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The Doritos logo is like scalding chips, the bright taste of which is impossible to refuse. Sharpness, the abundance of seasonings, and the crunchy corn base indicated by the emblem make the snack a favorite in the United States.

Doritos: Brand overview

Doritos are corn tortilla chips with cheese, peppers, and other flavorings. Before they became a well-known brand, they originated at the Tex-Mex restaurant in Disneyland, where chefs cut up and fried old tortillas to be sold in a mouthwatering new form. This snack proved very popular because it resembled a Mexican dish. Thus began the mass production of Doritos, first regionally (in 1964) and two years later nationally.

In 1964, inside Disneyland in Anaheim, California, the world got its first taste of what would become a legendary snack: Doritos. Arch West, a clever chef at Casa de Fritos, turned leftover tortillas into something special by cutting them into triangles, frying them, and seasoning them. This snack, similar to traditional Mexican totopos but with a twist, quickly caught the eyes of park visitors.

Seeing its potential, the folks at Frito-Lay brought Doritos to the wider public in 1966 with an irresistible cheese flavor, offering a fresh take on the snack world. “Doritos,” meaning “golden brown” in Spanish, perfectly described these crispy, flavorful chips.

In the 1970s, Doritos expanded its flavor lineup with hits like Taco and Nacho Cheese, bright packaging, and catchy ads. In the following decades, Doritos kept the excitement alive with new flavors like Cool Ranch and Salsa Rio, appealing to young people with vibrant marketing.

In the 2000s, Doritos continued to innovate with products like Doritos Locos Tacos in collaboration with Taco Bell and limited-time flavors that kept fans intrigued. They also broke new ground in advertising with their “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, letting fans create their own Doritos commercials.

Now a global brand in over 55 countries, Doritos has maintained its popularity for over fifty years by always finding new ways to engage with fans and update its products. Yet, as health awareness grows, there’s pressure on snacks like Doritos to evolve into healthier options.

Meaning and History

Doritos Logo History

The first brand of tortilla chips in U.S. history was named after a word derived from the Spanish “doradito. This choice is because the translation of the term is entirely consistent with the appearance of Doritos. “The little golden thing” is the most accurate description of a snack made of tortillas cut into triangles and re-fried.

Over the years, the company has had several rebrandings to stay afloat during declining sales. Thus, chips with new flavors and packets with upgraded logos that changed more than a dozen times came out.

What is the meaning of the Doritos Logo?

The main meaning of the Doritos logo is spicy corn tortillas. This is evidenced by the shape of the main element (triangular frame), its spikes, and its color. Yellow represents corn and orange – pepper, which were the first ingredients of branded snacks. Together they form a fiery gradient. The triangle is associated with chips cut into miniature slices. Serrated edges hint at a spicy taste.

1964 – 1968

Doritos Logo 1964

When the Doritos brand debuted regionally, the designers used its name for the logo. They made the lettering burgundy and placed each letter in a separate vertical rectangle. The colors alternated: every odd card was orange, and every odd card was yellow. And both letters and rectangles “jumped.” The “r” and “t” were the highest, with the “i” occupying the lowest position. The raised and lowered elements also alternated, creating the illusion of movement.

1968 – 1973

Doritos Logo 1968

The orange quadrangles became yellow and vice versa. The typeface did not change.

1973 – 1979

Doritos Logo 1973

In 1973, chocolate began to be used for the lettering, and the hues of the rectangles were almost equalized, approaching the gold palette. The letters lined up in a single row, although slight asymmetry remained. Their bases were narrowed vertically, which was reflected accordingly in the typeface. Under the “s” appeared the small and barely noticeable word “BRAND.”

1979 – 1985

Doritos Logo 1979

The designers increased the angle of the background rectangles so that they no longer lined up with the letters. The letter spacing had to be reduced to fit the lettering on the base. The orange had a red tint, and all colors were dull.

1985 – 1994

Doritos Logo 1985

The trademark name was enlarged and repainted in black with a thin white outline. The word “BRAND” disappeared. The dot above the “i” was replaced by a triangle, which replicated the shape of the snacks. The base’s colors became very expressive: bright yellow instead of gold and deep red instead of faded orange-red. The number of quadrangles was reduced to five, each with a black accent line at the bottom.

1994 – 1999

Doritos Logo 1994

In 1994, the designers added the word “BRAND” under the “s,” written in small print. The outlines around the letters became yellow. Behind the “D” and “o” appeared a triangle of the same color. It curved slightly, copying the shape of Doritos chips. Above it was a red triangular frame with jagged edges. From it, chaotic stripes stretched, underlining the name of the product.

