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The Detroit Diesel logo is cyclical and dynamic, reflecting the company’s engine operation principles and hinting at the theme of travel and automobiles. The emblem demonstrates a love for the country, and the brand’s quality products celebrate its hometown.

Detroit Diesel: Brand overview

Founder:Daimler Truck AG
Detroit, Michigan, United States

Detroit Diesel is an American engine brand founded in 1938. The manufacturer has produced over 5 million products, which are used for passenger, commercial, and agricultural vehicles, military equipment, and drilling rigs. The brand is owned by Daimler AG through Daimler Trucks North America.

Meaning and History

Detroit Diesel Logo History

All the manufacturer’s logos are filled with patriotism and dedication to work. Over the company’s existence, the emblems have undergone rebranding, but the images and words on them have not changed. The composition, addition of colors, or decolorization has changed. Still, the main message has remained: love for the country, as the name of the production city is included in the brand name, and dedication to their craft, as the word “Diesel” is carefully explained in the emblem along with the engine’s distinctions and operating principles.

What is Detroit Diesel?

An American company that produces diesel engines, mainly for heavy-duty vehicles. The main series are 40, 50, 60, 71, 92, 149, 2000, 4000. Leading production facilities are in Italy, Brazil, and the USA. Over 2,000 workers are employed at the company’s plants.

1970 – 1988

Detroit Diesel Allison Logo 1970

The diesel brand appeared in 1938, and in 1970, its owner, General Motors, merged the company with the similarly focused Allison company. The joint company was named Detroit Diesel-Allison and received a new logo: a square with a large circle in the center and the name in small letters below.

The square shape indicates harmony resulting from the tandem. Both companies dealt with engines: turbine and diesel. The union increased its weight in the market.

The circle demonstrates the engine’s operation process, which consists of four repeating processes: intake, compression, power stroke, and exhaust. The closed-curve movement conveys the symbol of a wheel with arrows. The division of the circle into two different colored parts indicates working with hot and cold raw materials. Initially, a fresh portion of cool air enters the engine. When fuel ignites, hot gases appear, producing movement.

The symbol also indicates the cyclicality of the driving and refueling processes. Over time, the engine experiences thousands of such cycles.

The symbol resembles a wheel or a steering wheel related to vehicles and the road.

1988 – 2012

Detroit Diesel Logo 1988

2012 – today

Detroit Diesel Logo

In 2012, the 100,000th engine was built. The event was celebrated with rebranding.

The logo is designed in a minimalist style. It has lost its color palette, approaching the feeling of light, cold metal. A white circle made of two arrows is placed in front of the black brand name in capital letters.

Only the word “Detroit” from Detroit Diesel is used in the modern interpretation. The company is so well-known that the logo and the city name evoke a sufficient associative range for everyone working with diesel-engine vehicles.

The large uppercase letters indicate the main focus of work – units for trucks and large and powerful machines.

Font and Colors

White and black are the main shades of the company’s modern logo. Black represents diesel fuel, while white symbolizes the air necessary for the engine’s operation. The dark part embodies the power and strength of the engines and the size of the machines. The light part hints at the electronic control of the unit and the ability to read its indicators without direct contact.

The font of the inscription is Microgramma Bold Extended. The letters feature a combination of sharp and rounded corners, indicating that the size of the units is combined with smooth operation and easy movement.

Detroit Diesel color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C