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All logos belonging to the famous American film studio that produces children’s content have a common resemblance. The Disney XD logo is no exception. It contains some elements indirectly confirming that this channel is a subsidiary of the parent company. It includes play, joy, and mystery.

Disney XD: Brand overview

Founded:February 13, 2009
Founder:Disney Entertainment
Burbank, California, U.S.
Disney XD is a pay TV channel owned by The Walt Disney Company through two of its divisions (Disney Entertainment and Disney Branded Television). The program is aimed at children aged 6 to 11. The network broadcasts not only its own content but also borrowed from other distributors. In addition, various competitive games and series are aired on the channel. It was launched in 2009. Broadcast languages are English and Spanish. The headquarters is located in Burbank, California.

Meaning and History

Disney XD Logo History

Disney XD took over the airwaves of the animated channel Toon Disney, which operated from 1998 to 2009, and then merged with Jetix. The new network was given the same name as other contemporary Disney resources – a media player and a mini-site. Its abbreviation stands for “Disney Xtreme Digital.” However, some sources claim that this version of the name has nothing to do with the letters “XD” and that the correct interpretation is “Extra Dimensional.”

Who is right and who is not remains controversial, but the American pay-TV channel operates, develops, and gains popularity with well-recognized symbolism. The veil of mystery attracts even more attention to the network, prompting viewers to scrutinize the broadcasts and films to clarify the unusual name’s essence for a children’s resource. The original logo was developed by the creative branding agency Loyalkaspar.

What is Disney XD?

Disney XD is a children’s television channel with its management center in Burbank, California. Established in 2009, it is intended for children aged 6-11. It was founded by two Disney divisions: Disney Entertainment and Disney Branded Television. The network’s program consists of family films, children’s shows, competitive games, and other entertainment content.

2009 – 2015

Disney XD Logo 2009

The Disney XD logo, though text-based, consists of graphic elements. The only printed word in it is the name of the parent company Disney, set in Custom Typeface and positioned at the top. At the same time, it is not the first line, as it modestly clings to the left part of the X’s leg, which serves as a convenient platform for the short inscription.

The abbreviation plays the role of a drawn element. It is so massive that the contours of “XD” are barely recognizable. This is because the glyphs have no internal gaps. Exablock typeface is used for them, and the overall style is called XDRA (a custom-created design). The dominant color scheme is dark olive combined with black.

2015 – today

Disney XD Logo

As part of a comprehensive rebranding, the channel received an updated logo. It has become simpler, lighter, and clearer, as, despite the presence of block letters, they are clearly visible and easily readable. Argentine designers from the 2veinte studio achieved this effect by modifying the leading palette. The priority color is now neon green – bright and attractive, catching the eye at first glance. It is set against a neutral white background. The new style is called DXD Next. Deep shadows, contours, and three-dimensionality are left in the past.

Font and Colors

Disney XD Emblem

Several typefaces are used in the Disney XD logo:

  • Custom Typeface (standard, common for all parent brands of the famous film studio);
  • Exablock (essentially individual, specifically created for large glyphs).

The first one resembles handwritten text, as it is modeled after Walt Disney’s personal signature, and the second one looks like large geometric symbols.

Disney XD Symbol

The corporate palette consists of two shades of green: dark olive and pale green. They are combined with black and white.

Disney XD color codes

MalachiteHex color:#12ee59
RGB:18 238 89
CMYK:92 0 63 7
Pantone:PMS 354 C