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Docker Logo

Docker Logo
Docker Logo PNG

Docker is an open-source software package for automating application delivery processes in an isolated environment called containers. Each of them contains its software, configuration files, and libraries, interacting with each other through special channels. This service has several levels – both premium and free. Moreover, the utility allows you to package the application and all the tools into a container and move it to any Linux system. Solomon Hykes created the startup. He, along with Sebastien Pahl, founded the Docker company. Its head office is located in Palo Alto, California. The launch of the program took place in 2013.

Meaning and History

Docker Logo History
Evolution of the Docker Logo

Although the application’s release date is officially considered to be 2013, its base was laid much earlier. In 2008, Solomon Hykes in France began to create a public PaaS platform supporting several programming languages. Moreover, the startup began within the dotCloud company, which belonged to the author.

Hykes worked with Hykes on the initial project by his firm’s employees Andrea Luzzardi and Franรงois-Xavier Bourlet. The renaming of the progressive platform to Docker happened in the second half of 2013 due to the transition to the latest technology. But the old name of the PaaS site itself has been retained. A redesign of the logo followed each milestone to convey the essence of progressive implementations accurately. In total, three logos were used.

2013 – 2015

Docker Logo 2013-2015

The developer of the debut symbol is the freelance studio 99designs. She provided the company with 84 prototypes of the logo, of which Docker preferred a drawing by Ricky Asamanis of Indonesia. It depicts a huge blue whale with a flat back, where containers are stacked in three rows. The lower part of the animal is immersed in impromptu water, made in uniform dark-colored jagged waves. Keith smiles good-naturedly and wags his tail, which confirms the software’s friendliness. Below is the text part. A round font has been chosen for it, as closely as possible to a whale’s shape.

2015 – 2017

Docker Logo 2015-2017

In this version, all elements of the previous logo are preserved. The changes affected only their grouping. The designers have moved the word “Docker” to the right, behind the whale icon loaded with containers. The color was also left old – blue of several variations.

2017 – present

Docker Logo 2017-present

The current logo is a schematic reworking of the debut version. The authors abandoned the details of the containers and the whale, focusing on the silhouettes. This is done to indicate the application’s seriousness, which has become much better and more convenient over time. The elements now look more like geometric shapes. “Boxes” are made in the form of cubes, which are separated by white lines, and the whale is recognizable only by its body shape. Some letters have also been corrected: for “c,” the ends are lengthened, for “k,” the location of the right leg is rearranged, “r” is supplemented with an upper stroke, and for “e,” the centerline is aligned horizontally.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Docker Emblem

The program and website identity evolved in parallel. But the resource also took into account the colorfulness and perspective so that the overall style of the logo and pages was preserved. Whereas the label of the application was flat: it changed due to technical improvements in software, moving away from a friendly style to a professional one. Therefore, schematic contours, clear lines, and images without unnecessary details prevail now. Simultaneously, several options are in use – both with a horizontal and vertical position of the inscription.

The first two periods used an emblem consisting of text made with a modified Animo Medium typeface. It has rounded ends, and the center bar “e” is raised diagonally. The modern logo uses Comfortaa Bold by Johan Aakerlund.

Docker Symbol

The shades of the palette changed from faded to bright. If in the first versions of the logo the blue of three pastel spectra (# 008bb8, # 039bc6 and # 24b8eb) prevailed, now there is only one bright shade # 0091e2. Moreover, the company uses many blue and white combinations: the versions of the blue whale on a white background and white on blue are equally in demand.