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The Edmodo logo looks like a good friend to the user. A caring mentor helps to transfer the necessary knowledge to students and is a reliable Internet conductor. In the symbols of the emblem, messages and videos are encrypted with the help of which the training takes place.

Edmodo: Brand overview

Founded:September 1, 2008 – September 22, 2022
Founder:Nick Borg, Ed O’Neil, Jeff O’Hara, and Crystal Hutter
San Mateo, California, U.S.
Edmodo is an educational system designed for interaction between teachers and students. The platform was officially launched in 2008, and since then, more than 5,000 institutions worldwide have connected to it. Edmodo functionality is best used in distance learning. The teacher gets the opportunity to provide educational material, surveys, and exams and exchange information with parents. The possibilities of the resource allow you to transfer large amounts of information.

Meaning and History

Edmodo Logo History

During the existence of the educational platform, the logo used for visual brand recognition has changed only once. Moreover, we are talking about a radical update because the main element of the first version was the system’s name, and further editing was connected directly with the addition of an image.

At all stages of the project’s development, visual recognition of the brand was at a high level. This was facilitated by the use of bright and friendly colors. Thus, the logo looks modern and fresh, clearly indicating the goals and ambitions of the project. The hospitable character is also conveyed through the use of lowercase letters, effectively depicted with the help of dark blue.

The “Edmodo” emblem used for the platform’s icon is a lowercase “e” with three vertical stripes going up. Each of them symbolizes one of the elements of the educational process, namely progress, ideas, and education.

What is Edmodo?

First of all, it is a global information system functioning in school education. With the help of such a platform, teachers have the opportunity to continue their education under quarantine restrictions and other situations that negatively affect the educational process.

2008 – 2013

Edmodo Logo 2008

The first version of the logo existed for the first five years after the platform’s launch. The main element is the project’s name, which is located inside the dialog symbol. The classic dialog element, pointing to the user sending the message, is on the left side. The verbal inscription is made in italics using lowercase, rounded letters. The brand name is written in blue on a white background. The outlines in the dialog symbol are shown in blue.

Thus, this logo variation directly indicates the interaction and the dialogue between the participants in the educational process.

2013 – today

Edmodo Logo

After the educational platform Edmodo became one of the most popular globally, its management decided to change the logo. The color palette remained unchanged and consisted of blue and white. However, the verbal inscription is now depicted separately from the “dialogue” element. Moreover, this image has become more friendly to potential resource customers. After the changes were made, it became similar to a human face. Glasses and a smile have been added. The brand name used a classic font but now started with a capital “E.” In addition, the italic font has been removed.

Font and Colors

Edmodo Emblem

A bold sans-serif font was used to create a word inscription on the logo, as close as possible to the classic Times New Roman.

The blue and white color palette has become a classic for the platform logo. In conjunction with the logo, icons, and other attributes of visual recognition, Edmodo is positively perceived by users worldwide. In turn, yellow was used for the emblem, and the letter “e” itself was depicted in dark blue.

Edmodo Symbol

Edmodo color codes

US Air Force Academy BlueHex color:#1752a2
RGB:23 82 162
CMYK:86 49 0 36
Pantone:PMS 2945 C