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Dollar Days: Brand overview

In 2001, Dollar Days emerged in the United States as a wholesaler of bargain-priced goods primarily focused on nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and charities. Born out of a desire to help these organizations with their noble causes, Dollar Days set out to meet their merchandise needs with affordable solutions.

At the outset, the company focused all of its energies on building an extensive product catalog while building strong relationships with suppliers. This was accompanied by the implementation of a seamless ordering mechanism, complemented by a customer-centric approach tailored to the unique requirements of charitable organizations.

Over the decades, Dollar Days has steadfastly taken care of altruistic, academic, and philanthropic organizations by providing them with essential goods at wholesale rates. Along the way, the brand has teamed up with sister organizations that share its passion for supporting community initiatives.

Today, Dollar Days is not just a sales organization but a company that is committed to making a difference and inspiring hope. Its essence remains the same – to ease the financial burden of non-profit organizations and schools by offering them merchandise without the high price tags.

Meaning and History

Dollar Days Logo History

What is Dollar Days?

Based in the United States, Dollar Days provides nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and charities with essential goods in bulk, actively supporting its mission to make a positive impact on the community. The company’s unwavering commitment makes it an invaluable partner in promoting significant social progress.

2001 – today

Dollar Days Logo

The wholesale marketplace attracts visitors’ attention with its low prices and with its sunny logo. The logo actually features a sun, which takes the place of the letter “O.” The sun is two-colored: the central circle is yellow, and the wavy frame replacing the rays is orange. The name of the brand is written as one word, but the designers have visually divided it: “Dollar” is written in thin font, and “Days” – is in bold. None of the words have serifs, reminiscent of TeX Gyre Adventor Regular with minimal changes. The letters are uppercase, sans serifs, and straight.

The sun in the logo is like a splash of joy, making you think of good days and good weather. Using two different fonts for the letters “Dollar” and “Days” is like a subtle wink. It’s like saying, “Hey, not only are we saving money, but we’re having a good time while shopping.” It’s a little trick that makes you memorize them.

Dollar Days color codes

CharcoalHex color:#313e47
RGB:49 62 71
CMYK:31 13 0 72
Pantone:PMS 432 C
Banana YellowHex color:#fee238
RGB:254 226 56
CMYK:0 11 78 0
Pantone:PMS 107 C
OrangeHex color:#ff6100
RGB:255 97 0
CMYK:0 62 100 0
Pantone:PMS Orange 021 C