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The Eastern Michigan Eagles logo, representing the sports division of Eastern Michigan University founded in 1929, is one of the most succinct. Its simplicity and brevity demonstrate that the game speaks for itself, ensuring the brand’s popularity and success.

Eastern Michigan Eagles: Brand overview

Ypsilanti, Michigan, U.S.
The Eastern Michigan Eagles is a successful sports program sponsored by Eastern Michigan University. The teams compete in NCAA Division I, participate in the Mid-American Conference (women’s rowing is in the Colonial Athletic Association), and play at the Rynearson Stadium. Throughout their history, they have won several national championships in NCAA Division II and NAIA Division I and received the Reese Trophy five times. The team adopted the nickname Eagles only in 1991. Before that, they were known as Men from Ypsi, Normality, and Hurons.

Meaning and History

Eastern Michigan Eagles Logo History

From 1929 to 1990, when the sports division was named Hurons, it had a logo featuring Native Americans. However, it was removed at the request of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights because the use of symbols associated with Native American culture was considered to perpetuate racial stereotypes. In 1991, the EMU Board of Regents voted for a new emblem – an eagle above the inscription “Eagles.” The artists changed their style and presented a cartoonish bird against the letter “E.” This happened in 1995.

In the new millennium, logos became more succinct. In 2002, the current version appeared: a large green letter “E” with serifs. However, it wasn’t used consistently: from 2003 to 2012, an eagle’s head was depicted in front of the letter. In 2013, it was removed again, leaving the succinct emblem with the letter “E.”

What is Eastern Michigan Eagles?

The Eastern Michigan Eagles is a member of the Mid-American Conference, representing Eastern Michigan University (located in Ypsilanti) in NCAA Division I. The sports division consists of 19 student teams. The women’s rowing team is part of the Colonial Athletic Association.

1929 – 1990

Eastern Michigan Eagles Logo 1929-1990

1991 – 1994

Eastern Michigan Eagles Logo 1991-1994

1995 – 2001

Eastern Michigan Eagles Logo 1995-2001


Eastern Michigan Eagles Logo 2002

2003 – 2012

Eastern Michigan Eagles Logo 2003-2012

2013 – today

Eastern Michigan Eagles Logo 2013-Present

Eastern Michigan Eagles Basketball

Eastern Michigan Eagles emblem

The women’s basketball team debuted in 1977. It didn’t have significant sports achievements, except for five victories in the West Division of the Mid-American Conference and two MAC tournament champion titles. The men’s team, in turn, participated in four NCAA Division I tournaments and reached the Final Four at the NCAA College Division National Championship in 1972.

Eastern Michigan Eagles Football

Eastern Michigan Eagles symbol

As for the football program, Eastern Michigan University became infamous, and not for the best reasons. Its first team was introduced in 1891 and unofficially held the status of one of the worst among all members of Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. However, there were also successful periods, particularly from 1925 to 1939.

Eastern Michigan Eagles: Interesting Facts

The Eastern Michigan Eagles are a sports team from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan. They’re good at college sports and play in a big league.

  1. Mascot Story: The Eagles weren’t always called the Eagles. Up until 1991, they were known as the Hurons. They changed to Eagles to better represent what the university is all about.
  2. Track and Field: Their men’s track and field and cross country teams are successful. They’ve won many championships and had athletes compete in the Olympics.
  3. Football Stadium: They play football at Rynearson Stadium, which opened in 1969. The place they play is nicknamed “The Factory” to honor the hardworking spirit of the area and team.
  4. Basketball: The men’s basketball team has been in the big college basketball tournament several times, even winning the Sweet Sixteen round in 1991.
  5. Swimming and Diving: The women’s swimming and diving team has won many championships, showing that the university supports many different sports well.
  6. Famous Alumni: They’ve had some big-time athletes come out of their school, like Charlie Batch, a football quarterback who won two Super Bowls.
  7. Many Sports: They have several sports teams, not just the ones people talk about. This gives students many chances to play different sports.
  8. School and Sports: The university cares about its athletes doing well in school, not just sports. They want everyone to succeed in both.
  9. Helping Out: The Eagles team does a lot of community service, showing they’re about more than just sports. They want to make a difference in their community.

All this shows that the Eastern Michigan Eagles are about more than just winning games. They care about representing their school well, from sports to school to helping others.

Font and Colors

Eastern Michigan Eagles color codes

Cadmium GreenHex color:#006633
RGB:0 102 51
CMYK:100 0 50 60
Pantone:PMS 7726 C