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The Der Spiegel logo is bright and straightforward. Its pristine white letters speak of crystal clarity and honesty towards its readers. Angular symbols suggest that the editorial team is unafraid of sharp corners and is ready to investigate issues that concern the audience.

Der Spiegel: Brand overview

Founded:4 January 1947
Founder:John Seymour Chaloner and Rudolf Augstein
Hamburg, Germany,
Der Spiegel is a German weekly available in print and online. It covers the main world events, politics, economics, and culture. The publication is printed in Spiegel-Verlag, with a circulation of approximately 700,000 copies. It was founded by Britons and was initially called Diese Woche. In 1947, it came under the control of a German editor and was renamed Der Spiegel.

Meaning and History

Der Spiegel Logo History

The publication’s logos underscore its specifics. Commitment to a single sign speaks of loyalty to the chosen direction of work. Consistency is likely linked to one leader who owned the magazine for many years. The rebranding was triggered by restructuring in the editorial office, the arrival of new owners, and improvements in printing technology, which allowed for achieving a special brightness and accuracy of the emblem.

What is Der Spiegel?

It’s a German news magazine that specializes in political investigations to expose dishonest officials and politicians. The most famous editor is Rudolf Augstein, who ran the magazine for almost 55 years. The publication’s headquarters is in Hamburg.

Before 2020

Der Spiegel Logo before 2020

The Der Spiegel sign is a red rectangular background, outlined by a bold white stripe. The title is printed in strict letters at the center. The publication’s name suggests that all events, like those in a mirror, will be visible without distortions or exaggerations.

The first emblem of the publication is based on the contrast of white and red, which combined convey novelty and urgency, promising to provide sensational information.

The white border with the white name looks festive and emphasizes the news direction of the newspaper. The outlining of the sign guarantees honesty and factual accuracy. The red background pertains to the major scandals that the journalists’ investigations lead to.

2020 – today

Der Spiegel Logo

After 2020, the print and online publication’s editorial teams were combined. The new common emblem lost its border, retaining the red background and white name. The words are elevated above the background, indicating the magazine’s editorial board’s neutral position. Even when covering scandalous news, they remain objective.

The letters’ extraordinary clarity indicates the information’s precision and reliability. The magazine takes this issue very seriously. Its team includes several people (there were 80 in 2010) who are responsible for fact-checking and verification. This is precisely why the publication enjoys great trust among readers.

The increased contrast between the white inscription and the dark shadow shows that the magazine’s articles help expose those who pretend to be bright but hide criminal activities in the dark. Among the striking recent examples are accusing the FSB of an attempt on Navalny, highlighting the controversial issue of the laboratory emergence of coronavirus in China, and articles on investigating the incitement of national hatred by Zuckerberg, the head of Facebook.

Font and Colors

Red and white accompany all visual signs of the magazine. White is associated with purity, honesty, and news. It indicates a desire to be unbiased. Red conveys passion and enthusiasm for their work. It expresses the desire to print interesting articles. The color speaks of the tumultuous emotions that truthful and sharp materials provoke.

The inscription font is Yearbook Std Solid. Each letter of the word is slightly square and seems to be made up of separate elements combined together. This technique indicates the coverage of one issue from different points of view, which helps to create a full picture of the subject.

Der Spiegel color codes

Flame RedHex color:#e74d00
RGB:231 77 0
CMYK:0 67 100 9
Pantone:PMS 1655 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C