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The sports department of Duquesne University, founded in 1982, has an original, concise emblem. Restraint and conciseness characterize the modern logo of Duquesne Dukes, symbolizing self-control and the pursuit of victory.

Duquesne Dukes: Brand overview

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.
The sports department of Duquesne University is called Duquesne Dukes. It comprises 17 university teams, most of which participate in the Atlantic 10 Conference. The exceptions are the bowling and soccer teams: they compete in the Northeast Conference. The soccer players participate in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference NCAA Division I.

Meaning and History

Duquesne Dukes Logo History

The modern logo of Duquesne Dukes is very restrained, although previous versions were not minimalist. The department always had vibrant emblems with color accents, complex shapes, and striking images. For instance, in 1982, a symbol with a red letter “D” and the curved word “Dukes” appeared. In 1999, the emblem was replaced with an unusual inscription, “Duquesne Dukes.”

In 2007, the teams acquired a logo featuring a man in a black top hat. This duke is referred to in the name of the sports department. For the next part, designers chose a stylized font with original design elements. However, everything changed with the 2019 redesign. Since then, a simple letter “D” in the shape of a curved polygon has been used as the emblem.

What is Duquesne Dukes?

Duquesne Dukes is the sports department of Duquesne University, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It includes 17 men’s and women’s teams that compete in intercollegiate programs, participate in NCAA Division I, and are members of the Atlantic 10 Conference. The soccer players and bowlers are part of the Northeast Conference.

1982 – 1998

Duquesne Dukes Logo 1982-1998

1999 – 2006

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2007 – 2018

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2019 – today

Duquesne Dukes Logo 2019-Present

Duquesne Dukes Basketball

Duquesne Dukes emblem

In 1955, the men’s team won the National Invitation Tournament and had participated in the national championship twice before that. Since 2017, Keith Dambrot has been the head coach of the basketball players.

Duquesne Dukes Football

Duquesne Dukes symbol

The football team of Duquesne University played its first season in 1891. Back then, the team was part of a sports club. Since 1993, the players have been competing in NCSA Division I FCS.

Font and Colors

Duquesne Dukes color codes

Maastricht BlueHex color:#041e42
RGB:4 30 66
CMYK:94 55 0 74
Pantone:PMS 2768 C