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Eastern Michigan Eagles Logo
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Eastern Michigan Eagles is a successful sports program sponsored by Eastern Michigan University. Teams compete in the NCAA Division I, participate in the Mid-American Conference (women’s rowing at the Colonial Athletic Association) and play at the Rynearson Stadium home stadium. Over the entire period of their existence, they several times won prizes in the national championships of the NCAA Division II and NAIA Division I and also received five Reese Trophy. The team only got the nickname Eagles in 1991. Before that, they were known as Men from Ypsi, Normality, and Hurons.

Meaning and History

Eastern Michigan Eagles Logo History
Evolution of the Eastern Michigan Eagles Logo

From 1929 to 1990, when the sports department was called Hurons, he had a logo with an Indian image. But it was removed at the request of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights because the use of symbols associated with the culture of Native Americans was considered the spread of racial stereotypes. In 1991, the EMU Board of Regents voted in favor of a new emblem – with an eagle above the inscription “Eagles.” Then the artists changed their style and presented a cartoon bird icon on the background of the letter “E.” This happened in 1995.

In the new millennium, logos have become more concise. The current version of 2002 is now: a large green “E” with serifs. But it was not continuously used: from 2003 to 2012, the head of an eagle was depicted in front of the letter. In 2013, it was again removed, leaving a brief emblem with an “E.”

1929 – 1990

Eastern Michigan Eagles Logo 1929-1990

1991 – 1994

Eastern Michigan Eagles Logo 1991-1994

1995 – 2001

Eastern Michigan Eagles Logo 1995-2001


Eastern Michigan Eagles Logo 2002

2003 – 2012

Eastern Michigan Eagles Logo 2003-2012

2013 – today

Eastern Michigan Eagles Logo 2013-Present

Eastern Michigan Eagles Basketball

Eastern Michigan Eagles emblem

The women’s basketball team debuted in 1977. It had no special sports achievements, except five victories in the West Division from the Mid-American conference and two MAC Tournament titles. The men’s team, in turn, competed in four NCAA Division I tournaments and reached the Final Four at the NCAA College Division National Championship in 1972.

Eastern Michigan Eagles Football

Eastern Michigan Eagles symbol

As for the football program, here, Eastern Michigan University became famous, not for the best. His first team was introduced in 1891 and received unofficial status as one of the worst among all members of the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. However, she also had successes – the victorious period fell from 1925-1939.