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The logo for Doli Armaanon Ki captures the charm of the dramatic television series created in India. It embodies national motifs, heartfelt warmth, boundless cordiality, and openness to the world. A few simple strokes convey the poignant depth of women’s experiences.

Doli Armaanon Ki: Brand overview

Doli Armaanon Ki is the title of an Indian series produced by Spellbound Productions in Jhansi and Mumbai. The show comprises 482 episodes, which aired on television over several years: the first episode appeared in December 2013, and the last in September 2015. The episodes were weekly – from Monday to Friday inclusive, with a break for the weekend. Broadcasts took place on the paid channel ZEE TV, owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises. The international title of the drama is Lies of the Heart. Neha Marda and Mohit Malik play the lead roles.

Meaning and History

Doli Armaanon Ki Logo History

The series tells the story of the dramatic yet touching relationship between the two main characters, played by Neha Marda and Mohit Malik. Each day, for 25 minutes, viewers held their breath, following the development of events and rooting for their favorites. The start of the series was signaled not only by melodic music but also by the familiar logo used as the opening title of the film. It was as complex as the characters’ interrelations, yet perfectly encapsulated the essence of a touching story from the most vulnerable time in a woman’s life. Thus, the emblem is painted in the colors of fervent passion: yellow and red.

What is Doli Armaanon Ki?

Doli Armaanon Ki (international title Lies of the Heart) is an Indian drama series produced by Spellbound Productions in Jhansi and Mumbai. The first episode appeared in 2013, and the last was released in 2015. The show aired weekly on ZEE TV and totaled 482 episodes.

2013 – today

Doli Armaanon Ki Logo

The original series was filmed in Hindi, so the logo features an inscription in this language. It occupies three levels – one word per row. This arrangement of the name favorably affects viewers, as it offers good readability despite the abundance of swirls. Overall, the division into three lines is related to maintaining optimal text perception, ensuring it is clearly visible and recognizable even as a monogram.

The emblem’s design is distinctly feminine, emotional, and touching, with hints of Asian style. Smooth curves, softness, sleekness, and roundness characterize the glyphs. However, there are also strict horizontal lines that unify all the letters into a cohesive whole. There are intricate eastern patterns with a bright sunbeam on the left of the first word and the right of the last. The lines are centered.

Font and Colors

Doli Armaanon Ki Emblem

The inscription in the Doli Armaanon Ki logo is made in Hindi, so the glyphs resemble an Eastern ornament: they are adorned with swirls of varying lengths and shapes. The palette is very colorful, consisting of striking shades of red and yellow. These are complemented by bright white highlights, which bring an atmosphere of magic, passion, and femininity to the emblem.

Doli Armaanon Ki Symbol