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The Eagles mascot was adopted back in 1920. The current improved Eastern Washington Eagles logo demonstrates stability and consistency in achieving sporting goals. The encrypted name and minimalism focus on hidden powerful energy and tactical superiority.

Eastern Washington Eagles: Brand overview

Founded: 1920
Cheney, Washington, U.S.
Website: goeags.com

Eastern Washington Eagles is a sports division of Eastern Washington University. The program covers seven sports: volleyball, athletics, tennis, soccer, golf, cross-country, basketball. Currently, the educational institution owns twelve teams since 1987 and has been participating in the Big Sky Conference and since 1983 have been competing in the NCAA Division I (FCS). Before that, they were listed in the NAIA, while in the late 1970s did not get into Division II.

Eagles are not a permanent department name. It used to be known as Savages, but the old nickname after 92 years of use was considered unacceptable. In 1973, the student council voted, and the majority supported the current option.

Meaning and History

Eastern Washington Eagles Logo History

The current logo, adopted in 2000, combines graphic and text elements. The central image is the eagle, which is the official mascot of the university and reflects the sports teams’ names. It is depicted using separate geometric shapes. The head, torso, legs, and feathers are black. The middle of the wings and tail are red.

This is done intentionally to focus on the elements in the form of the letters “E,” “W,” and “U.” This technique allowed designers to encrypt the name Eastern Washington University in the drawing. The overall style is minimalistic, despite the deep symbolism. The bird is on a white background and is not surrounded by anything. She just flaps her wings and, judging by the pose, is going to grab the prey.

What is Eastern Washington Eagles?

Eastern Washington Eagles refer to the 12 teams that compete in intercollegiate programs, representing Eastern Washington University in several prestigious organizations. They are members of the Big Sky Conference and have competed in the NCAA Division I (FCS) since 1983. The athletic department is located in Cheney.

Eastern Washington Eagles Basketball

Eastern Washington Eagles emblem

The women’s basketball team appeared in 1982. She only won the Mountain West Athletic Conference tournament once, after which she took part in the NCAA competition (1987). The men’s team was a bit more active: basketball players appeared in two NCAA tournaments, as well as in one NIT, five NAIAs, and three CBIs. Now their trainer is Shantay Legans.

Eastern Washington Eagles Football

Eastern Washington Eagles symbol

Eastern Washington University introduced the football program in 1901. Athletes competed in the NAIA, then moved to the FCS, where they won the national championship under the leadership of Beau Baldwin. Also, they won 26 conference championships, 10 of them – in the Big Sky Conference. At the moment, players are coached by Aaron Best. Their home games take place at Roos Field, a unique red-coated stadium.

Font and Colors

Eastern Washington Eagles color codes

Ruby Red Hex color: #a10022
RGB: 161 0 34
CMYK: 0 100 79 37
Pantone: PMS 186 C
Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C