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Disney + is the Hollywood studio’s flagship streaming service with a similar name. The site broadcasts original content from several media conglomerates and channels, including National Geographic, 20th Century Fox, and Marvel Entertainment.

It is also a kind of testing ground for new products from Walt Disney Studios: it turned out that the entertainment giant does not mind moving from large screens to a new format. Moreover, about 80% of his projects are already focused on streaming. Now he is launching an entire assembly line to put up to 100 cartoons a year in Disney +. Some feature films will debut both in theaters and on the video streaming service website.

Meaning and History

Disney+ Logo History
Evolution of the Disney+ Logo

The service was launched at the end of 2019 and immediately became popular – in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, because people are more likely to watch movies on the Internet. But this is nothing more than a coincidence, as The Walt Disney Company has planned to open a Direct-to-Consumer streaming site immediately after the end of the distribution agreement with Netflix. And it just expired in 2019.

The streaming platform is now actively recruiting subscribers. Shortly, Disney plans to acquire 260 million virtual viewers to bypass the rival Netflix corporation and be in the first place in home entertainment. It is the latest releases from the film industry that are helping to achieve this goal and the thoughtful Disney Plus branding. The designers tried to link the broadcast service with the parent company by making their logos the same. Therefore, they have two common elements at once: the inscription and the arc.

The word “Disney” is made in a typical fairy-tale style and is supplemented with a “+” sign. A thin, curved line arch connects the first “D” to the top of the plus. The only thing missing is the iconic castle, which has adorned the Hollywood studio’s graphic symbol since 1985 and creates an atmosphere of magic before watching cartoons.

The famous arc was originally a trail of a shooting star, as evidenced by an animated version of The Walt Disney Company emblem. But in Disney +, nothing reminds of the star: the arcuate stripe is an element associated with the parent company. Judging by the shape and color, this is more of an abstraction than evidence of the content’s fabulousness.

The service’s name is made in the classic style, which is recognizable in the old and new logos of the Hollywood entertainment giant. All together – the famous inscription, the arched symbol, and even the curved “+” sign – make the brand recognizable.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Disney+ Emblem

The Disney + logo bears the Walt Disney signature – though not at all in the form in which it was originally. As you know, the animator had a huge artistic talent, so it was not difficult for him to come up with his lettering for autographs. He experimented a lot with letters for the sake of the right proportions; especially among cartoonists, it was fashionable to have several signatures at once.

After the death of the company’s founder and owner, specialists slightly modified his handwriting to make the perfect wordmark. The new design uses the word “Disney” on all logos, including the streaming service’s graphic symbol. And on its basis, the Waltograph font was created, which appeared in 2000 thanks to Justin Callaghan’s efforts.

Disney+ Symbol

The platform name is painted in only one shade called Persian Blue (# 113CCF). The arc looks completely different: its left side is light because it combined the dark blue color with the blue Diamond (# BFF5FD). The gradient runs along the entire line – from edge to edge. The blank and white background emphasizes the lettering.

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