1999 – 2000

Doritos Logo 1999

After some rework, the logo was inside a big black rectangle with “bitten-off” edges. The lettering became white and slanted, with the serifs shortened. Instead of the word “BRAND,” the phrase “CORN CHIPS” attracted attention with its bright yellow color.

2000 – 2005

Doritos Logo 2000

A black triangle replaced the uneven base. Dark blue, white, and black stripes framed it. Because of their different thicknesses, they reinforced the asymmetry created by the triangle’s slant.

2005 – 2013

Doritos Logo 2005

In the mid-2000s, Doritos’s unusual logo was on the shelves in U.S. stores. It contained the brand name, a streamlined, sans serif font, and a fiery line shaped like a cardiogram. The word was white and gray, with a red outline adorning the right side of each letter. All elements cast fuzzy black shadows with a gradient.

2013 – today

Doritos Logo

After another rebranding, the iconic triangle was back. Its red-orange frame now pierces the two letters “o,” making the image appear three-dimensional. The inside of the triangle is black, as is the jagged outline with needle-like protrusions. The letters are entirely white but have a dark border of red and black stripes. This version is used as the basic version.

In 2019, marketers decided to appeal to Doritos’s special category of customers—Generation Z teens, who mostly despise brands. A logo without the chips’ names was designed especially for them. It contained the black inscription “LOGO GOES HERE,” divided into three lines and slanted to the left. It was across a red triangle with an empty middle. The brand owners expected that customers would recognize the chips just by the color of the packages and the diagonal triangle.

Doritos: Interesting Facts

Doritos, known for their bold taste and colorful packaging, are a popular snack choice worldwide.

  1. How Doritos Started: Back in 1966, Frito-Lay began selling Doritos, making them one of the first widely available tortilla chips in the U.S. The idea came from a snack near Disneyland, creating a new American snack option.
  2. What’s in a Name: “Doritos” translates to “little golden things” in Spanish. This name points to their golden color and original corn flavor, setting a trend for future flavor innovations.
  3. Early Flavors: The first Doritos flavors were Toasted Corn and Taco. Nacho Cheese was added in 1972 and quickly became a favorite.
  4. New Flavors: Doritos often releases new flavors, from Cool Ranch to Spicy Sweet Chili, and even unique ones like Mountain Dew flavor in some places.
  5. Innovative Ads: Doritos was among the first to use consumer-generated content in its ads. Starting in 2006, its “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign let fans create their commercials, with winners shown during the Super Bowl.
  6. Arch West’s Contribution: Arch West, a Frito-Lay executive, is credited with creating Doritos after a trip to San Diego. His grave was even sprinkled with Doritos, honoring his role in snack history.
  7. Cultural Presence: Doritos has appeared in movies, TV shows, and video games. It has also partnered with entertainment for themed flavors and promotions.
  8. Packaging Innovation: Doritos was one of the first snacks sold in airtight bags, which kept them fresh longer. This was a big change from the usual wax paper packaging.
  9. Worldwide Popularity: Doritos are loved in over 40 countries, and their flavors are tailored to local tastes. This has led to various flavors, some unique to certain areas.

From their beginnings inspired by a snack near Disneyland to their global popularity today, Doritos’ success is due to constant innovation, clever marketing, and a deep understanding of what people like to eat. They’re for parties or movie nights; they’re a go-to snack for many worldwide.

Font and Colors

Doritos Emblem

Experience has shown that consumers can identify the Doritos logo without a brand name. The traditional triangular shape is associated with snacks cut into small slices. And the edges of the base are jagged, hinting at the bright and unforgettable taste of tortilla chips.

At the beginning of Doritos’ history, different serif fonts were used. But more recently, the letters have a streamlined, sans-serif shape. The typography is based on individual glyphs. The strokes are bold and about the same thickness. A triangle replaces the dot over the “i,” and the top of the “t” is cut off to follow its shape.

Doritos Symbol

The current logo features a combination of contrasting colors. The white lettering combines a black outline complemented by thin red lines. The frame of the background triangle is painted in several shades of yellow and orange, which form a fiery gradient. The bright colors symbolize pepper and corn, the main ingredients of the first Doritos.


Why is the Doritos logo a triangle?

The triangle shape of the Doritos logo wasn’t chosen by chance. It comes from how the original snack was made by cutting tortillas into triangle pieces, a simple way to make a tortilla into a tasty snack. But the shape does more than make production easy. The triangle’s three corners and edges mean each chip has more area for seasoning, so every bite packs a flavorful punch. This wasn’t just about looking good but making Doritos as delicious as possible. Choosing this shape shows the company’s focus on making the chips easily and ensuring they’re enjoyable to eat.

