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DJayodhya: Brand overview

In 2016, DJayodhya, a digital platform dedicated to DJ tunes and remixes, was launched in India. Conceived as a hub for those looking to immerse themselves in the world of Indian dance and DJing, DJayodhya was a place where MP3 files could be downloaded seamlessly.

In its initial phase, the platform gathered a diverse collection of contemporary DJ tracks, with a special emphasis on reimagined Bollywood tracks. This focus allowed DJayodhya to carve a niche for itself and become a trusted source of free Indian DJ music downloads.

With the advent of 2018, DJayodhya expanded its musical horizons. Bollywood remixes and a rich tapestry of regional Indian genres – from energetic bhangra to rhythmic garba – could now be found on the platform. Not stopping there, the platform took it a notch higher by creating masala mixes – an amalgamation of tracks from various Indian dialects.

Over the ensuing years, DJayodhya has remained true to its mission of presenting the latest DJ tracks spanning various Indian genres. Improvements to the site, such as easier navigation and higher-quality MP3 formats, have further enhanced the user experience.

In its current form, DJayodhya has an unrivaled repertoire of contemporary Indian DJ tunes available for free. Regular content updates keep the platform at the forefront of the Indian DJ scene.

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