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The commitment to ancient Greek heroes, their strength, courage, and resilience is symbolized by the logo of the Detroit Titans team, the athletes of the University of Detroit Mercy. The depiction of ancient military regalia is an attempt to demonstrate a shared spirit and combative mood with ancient Greek warriors.

Detroit Titans: Brand overview

Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
The University of Detroit Mercy allocates funds for the development of sports programs. It is one of only four NCAA Division I universities that do not sponsor baseball and volleyball. Nineteen teams from the educational institution participate in intercollegiate competitions. Previously, they were called Tigers, but in 1919 (according to another version, in 1924), they were renamed Titans. Most of the Detroit Mercy Titans teams participate in the Horizon League. Only one sport, lacrosse, pertains to the MAAC and SoCon. In 2021, a transition of the women’s team from the Southern Conference to the Mid-American Conference is planned.

Meaning and History

Detroit Titans Logo History

In 1991, the sports department adopted a logo with the inscription “UDM Titans.” The abbreviation is positioned above, and the team nickname is below, in a blue rectangle with a red frame. In the letter “D” lies a helmet of ancient Greek warriors decorated in the middle with a large crest. The form of a head is also traced.

In 2008, artists depicted other military attributes on the emblem: a sword and shield. They are placed in the background. The inscription “Detroit Titans” is pushed forward. The second word looks bright due to the red color and unusual font. A zigzag of lightning stretches from the left of the lower part of the letter “S.”

The next logo change occurred in 2016. Designers expanded the inscription, adding the word “Mercy” to the word “Detroit.” Designers also darkened the shades of red and blue to match the official school palette.

What is Detroit Titans?

Detroit Titans (new name – Detroit Mercy Titans) is a sports department associated with the University of Detroit Mercy in Michigan. It includes 17 student teams that compete in NCAA Division I. Athletes also participate in the Horizon League, ASUN Conference, and Mid-American Conference (joining in 2021).

1991 – 2007

Detroit Titans Logo 1991-2007

2008 – 2015

Detroit Titans Logo 2008-2015

2016 – today

Detroit Titans Logo 2016-Present

Detroit Titans Basketball

Detroit Titans emblem

The University of Detroit Mercy sponsors two basketball teams: men’s and women’s. They compete in the Horizon League and participate in competitions of the first division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. They occasionally perform in NCAA tournaments, showing decent results. The home stadium for the basketball teams is Calihan Hall. Since 2020, the men have been coached by Mike Davis and the women by AnnMarie Gilbert.

Font and Colors

Detroit Titans color codes

Big Dip O’RubyHex color:#a6093d
RGB:166 9 61
CMYK:0 95 63 35
Pantone:PMS 193 C
Catalina BlueHex color:#002d72
RGB:0 45 114
CMYK:100 61 0 55
Pantone:PMS 288 C
Light GrayHex color:#d7d2cb
RGB:63 194 204
CMYK:60 0 23 0
Pantone:PMS Warm Gray 1 C