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“You’re under gunpoint,” the Danganronpa logo warns. When looking at the emblem creates the feeling of a closed world with dimmed lights in which dangerous creatures roam—the sign calls to be on the alert and stick to the route.

Danganronpa: Brand overview

Founded:25 November 2010
Founder:Spike Chunsoft
Danganronpa is a Japanese media franchise consisting of a series of video games, manga, anime, and anime (light novels). The original is a computer game developed for the PlayStation Portable. It contains action, shooter, and thriller elements. Its creator is Kazutaka Kodaka, who spent many years writing a dystopian game script, but each time it was rejected as “too horrible.” Once the computer project was realized, however, it became hugely popular and continued in comics, anime, and other media productions. By 2020, 3.5 million copies had been sold. The franchise is now owned by Spike Chunsoft (formerly known simply as Spike). The first video game release was in 2010.

Meaning and History

Danganronpa Logo History

The story is built around the adventures of a group of high school students who attend a high school called Hope’s Peak Academy. It holds an annual Super High School Level competition among talented students who have reached the top in their field. Plus, one contestant is chosen by blind chance, a lottery drawing method.

There are three games in all: 2010, 2012, and 2017. All have similar prerequisites: 16 gifted high school students who stand out in one area of knowledge or another. They fall into a trap where a bear named Monokuma lures them into a deadly competition. The contestants are trapped until they kill one of their opponents, all the while making an innocent appearance during the ordeal. Despite the similarities, video games differ in certain content moments, which get wider and wider time after time.

The gameplay of the main versions consists of six parts, divided into three fragments. The first uses an exploratory style: students explore the territory, communicate with each other, and progress according to the storyline. In the second, they selectively interact with characters based on their desire, learn new things, and hone skills to pass the challenge. In the third, students search for clues and gather evidence, identifying the culprit. There are also intermediate plots and various supporting processes in the form of “truth bullets,” “continuous debate,” “hangman’s gambit,” and so on.

Danganronpa Symbol

Then came the manga of the same name, storybooks, cartoons, and even a theatrical production. Such popularity is not only due to the exciting gameplay or storyline. It is a great credit to the characters – bright, distinctive, expressive, and multifaceted. In contrast to them, the visual identity of the media franchise looks much more modest – simple and monochrome.

The logo was adopted in 2010. Even though it is a text, it still has an element of graphics. It’s a very small one, though, located in the lower-left corner of the capital “D.” It is a sighting target, consisting of two white rings of different widths: narrow and thick. The miniature icon is superimposed on a black background, so it is visible.

The lettering is made in the style of Iconian Fonts – individual, slanted, with gray shadows on the right and bottom. All letters except the first are in lower case. They are bold, with an original design. For example, the “n” has its right side shortened, and the “g” has an elongated foot – it goes to the left, reaching the “D.” The name is divided into two parts: “Dangan” and “ronpa.” The lower fragment starts next to the “g” and goes under the last two letters.

Danganronpa: Interesting Facts

“Danganronpa” is a hit video game series from Japan created by Spike Chunsoft. It mixes murder mysteries with courtroom drama, all wrapped in a visual novel style. The franchise doesn’t stop at games; it includes anime, manga, novels, and more.

  1. Start and Idea: The first game, “Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc,” came out in 2010 for the PlayStation Portable in Japan. It’s a mix of psychological horror and mystery where high school students have to murder to escape from their school.
  2. Name’s Meaning: “Danganronpa” combines Japanese words for “bullet” and “refuting arguments.” This is a nod to the game’s unique trial system, where players use “truth bullets” to challenge lies.
  3. Monokuma: Monokuma’s mascot is a half-white and half-black bear. He is the school’s principal and represents the game’s themes of hope and despair.
  4. How It’s Played: The gameplay is unique. Players spend time gathering evidence and then use it in trials to find the murderer. The trials are filled with puzzles and challenges.
  5. Praise and Popularity: “Danganronpa” is loved for its deep stories and characters. It’s sold millions of copies worldwide and has a big fan community.
  6. More Than Games: The series has grown into a big franchise, including anime shows, books, and even stage plays that dive deeper into the “Danganronpa” world.
  7. Cultural Impact: “Danganronpa” has left its mark on anime and gaming. Its style, characters, and phrases are popular, especially among cosplayers.
  8. Special Releases: To mark special occasions, there are anniversary games, spin-offs, and collections. These often have new content and better graphics.
  9. Deep Themes: The series explores hope, despair, truth, and lies. It makes players think about what it means to be human.
  10. Worldwide Fans: “Danganronpa” has fans worldwide. It’s available in many languages and platforms, attracting a wide audience.

“Danganronpa” is a rich story about challenging dilemmas wrapped in a visually engaging package. It has made a lasting impression on fans and the world of gaming and anime.

Font and Colors

Danganronpa Emblem

For the action logo, the developers chose a DFPSoGei-W7 style typeface in italics. It is called Platform Eight. The color scheme is limited and bears the imprint of the thriller design – monochrome with the addition of gray as shadows. Whereas the letters are black and the stripes in them are white, including the scope.

Danganronpa color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C