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The Dartmouth Big Green logo is maximally neutral in content and meaning. A large letter “D” on a pedestal symbolizes the team’s championship, while the dark green shade of the emblem corresponds to the color of the athletic uniform. It looks fresh and is associated with novelty.

Dartmouth Big Green: Brand overview

Hanover, New Hampshire, U.S.

Nearly 75% of Dartmouth College students engage in sports in some form. Therefore, the institution has several dozen university and club teams that represent it in NCAA Division I. Almost all teams participate in the Ivy League. However, there are exceptions: hockey players compete in the ECAC Hockey Conference.

Meaning and History

Dartmouth Big Green Logo History

In the 20th century, Dartmouth College’s sports teams had the unofficial nickname “Indians”. It was used until Native Americans demanded the abandonment of this designation. This led to the new name Dartmouth Big Green. It was inspired by the dark green color of the uniform worn by all athletes in respect of the institution’s traditions.

The new logo did not catch on immediately: in the 1970s, college employees were introduced to a block green letter “D.” Since then, the logo has undergone several redesigns, but the overall concept has remained unchanged. Efforts were made to make the letter “D” more readable on electronic screens. The current symbol of Dartmouth Big Green is used on the official brand website and on uniforms, flags, flyers, and other materials related to the team.

What is Dartmouth Big Green?

Dartmouth Big Green is the sports department of Dartmouth College, comprising 34 university teams competing in NCAA Division I. They are also members of the Ivy League, ECAC (hockey and equestrian), CSA (squash), EARC (rowing), EISA (skiing), and NEISA (sailing). The teams are based in Hanover, New Hampshire.

1974 – 2005

Dartmouth Big Green Logo 1974

The logo contains only one element, but it fully reflects the name of the sports teams. The letter “D” is the first letter of the word “Dartmouth,” and its size and color correspond to the phrase “Big Green.” Designers used a massive bold font with rectangular serifs to demonstrate the seriousness, perseverance, and strength of the athletes.

2005 – 2019

Dartmouth Big Green Logo 2005

The letter “D” became white, gained green outlines, and was placed on a large pedestal formed by geometric shapes and two levels of inscription. The first line is occupied by the white word “DARTMOUTH,” outlined in black and typed in a bold rectangular serif font. Under it is the word “BIG GREEN” in a white trapezoid. It is typed in a sans-serif font.

2019 – today

Dartmouth Big Green Logo

The legendary sign of the sports team returned in a new form. Now, the green letter “D” is surrounded by three contours: two black lines and one separating white lines. These lines are located both outside and inside the space. This design introduces variety and dynamics and allows the logo to be used on different backgrounds, including green. The letter “D” is elongated vertically, giving it a neater appearance.

Dartmouth Big Green: Interesting Facts

The Dartmouth Big Green are the sports teams for Dartmouth College, and they’re part of the Ivy League in college sports. They’re known for being good at balancing sports with schoolwork and have a long history of being awesome in athletics.

  1. Lots of Sports: Dartmouth has more sports teams than most Ivy League schools. They believe in having lots of sports as part of learning.
  2. Old School Teams: They’ve been playing sports since the 1800s, making them one of the oldest college sports programs in the U.S. They’re good at football and have won many titles.
  3. Football Wins: The football team is super strong. They even won the Rose Bowl in 1925 and several Ivy League championships.
  4. Skiing Stars: Dartmouth is a big deal in college skiing, winning many championships and helping make skiing popular in the U.S. They host a huge event every winter that’s all about college winter sports.
  5. Olympians: Dartmouth athletes have gone on to compete in the Olympics, especially in skiing and rowing, which shows the quality of their sports programs.
  6. Green Sports: They’re also working on making sports more eco-friendly, trying to lessen the environmental impact of their games and events.
  7. Mascot and Green Color: They’ve been called the “Big Green” since the 1860s because of their love for green. They’ve had different mascots, but “Big Green” has stuck.
  8. Fun Traditions: The first-year students build a big bonfire yearly for Homecoming. It’s a huge event that brings everyone together.
  9. Smart Athletes: Dartmouth is serious about doing well in school and sports. Their athletes are known for being smart and good at their sports.
  10. Famous Graduates: They’ve had graduates go on to do amazing things in professional sports, like playing in the NFL, winning Olympic medals, and becoming pros in skiing, soccer, and basketball.

Dartmouth Big Green is all about tradition, community, and being the best at sports and school. Their wide range of successful sports programs and the importance of being good at both academics and athletics make Dartmouth a special place.

Font and Colors

Dartmouth Big Green emblem

A custom glyph, “D,” was developed for the Dartmouth Big Green logo. It consists of wide, straight strips with flat or trimmed edges. The absence of rounding and short rectangular serifs corresponds to the traditional geometric style.

The official color of the sports team is Dartmouth green (PMS 349; #046A38). It is used not only in the logo but also in most of the college’s publications. It is balanced by pure white.

Dartmouth Big Green symbol

Dartmouth Big Green color codes

Cadmium GreenHex color:#046a38
RGB:4 106 56
CMYK:96 0 47 58
Pantone:PMS 7726 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C