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The DocuSign logo is an example of simplicity and accessibility. Everyone can use the service. Strict order, consistency, and following the laws are reflected in the emblem. The universality of the principles of operation makes the system easy to use for residents of different countries.

DocuSign: Brand overview

Founded: 2003
Founder: Tom Gonser, Court Lorenzini, Eric Ranft
San Francisco, California, U.S.
DocuSign is an American software company offering electronic signature services and digital transactions. It was formed in 2003 by three entrepreneurs – Eric Ranft, Tom Gonser, and Court Lorenzini. Today the service covers over 500 thousand clients and hundreds of millions of users from more than 180 countries worldwide. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco, California.

Meaning and History

DocuSign Logo History

The concept of such a service came to Tom Gonser when he ran his own company, NetUpdate. And in the process, the service bought several organizations and startups, including DocuTouch from Seattle. It was funded by Timberline Venture Partners, Jeff Tung, and Bill Kallman, providing $ 4 million. Timberline then contributed another million to merge with NetUpdate.

Only DocuTouch held patents for digital signatures. With support from Gonser, Court Lorenzini has agreed to acquire some of DocuSign’s assets from NetUpdate. He then left the board and concentrated entirely on DocuSign. As a result, in 2010, the company added support for user verification on smartphones, iPods, and iPhones. By the end of that year, it served 73 percent of the e-signature market, contributing to widespread logo recognition.

And the firm was noticed. After substantial monetary support from Scale Venture Partners, she established offices in London (UK) and San Francisco (USA), serving as its global headquarters. Two years later, the company agreed with PayPal, introducing collecting signatures and payments in one transaction using DocuSign Payment. Similar agreements have been approved with Google Drive and

All this led to the fact that in 2016 the newcomer to the financial and analytical market occupied the third line of the Forbes Cloud 100 rating. Thus, the business-style emblem became even more widely known. And in all, DocuSign has two – debut and present.

What is DocuSign?

It is a company that maintains business software. It helps manage digital transactions and offers modern solutions for electronic signatures.

2003 – 2019

DocuSign Logo 2003-2019

The logo of this financial institution was businesslike from the very beginning and spoke directly about its occupation. And all because the brand name is built on the name of the service and consists of two elements. The first is “Docu,” in printed type and denoting the concept of “document.” The second is “Sign,” handwritten in italics and associated with the word “signature.”

The name of the company is an abbreviation for the key concept of “document signature.” Moreover, the right side of the name is not only “handwritten” but also located on the dotted line, which usually denotes the place where you need to put your signature. The color palette is discreet and consists of blue, black, and gray.

2019 – today

DocuSign Logo 2019-present

The current logo is characterized by increased efficiency. It is rendered in a classic font, where all the letters are printed, since the designers have removed the handwritten style, replacing it with a clerical one. Now the name is made in a traditional typeface and is not divided into two parts. And the fact that it is two-part is evidenced only by the capital letters “D” and “S.” Otherwise, the right and left sides are identical: the symbols are smooth, grotesque, with minimal distance from each other.

Font and Colors

DocuSign Emblem

Like all logos for the new millennium, this visual identity has been given a simple style. Laconicism is emphasized by the lack of additional details so that clients’ attention is maximally focused on the services. Moreover, such an emblem is convenient because it is visible on the displays of any device.

DocuSign Symbol

The debut logo uses a typeface reminiscent of Wordshape’s Okojo Pro Stack Face. For the current emblem, the font Mytupi Bold has been chosen in a slightly modified version because the letters are slightly flattened in the original. The color palette is scarce. At first, it included gray, black, and blue, and now only black.

DocuSign color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

How do I add my logo to DocuSign?

To change the logo displayed in the signature mode, you need to click on Upload Signing Logo. You can add a graphic image for email notifications using the Upload Email Logo button. The optimal size is 296×76 pixels.

What is a DocuSign brand?

Each DocuSign user can customize their branding so that signers do not doubt that they belong to a specific organization.

How do I get DocuSign?

To start using DocuSign, you need to create an account. The service offers a 30-day free trial for new users. To obtain it, you need to fill out a form in the appropriate section of the official website.

Is DocuSign in the cloud?

Yes, DocuSign is cloud-based.