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The logo of the multiplayer video shooter Destiny by an American developer, made in the form of an abstract Tricorn, has no official explanation of its meaning. The graphics and geometry of the emblem connect the game with computer technologies, symbolizing the distant future.

Destiny: Brand overview

Destiny is a multiplayer computer game executed as a first-person shooter. It was released in 2014 for several platforms: PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360, and One. Its developers are Bungie (the main creator), High Moon Studios, and Radical Entertainment. The game was published by Activision.

Meaning and History

Destiny Logo History

The video game’s logo appeared simultaneously with its release. The authors did not officially explain what the original sign means, so users interpret the symbols differently, advancing several theories.

The logo is named Tricorn due to the number of “horns” – it has three. According to one hypothesis, it may relate to one of the game’s elements (plot, characters, facts), denote a class (Titan, Warlock, Hunter), or a race (Awoken, Human, Exo).

What is Destiny?

Destiny is considered one of the most influential games of the 2010s. It is a first-person shooter tied to a science fiction storyline: players must protect the last safe city on the planet from cosmic invaders.

According to other assumptions, the logo represents a pack of three wolves, with the central element being the Traveler. Avid gamers believe it depicts a humanoid raising hands in greeting to the Traveler.

Destiny: Interesting Facts

“Destiny” is a game series made by Bungie, the same people who created Halo, and was first released by Activision. In 2019, Bungie took over the game’s release rights. It’s famous for its big story, fun multiplayer, and being a game where players can join together.

  1. How It Started: “Destiny” was announced in 2013 and came out in 2014. It was something new for Bungie, mixing shooting games and online multiplayer worlds.
  2. Big Money: The game cost about $500 million to make and promote, showing how much they believed it would be a big deal.
  3. The Traveler: A big sphere called the Traveler hangs over Earth’s last safe city in the game. It’s a key part of the story and gives the players their powers.
  4. Choosing Your Character: You can be one of three races (Human, Awoken, and Exo) and one of three classes (Hunter, Titan, or Warlock), each with their special skills.
  5. Lots of Stories: Even though some people didn’t like how the story was told at first, “Destiny” has a deep background story you can find out in the game and online.
  6. Music: The game’s music is good and was composed by famous composers. It helps make the game’s world feel more real.
  7. Updates and Expansions: “Destiny” keeps getting new stuff through updates and big expansions, so there’s always something new to do.
  8. Free to Play: “Destiny 2” became free to play in 2019, which means more people can start playing without buying the game.
  9. Events: The game has special events every year where players can come together and even help raise money for charities.
  10. Raids: The most challenging part of “Destiny” is the raids, which need six players to work together to solve puzzles and fight enemies. They’re tough but also very rewarding.

“Destiny” and “Destiny 2” keep growing, adding new things to do and changing how the game works to keep players interested.

Font and Colors

Destiny Emblem

As noted, there are several hypotheses about the origin of the game label and what is depicted on it. One of the most popular and likely explanations is that it’s a face or a skinned wolf track. Many Destiny fans believe it is depicted on the emblem because the computer game contains many references to these animals being guardians.

Wolf motifs can be seen on the armor and the Iron Banner. Confirming the hypothesis of the wolf’s presence on the emblem is the nickname given to the Traveler. In the “Grimoire,” it is called Alpha Lupi (Prime Wolf).

Destiny Symbol

Most gamers believe that the meaning of the brand name is inspired by part of Master Chief’s costume. Even if it seems like a joke, the obvious resemblance cannot be denied. This is also a direct link to the main character, emphasizing his high spirituality and great destiny, as the logo resembles a man in a cloak with hands raised to the sky.

The textual part of the logo contains one word – “Destiny.” The letters are large and spaced apart. The font is simple, sans-serif, in uppercase. All symbols are proportionally distributed in length, so the letter “T” is in the middle, hovering over the graphic element like a cross. The color palette is minimalist and contains muted tones of grey, white, and black.

Destiny color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


What does the Destiny logo mean?

The series’ logo contains its title and an emblem known as Tricorn. Destiny has not given an official explanation of what this symbol means. It might be connected to some element of the game, representing individual characters or an entire race.

What does the Destiny 2 logo represent?

The logo of the second part consists of the word “Destiny,” written in thin black letters with serifs. To its right is the Tricorn symbol, and in the background is a large grey number, “2,” indicating the order of playing the game in the series.

What is the Tricorn of Destiny?

The Tricorn is a bold letter “Y” with rounded sides. Between the upper “horns” is a vertical oval reminiscent of a computer mouse wheel.