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The name Dayton Flyers, whose logo is stylized as the first letter, is a tribute to the Wright Flyer I airplane by the Wright brothers. The symbolism of flight, motion, and speed is conveyed through symbolic graphics and font. The emblem reflects the swiftness and rapidity of actions that distinguish the brand’s athletes.

Dayton Flyers: Brand overview

Dayton, Ohio, U.S.
The sports division Dayton Flyers belongs to the University of Dayton, the second-largest private university in the state of Ohio. The university’s teams participate in various conferences: Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (golf), Pioneer Football League, NCAA Division I FCS (football), and Atlantic 10 (all other sports). The nickname Flyers was given in honor of the Wright Flyer I airplane. It was invented and built by the Wright brothers, owners of a small bicycle shop in Dayton.

Meaning and History

Dayton Flyers Logo History

The emblem of the intercollegiate teams is made in an abstract style. It does not contain images of airplanes, pilots, or wings. The theme of flight is expressed allegorically through associative graphic images. For example, from 1995 to 2013, the logo had the inscription “Dayton Flyers” with top and bottom underlining. The logo looked dynamic, as the words were positioned at an angle of about 40 degrees, and the two diagonal lines expanded upwards.

In 2014, the trend changed: the agency 160over90 developed a fresh concept inspired by the symbolism of aviation brands. The new emblem consisted of a stylized letter “D” and three blue stripes symbolizing a wing. In addition, designers used the Vitesse font, whose name translates from French as “speed.” In 2015, the blue elements turned red, which caused mixed reviews.

What is Dayton Flyers?

Dayton Flyers is the sports department of the University of Dayton, which has assembled 16 student teams to participate in an intercollegiate program. These representatives of the state of Ohio are part of the Pioneer Football League, Atlantic 10 Conference, and Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference and compete at the Division I level in the NCAA. They got their name in honor of the first airplane that demonstrated stable flight – Wright Flyer I.

1995 – 2013

Dayton Flyers Logo 1995-2013


Dayton Flyers Logo 2014

2015 – today

Dayton Flyers Logo 2015-Present

Dayton Flyers Basketball

Dayton Flyers emblem

The first men’s basketball team of the University of Dayton appeared in 1903. It competed with opponents from various clubs, schools, and colleges across the region. Now, the Flyers’ basketball players play in the Atlantic 10 conference and are coached by Anthony Grant. Their home stadium is called UD Arena.

Dayton Flyers Football

Dayton Flyers symbol

The first season of the intercollegiate American football team took place in 1905. During its time in NCAA Division III, Dayton Flyers won two national championships. The team also won 11 conference championships in the Pioneer Football League. The players’ head coach is Rick Chamberlin.

Dayton Flyers Soccer

Dayton Flyers sing

The University of Dayton has sponsored soccer since 1956. It is represented by a men’s team that is part of the Atlantic 10 conference. As of 2020, it has participated in four National Collegiate Athletic Association tournaments.

Dayton Flyers: Interesting Facts

The Dayton Flyers are the University of Dayton in Ohio sports teams. They’re part of the Atlantic 10 Conference and are known for being good at sports, helping the community, and doing well in school.

  1. Men’s Basketball: They’ve been awesome since way back, even making it to the big NCAA tournament’s Final Four in 1967. People love watching them play because they’re so good.
  2. UD Arena is famous for college basketball. It holds more big tournament games than anywhere else in the U.S. and is where the tournament starts.
  3. Women’s Basketball: The team has many wins and championships. They show that the university cares about women’s sports, too.
  4. Soccer Success: Both the guys and girls’ soccer teams win a lot, grabbing titles and playing in the NCAA Tournament. They’re super competitive and great at soccer.
  5. Volleyball Power: The volleyball team wins a lot in its conference and often attends the NCAA Tournament. It’s one of the best around.
  6. Smart Athletes: Dayton athletes are also smart; many graduate. The school ensures they’re great in class and sports.
  7. Winning in Many Sports: They win in basketball, soccer, volleyball, cross country, track and field, and golf.
  8. Rudy Flyer: This is their mascot, and everyone loves him. He’s all about school spirit and gets everyone excited at games.
  9. Alumni Love: People who graduated from Dayton support their teams, showing up to games and helping with money for sports and scholarships.

So, the Dayton Flyers are all about being great at sports, doing well in school, and helping out, all with lots of spirit and support.

Font and Colors

Dayton Flyers color codes

RedHex color:#fb0033
RGB:251 0 51
CMYK:0 100 80 2
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C