What is the Doritos logo?

The Doritos logo stands out with its modern and artistic style. It has clean, white text in a unique font, all set inside a triangle. This triangle blends shades of orange, red, and yellow, suggesting the heat and bold taste Doritos is known for. A black outline and center give the logo a strong contrast, making it pop. Beyond looking good, the logo reflects Doritos’ promise to offer intense and delicious snacking experiences. The design, resembling a flame, hints at the spicy and exciting flavors that define Doritos, inviting people to enjoy a snack that’s anything but ordinary.

What font is the Doritos logo?

The Doritos logo is written in a sans-serif, clean, straightforward font. This type of font lacks the extra strokes at the ends of letters, giving it a modern and neat appearance. This font choice matches Doritos’s bold and lively style, making the logo easy to read and visually striking. The simple look of the sans serif font fits well with the Doritos logo’s modern and creative design, helping it to catch the eye of packages and ads. Using a sans serif font, Doritos is a modern and innovative brand that appeals to a broad audience with its clear and direct branding.

Which Doritos flavor was first?

Doritos started in 1966 as the first nationwide tortilla chip in the US, with a simple toasted corn flavor. This flavor was the brand’s first step into the snack world. The next year, in 1967, Doritos introduced a taco flavor, bringing a bit of Mexican taste. This showed the brand’s knack for creating new and interesting flavors.

The real game changer came in 1972 with the launch of nacho cheese Doritos. This flavor perfectly combined cheese and spice and quickly became a fan favorite. It wasn’t just popular; it helped make Doritos a major snack name.

These first flavors, toasted corn, taco, and nacho cheese, helped Doritos grow from a new product to a household name. Each flavor was a step in Doritos’ story, showing their ability to mix simple ideas with bold tastes. Doritos has many flavors today, but it all began with that basic toasted corn chip in 1966.

What are the four new Doritos flavors?

Doritos just added four new flavors to its Dinamita range, and they’re all about spicing things up. Flamin’ Hot Queso, Smoky Chile Queso, Tangy Fiery Lime, and Hot Honey Mustard are new flavors. Each one offers a different taste to make snacking even more fun.

Flamin’ Hot Queso is for those who like spicy food with a cheesy twist. It’s made in the shape of rolled tortilla chips, just like some of the classic Doritos we all love. If you’re into a spicy and sour mix, the Chile Limón flavor is also rolled and combines chili with a kick of lime.

Smoky Chile Queso is another new one, adding a smoky taste to the cheesy flavor we enjoy. Then, unlike the first two, there’s Tangy Fiery Lime. It’s a corn stick, offering a crunchy texture with a sharp lime flavor that’s sure to wake up your taste buds.

Lastly, Hot Honey Mustard mixes sweet and spicy, unlike your usual Doritos. It’s also a corn stick, giving you that crunchy texture with a unique taste.

Doritos is always looking to introduce something new, and these four flavors are all about giving everyone something different to try. Whether you like your snacks hot, smoky, tangy, or sweet and spicy, there’s something new for you to enjoy.

What makes Doritos so tasty?

Doritos taste so good because they’ve got the perfect mix of salt and flavors. A Twitter discussion explained that this mix keeps you coming back for more. It’s not just the saltiness; Doritos have a bunch of tastes that hit different parts of your tongue all at once.

Salt plays a big role. It makes all the other flavors pop and excites your brain, making you want to eat more. But Doritos doesn’t rely on salt. They’re made to have a layered flavor that keeps your taste buds interested.

What’s also cool about Doritos is their crunch. Biting into them is satisfying; this crunch and seasoning make the chips hard to resist.

Doritos also play with your mind a bit. They have bold and unique flavors that stick with you, making you want to keep eating. They even have this umami taste, a savory flavor that makes the chips even more addicting.

One of the clever things about Doritos is they’re made to give you a burst of flavor right when you start chewing, but that flavor doesn’t last too long. This makes you want to eat more chips to keep the taste going. This quick flavor release is done to make every chip taste just as good as the first.

In short, Doritos are delicious because they’ve got a great balance of salty and other flavors that meet all sorts of taste preferences. The chips are carefully designed to be enjoyable, from their crunch to how the flavors come through. Every part of Doritos is made to be tempting.

What does the logo symbolize Doritos Logo?

