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Dayton Flyers Logo

Dayton Flyers Logo
Dayton Flyers Logo PNG

The sports division of Dayton Flyers is owned by the University of Dayton, the second-largest private university in Ohio. University teams participate in various conferences: Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (golf), Pioneer Football League and NCAA Division I FCS (football), Atlantic 10 (all other sports). The nickname Flyers was given in honor of the Wright Flyer I. It was invented and built by the Wright brothers, the owners of a small bicycle shop in Dayton.

Meaning and History

Dayton Flyers Logo History
Evolution of the Dayton Flyers Logo

The emblem of inter-university teams is made in an abstract style. It does not contain images of aircraft, pilots, or wings. The flight theme is expressed allegorically, through associative graphic images. For example, in 1995-2013 on the logo was the inscription โ€œDayton Flyersโ€ with upper and lower underlining. The logo looked dynamic because the words were at an angle of about 40 degrees, and two diagonal lines were expanding upward.

In 2014, the flow changed: 160over90 agency developed a fresh concept, inspired by the symbols of aviation brands. The new emblem consisted of a stylized letter โ€œDโ€ and three blue stripes symbolizing the wing. Moreover, the designers used the font Vitesse, whose name is translated from French as โ€œspeed.โ€ In 2015, the blue elements turned red, which caused conflicting reviews.

1995 – 2013

Dayton Flyers Logo 1995-2013


Dayton Flyers Logo 2014

2015 – present

Dayton Flyers Logo 2015-Present

Dayton Flyers Basketball

Dayton Flyers emblem


The first University of Dayton menโ€™s basketball team appeared in 1903. It competed with rivals from various clubs, schools, and colleges throughout the region. Now Flyers basketball players play in Conference Atlantic 10 and train with Anthony Grant. Their home stadium is called UD Arena.

Dayton Flyers Football

Dayton Flyers symbol

The first season of the intercollegiate American football team took place in 1905. During their stay at the NCAA Division III Dayton Flyers, they won two national championships. Also, the team won 11 Pioneer Football League conference championships. The head coach of the players is Rick Chamberlin.

Dayton Flyers Soccer

Dayton Flyers sing

The University of Dayton has been sponsoring football since 1956. It is represented by the menโ€™s team, which consists of Conference Atlantic 10. According to the data for 2020, it participated in four tournaments of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.