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The Eddie Bauer logo shows the addictive nature of retail. One after another, all the new products that the store distributes appear in front of the user. The emblem expresses the hope that customers will remain loyal to the store despite changing work directions.

Eddie Bauer: Brand overview

Founder:Eddie Bauer
Bellevue, Washington, U.S.
Eddie Bauer was a real person – an avid hunter and fisherman, a fan of shooting sports, a talented marketer, inventor, and businessman. The brand named after him also turned out to be very versatile. He changed many owners, and each of them had his strategy. At first, the assortment was based on goods for outdoor activities, then jackets were added there, and during the war, the manufacturer began to produce equipment for the army. At some point, Eddie Bauer became a women’s sportswear brand. Later, cross-branding allowed the company to enter the market with its bedding, decor items, tableware, furniture, glasses, mountain bikes, and even trucks.

Meaning and History

Eddie Bauer Logo History

Eddie Bauer is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. But it all started in Seattle, where an outdoor enthusiast opened a tennis store in 1920. At first, he made and repaired tennis rackets, then moved on to equipment for badminton and golf. A few years later, Eddie invented the down jacket when he saw firsthand the inefficiency of wool clothing. And all because he almost died of hypothermia during winter fishing: he, already frozen, was found and woke up by a friend. The result was the world’s first quilted-down jacket. Its production was discontinued in 1995.

During the war, Eddie Bauer was the only supplier of military equipment who was allowed to mark products with their logo. He supplied the army with parkas and pants labeled “Eddie Bauer Seattle U.S.A.” Thanks to this, he had a wide customer base: the soldiers saw the tags and knew where their favorite clothes were made. They were so active in ordering goods by mail that the entrepreneur closed a retail store in Seattle and focused only on delivery.

New Eddie Bauer locations began to appear after 1968 when William Niemi bought half of the business. At the same time, the company switched from expeditionary equipment to casual wear – primarily for women. The brand changed owners several times in the future, continuing to expand its sales network. Since May 2021, it has been owned by the SPARC Group and Authentic Brand Groups. For a hundred years, the company has managed to update its identity several times, but the exact periods in the history of logos are unknown.

What is Eddie Bauer?

Once a leading supplier of sports and outdoor gear, Eddie Bauer is now a chain of clothing stores with over 370 locations. The creator of this company invented and patented quilted down jackets with a diamond pattern. It was such a down jacket worn by the first American who conquered Everest.


Eddie Bauer Old Logo

The old Eddie Bauer wordmark contained the brand name in black. It was written in bold sans-serif type against a long dark line mimicking mountain peaks. The band started at the lower left point, went up, and fell to the right corner. But it was not continuous – the inscription surrounded the empty white space.

The outlines of the mountains symbolized the company’s main activities in the 1950s and 1960s. In those years, she supplied tourist and scientific expeditions and even provided equipment for the first American to conquer the highest peak on Earth. It all started when Eddie Bauer was approached by a team of climbers who wanted American-made parkas. They were going to climb Kara Koram, but they could not do it due to difficult weather conditions. But warm jackets saved their lives.

The company has also used a flying goose emblem in the past. He was in a black ring with the inscription “EDDIE BAUER” and partially covered the letters with a wing and neck. At the bottom of the ring was a white ribbon with the text “SINCE 1920”, and directly below it – was the phrase “TRADEMARK,” divided into two parts by a white diamond. Large black letters “E” and “B” were placed inside the rhombus. Under the right-wing of the goose was a small wedge of birds.

Why did the designers put a goose in the center of the emblem? The fact is that Eddie Bauer used goose down for jackets. After getting hypothermia on a fishing trip, he became disillusioned with woolen clothes and remembered his uncle, who wore down jackets during the war between Russia and Japan. But the down was too bulky, so the inventor experimented with it until he created a quilted jacket with a diamond pattern.


Eddie Bauer New Logo

Like the old one, the current logo consists of the brand name. But the new version uses a script – a font that imitates handwriting. All letters are connected: there is even a connecting line between the last “e” in the word “Eddie” and the first “B” in “Bauer.” The inscription looks careless as if it were a personal signature. The designers made the wordmark universal by removing the outlines of the mountain. After all, now the company does not produce quilted jackets, and climber equipment is no longer the basis of the range.

The Eddie Bauer brand is licensed for various products, including two and four-wheelers, furniture, sunglasses, and more. She needed a simple logo in such conditions, not tied in meaning to a specific group of products. Neither the mountain peak wordmark nor the goose emblem met this criterion. Therefore, now the brand presents a handwritten inscription placed on labels and tags.

Font and Colors

Eddie Bauer Symbol

Judging by the typography, the logo of the chain of stores was conceived as a personal signature of Eddie Bauer. It cannot be said that the designers used any particular font for it. This is probably an individual set of glyphs with the right slant and decorative loops. The first letters in words are capitalized, and the rest of the characters are lowercase. The most unusual thing is the large “E,” in which the upper line stretches along a diagonal path to the lower-left corner. The inscription is on a white background and framed in universal black for better readability.

Eddie Bauer color codes

Raisin BlackHex color:#231f20
RGB:35 31 32
CMYK:0 11 9 86
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C