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The El Al emblem is like a friendship bracelet that Israel gives to the world. It’s not just airplanes or tickets; it’s like a mini postcard from Israel that you see every time. The logo says that El Al is like your guide, flying over deserts and oceans to introduce you to all that Israel has to offer, from falafel and hummus to stories that are thousands of years old. El Al airplanes are like flying ambassadors for Israel. They visit over 50 locations, transporting people and spreading good vibes from Israel.

El Al: Brand overview

Israeli airline El Al is a brand that has been shaping the skies for over seven decades. Since its first flight in 1948, El Al has proudly served as Israel’s national flagship.

On September 28, 1948, El Al embarked on its historic first flight, beginning an incredible chapter in the history of Israeli aviation. Departing Geneva in a C-54 Skymaster aircraft and arriving in Tel Aviv, the airline realized a bold vision of opportunity for communication and progress.

“El Al is becoming a vital link between Israel and global destinations. From its strategic base at Ben Gurion Airport, the airline has established routes that span continents, connecting different cultures and fostering invaluable connections.

From the first jets in the 1950s to pioneering the installation of missile defense systems on its aircraft in 1961, El Al has been constantly pushing the boundaries.

El Al is a global connector, offering flights to more than 50 destinations and expanding its presence on every continent. From scheduled flights to cargo transportation, El Al’s constant endeavor is to bring the world closer together by showcasing the beauty and cultural richness of Israel.

Meaning and History

El Al Logo History

What is El Al?

El Al, Israel’s flagship air carrier, was founded in September 1948 with the landmark flight from Geneva to Tel Aviv. With a central hub at Ben-Gurion Airport, the airline serves more than 50 destinations covering Israel, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Africa, and the Far East. The airline operates scheduled domestic and international passenger flights, as well as an extensive network of cargo flights.

1971 – 2007

El Al Logo 1971

2007 – today

El Al Logo

The El Al name on the logo is presented in two languages: English and Hebrew. The two versions are combined on one line, with the words intermixed: the word “EL” is followed by its translation and then “AL.” At the end is the Israeli national flag: blue and white stripes with a six-pointed star in the center. This design was originally conceived by Dan Reisinger in 1971. Many years later, a second layer was added to the emblem – additional Hebrew lettering. All Hebrew letters are colored dark gold and harmonize well with the rest of the dark blue elements.

The combination of English and Hebrew emphasizes the airline’s dual focus on its international audience and its Israeli roots. The presence of the Israeli flag further reinforces this connection to national identity. Dan Reisinger’s original design has stood the test of time, demonstrating its relevance. The dark gold color of the Hebrew letters brings an element of sophistication and luxury, implying a high level of service and attention to detail. The dark blue elements are likely to echo the colors of the Israeli flag, creating a unified and harmonious image.