The Doritos logo isn’t just cool to look at; it’s full of meaning that shows what the brand and its chips are all about. The logo looks like a triangle with sharp edges, which is supposed to remind you of Doritos chips. The colors in the yellow and orange logo represent the corn tortillas used to make the chips and the spicy seasoning that gives Doritos their unique taste. These colors aren’t just chosen because they look good; they’re meant to make you think of the flavors of the chips.

The spikes on the sides of the logo symbolize the bold and spicy flavor that Doritos are famous for. This design makes you think about what it’s like to eat the chips even before you open a bag. The name “Doritos” also adds to the logo’s meaning. It comes from the Spanish word “doradito,” which means “little golden things.” This refers to the chips’ golden color, suggesting they’re a tasty, crunchy treat. The use of golden yellow in the logo emphasizes this idea and the chips’ quality.

So, the Doritos logo is thought out. It uses shapes and colors to show off the chips’ main ingredients and flavors; even the name “Doritos” tells you what to expect. Everything about the logo is designed to represent the bold flavors and fun of eating Doritos.

What is Doritos changing their logo to?

Doritos isn’t planning to change its logo anytime soon. They’re sticking with the one they introduced back in 2013. Some rumors about a new logo have been online, but those aren’t true. These rumors started from a fake Instagram post by someone in the UK.

Logo changes are a big deal for brands. They usually mean the company is trying to update its look or focus on a different kind of customer. But Doritos is happy with its current logo. The 2013 update was about keeping the brand fresh while staying true to what fans already like.

This situation shows how quickly false information can spread, especially on social media, where it’s hard to check if something’s true. Doritos says they’ll officially let everyone know if they decide to change their logo. So, until you hear it straight from Doritos, you can assume any logo change rumors aren’t true.

What is the Dorito slogan?

Doritos constantly updates its look and messages to keep things interesting. Its slogan is “Another Level,” which means its chips are super spicy and not for everyone. But if you love a snack with a big kick, these chips are right up your alley.

In 2013, Doritos introduced a new slogan, “For The Bold.” This slogan showed that the chips are for people who love adventure and aren’t scared to stand out. “For The Bold” fits Doritos perfectly because the brand is all about strong flavors and living boldly. This slogan tells customers that Doritos are more than just chips; they’re for experiencing bold tastes and living life with the same intensity.

“Another Level” and “For The Bold” are Doritos’ way of inviting you to try something different. They want their chips to be an experience, not just a snack, and these slogans speak to anyone who’s into trying bold and exciting flavors. Doritos uses these catchy phrases to keep its brand strong and interesting, especially for those always looking for something new in their snacks.

When was the Doritos logo created?

The first Doritos logo appeared in 1964, featuring the brand name with letters of different heights, giving it a fun and lively look. This design aimed to make Doritos stand out to snack lovers. But the logo we know today, with its distinctive triangle, didn’t come about until 1994. This triangle shape, looking a lot like a Doritos chip, was a big change that made the brand easily recognizable.

In 2013, Doritos updated its logo again. This version, which we still see today, modernized the look while keeping the iconic triangle. This update shows how Doritos has kept up with the times without losing what makes it unique.

From its simple start to the bold logo, the Doritos logo’s journey shows how the brand has evolved. Each update reflects new marketing ideas, design trends, and what people like, proving Doritos knows how to stay popular with chip fans everywhere.

Why did Doritos change their logo?

Over the years, Doritos has changed its logo to keep up with what people like, especially younger folks. In 2019, they made a big move by taking the Doritos name off their logo for ads, leaving just the triangle shape everyone knows stands for their chips. This cool move was about getting young people interested, showing off how well-known Doritos is without even needing to say the name.

The biggest change came in 1994 when Doritos swapped its old logo with vertical rectangles for a new triangle. This wasn’t just about looking good; it was to make the logo look more like their chips and make Doritos stand out. The triangle matches the chips’ shape and shows Doritos’s boldness and creativity.

These logo changes show how Doritos keeps trying to stay new and exciting. They’ve managed to be a top choice for snacks by always finding new ways to connect with people. Doritos knows how important it is to keep changing its look to stay in tune with what people want, showing they’re all about being creative and reaching out to their customers in fun ways.

When did Doritos change their logo?

The latest update to the Doritos logo was in 2013. They kept the famous spiked triangle, which everyone associates with Doritos, and placed it inside a red-orange frame around the ‘O’s in the name. The lettering stayed white but got a new black outline to pop more. This refresh was all about making sure Doritos kept looking modern and attractive, keeping the logo familiar yet bold. It shows how Doritos is dedicated to keeping its image strong and interesting for all its fans.