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Deadpool Logo
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Deadpool is one of Marvel Comics’ main protagonists, nicknamed Merc with a Mouth for his talkativeness. The character first appeared in the 1991 issue of The New Mutants # 98 by artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza.

Meaning and History

Deadpool Logo History
Evolution of the Deadpool Logo

Deadpool didn’t have its logo for a long time because it was meant to be a parody version of DC Deathstroke. The authors neglected the detail, so the antihero was initially deprived of the belt buckle’s distinctive sign. In this form, it was first seen by readers of The New Mutants # 98.

Deadpool was impersonal in several more stories until Mark Brooks took over. The new artist studied the character in detail and decided to draw it from memory. He completely restored the image, but he could not remember what the belt looked like. As a result, Brooks made the mistake of depicting the wrong logo buckle that was not there before.

Font and Color of the Emblem

Deadpool Emblem

The Deadpool logo is shaped like a ring split in two. It resembles a prohibition sign rotated several degrees. The two semicircles, which are formed by a vertical stripe, contain white triangles.

On the one hand, the emblem depicts Deadpool’s masked face, as it is portrayed in the comics. The proportions are slightly distorted in favor of the original art design. On the other hand, the prohibition sign hints at the protagonist’s intolerable character, his negative role in the plot of the Marvel stories.

A characteristic feature of the Deadpool logo is the absence of any inscriptions. A graphic object occupies the central place, so the artist paid attention to its colors. The iconic combination of red, black, and white exactly repeats the palette of the antihero costume.