’ve come a long way since they started.

Font and Colors

Jacksonville Jaguars emblem

The content of the Jacksonville Jaguars logo has not changed since 1995. The main symbol of the football club is the head of a jaguar, which looks very angry. It presses its ears and bares sharp teeth with long fangs. In the latest version, artists paid attention to details, mimicked the real color, and tried to realistically convey the expression. Moreover, they used gradients and falling shadows to create a 3D effect. The redesign was made at the request of Shahid Khan, the new franchise owner. He initiated this decision and then personally approved the new emblem.

The developers did not write the name of the football club on the logo. They decided that one jaguar would be enough to understand who owned this sign. This allowed them to focus on the graphic image and its color palette.

Jacksonville Jaguars symbol

The upper half of the head is painted in two shades of orange, while the lower half is entirely white, except for black spots. The black color also emphasizes details and contours. An interesting decision is to use teal color for the tongue, nose, and eyes. It seems the jaguar has eaten its main enemy – the panther. The original idea belongs to Wayne Weaver’s wife.

Jacksonville Jaguars color codes

TealHex color:#006778
RGB:0 101 118
CMYK:100 0 20 30
Pantone:PMS 3155 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:70 50 50 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C
GoldHex color:#9f792c
RGB:159 121 44
CMYK:34 48 100 13
Pantone:PMS 126 C


What is the team logo for the Jacksonville Jaguars?

A snarling jaguar head is the most suitable emblem for the football club from Jacksonville. The predator is depicted in white-golden color; only the spots and contours are black, and the eyes, nose, and tongue are teal. Artists detailed the drawing, adding shadows for volume.

Why does the Jacksonville Jaguars logo have a blue tongue?

According to J. Wayne Weaver, leader of the first “Jacksonville Jaguars” group, his wife suggested making the tongue teal. Supposedly, this is a hint that the jaguar ate the panther of the rival team – “The Carolina Panthers.”